How To Make League Of Legends Run Smoother On Laptop?

Welcome back, League of Legends players! This will be another in a series of how-to guides in which we will give you tips and tricks on how to improve your game quality. In League of Legends, skill is essential. This is simply such a game that players need to know how to play in order to contribute to their team and achieve victory. 

Skill easily increases with practice – it takes a lot of practice (and a little talent, we have to admit) for players to start being part of higher tiers, as well as Platinum or Diamond tier. You already know the basics, two teams of five players fighting on a map and trying to bring down an opposing Nexus before an enemy team.

But, before you start winning League Points, you have to ask yourself if you’re using the right equipment for it. Equipment means a PC, headphones, mouse and keyboard. And of course, there is question about quality internet connection. Most gamers who have been involved in gaming for many years have invested money to purchase quality equipment that will give them the pleasure of playing without interruption.

The problem happens and frustration arises when in the middle of the game the game starts lagging, suddenly you can no longer control your champion, and before you know it he is already dead. At the same time, your team starts with remarks and threats that they will report you, and you can’t even write in chat what it’s about because your screen keeps crashing from minute to minute.

Yeah, we’re talking about problems that can happen to you if your PC isn’t up to date. Keep reading, because the following is a guide on how to make League of Legends run smoother on your laptop. Follow our advices and solve this problem easily.

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Tips And Tricks On How To Make League Of Legends Run Smoother

  • First of all, minimize all programs that run in the background. At the same time, close your internet browsers, pause if you are currently downloading a game or a new season of your favorite series. Also, some players love to play League of Legends while their favorite You Tube playlist plays in the background. This will be feasible if you have a quality laptop that can support it. 

However, if you have an older laptop model, we recommend that you do not have YouTube or any other streaming platform turned on during the League of Legends match. If you have a laptop with low amounts of RAM or single / dual core CP this step will be extremely useful. Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC keys at the same time to open “Task Manage”. 

Then, go to the “Processes” tab. View programs that take away more than 15% of your CPU power and close them. More than 15% of CPU power will have League of Legends game and the System Idle Process. Also, if there are programs for which you do not know what they are for, and they take more than 10% of CPU power, google them and if you do not need them – uninstall them.

  • Set the graphic settings to LOW. Go to Settings in League of Legends and set video settings to low performance. High performance can often mess with the game, so we suggest you set them to low so that the match for you runs smoothly. Also, check the settings of your video card. Make sure the drivers are up to date and update them if there are new updates available.
  • Uncheck Startup programs. If you’re using Windows 10, in the first step when you open the Task manager, check the tab that contains Startup programs. Uncheck any unnecessary programs you don’t use so they don’t automatically run in the background the next time you turn on your laptop. 

Windows 7 users should type msconfig in the search bar in the Start menu. Once they find the Startup tab they also need to uncheck unnecessary programs. But be careful not to change the services!

  • Let’s disable shadows. Within the League of Legends game, go to Settings. Then, set the Framerate cap to “Benchmark”. After that, disable shadows and also uncheck “HUD Animations”. All you have to do is disable Vertical Sync. Let’s explain this step. HUD Animations and Shadows do not improve the quality of the game but take away a lot of performance. 

This affects lagging during the game and is actually just a nuisance. Instead, you can try to up options like Character Quality, or Particles (Effects Quality). Whether or not the game has high graphics quality it is very difficult to perform on standard PCs. 

Only extremely professional and expensive gaming PCs can handle a smooth game with high performance settings, so don’t despair. Better to play League of Legends with low quality settings but smoothly than with high quality settings but your match lagging all the time.

  • Modify Advanced system settings. Go to your Start menu and in the search bar type “advanced system settings”. When a new window opens, choose Settings in the Performance tab. After that, another new window will open, and there you will see the Visual Effects tab. In this tab, check the “Adjust for best performance” option. 

After that, your laptop will need some time to update the new settings. Your Windows will look bad but your League of Legends game will get some FPS. From 1 to 20 FPS, we believe. You can also check the option “use windows Visual style” to enable desktop composition.

  • Update your Windows. Go to Control Panel and search for available Windows updates. If there are, update your Windows system as this will automatically improve your applications, hence the League of Legends game. Players often forget that their laptop must be up to date in order for applications to run on it smoothly. 

However, they often don’t remember to manually check for new updates. Remember to manually check for new updates from time to time.

  • Run Disk Cleanup. How often do you clean your laptop disk? Probably the answer is rarely or almost never. Since you visit many Internet sources daily, download files and install various applications and games, your disk can be filled with unnecessary garbage that belongs right there – in the trash. 

Go to System C: settings and check all boxes except Downloads. When you have checked all the boxes, select the Clean up System files option. This will clean up the files located on System C: and thus make room for other applications to run smoothly.

  • Get a new laptop. Well, this is an option that comes in handy if all the other options fail. We all know that the new laptop isn’t exactly cheap and that you may not want to afford it just so you can smoothly play League of Legends, and maybe some other games.

But, you have to be aware that sometimes this is the only solution and that it doesn’t pay to mess with changing settings or updating the windows system if the laptop just can’t support a big game like League of Legends. In that case, it would be best to start saving and find a laptop that has the system requirements needed to make League of Legends run smoothly. 

There are a really large number of gaming equipment on the market today at relatively affordable prices, so take the time to research what is on offer and replace your old laptop with a new one.

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Final Thoughts

Here we are at the end of the guide in which we have listed all the steps you can take if you want League of Legends to run smoothly on your laptop. These are mostly technical settings that you can easily change and can do wonders for your game. 

No one likes it when due to high ping the game starts lagging and thus disables playing the match. Neither the player to whom it happens nor his team players. So, follow our advice and put an end to performance problems once and for all when playing League of Legends. And good luck, of course!

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