League of Legends Red Side vs Blue Side

League of legends is a MOBA game with two sides that battle each other until one side gets pushed towards the nexus and when it gets destroyed, the opposing side wins. In my own opinion, having played the game for almost a decade already, it all simply comes down to self-preference. 

Playing the same map for years and years, I have developed a sense of preference for being a top lane main. For me, playing on the blue side of the map makes me feel much better when laning in the top lane. I get to be at the side of the map where there is no tri brush where junglers can flank me and catch me off guard, but as I said, it all comes down to self-preference. 

League of Legends’ map is mirrored, meaning it has the same layout, the only difference is that it’s flipped and is clearly visible when you observe the tri brush in the top and bot lane. I mentioned the tri brush flanking being on my advantage when I play at the top lane, the same cannot be said for my bot lane teammates as the map is mirrored, it basically means that my bot lane teammates will have the tri brush on their side and they could be very vulnerable to ganks.

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What Champions To Pick Depending On Which Side Of The Map You’re On

Like what I mentioned above, being a top laner and playing on the blue side has its advantages. Playing duo with a jungler in when playing a top laner greatly benefits you when you are on the blue side. 

Champion picks and bans give you a good idea of what side you are playing on and it depends on which side picks first. If you see that your team is playing on the blue side of the map by being the team that picks first, try to revolve your picks around the top lane and jungler combo team comps so you can maximize your positioning advantage. 

When you play on the red side of the map, it is much better to revolve your team comp around carries in the not lane and the mid lane, this is the best team comp on the red side because securing permanent buff from dragons is much easier if your carries are in the bot side of the map. 

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Reasons Why Blue Side Wins More Games Than Teams On The Red Side Of The Map

  • Pick orders
    • When you are on the blue side of the map, you get to pick first and this can mean a lot for players who know how to play their opponents during the 
  • Objective locations
    • Being on the blue side of the map gives your team a better view of the top side of the map’s objectives. Baron is the deciding factor of most games and having easy access and good vision on this objective is good. 
  • Ganking flank locations
    • The layout of the map on the blue side protects players from getting flanked by the opposing team. The camera angle also plays a huge part in this factor.

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While the map is simply mirrored and is practically the same on both sides, there are still other factors that you can consider to decide which side is better. Camera angles and the location of objectives are some of the factors that you can consider. 

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