Does Runaan’s Hurricane Work on Vayne?

Does Runaan’s Hurricane Work on Vayne? League of Legends

Runaan’s Hurricane is a great item that gives attack speed, critical strike chance, and movement speed to its holder. On top of that, it also allows your on-hit auto attacks to hit multiple targets if they are in range.

Since this is a great item for DPS users – primarily ADCs – players often wonder if Runaan’s will work well on Vayne. Worry not because we will answer that question for you right now!

While Runaan’s Hurricane works perfectly fine on Vayne, it isn’t worth it to buy. It will not apply the on-hit effects on your W, so, you will still be wanting to focus a single target. 

If you want to know more about Runaan’s Hurricane and what Vayne does, continue reading to find out. We will also show you the build path for Runaan’s Hurricane as well. With that said, let’s jump right in and take a look at whether or not this item works well on Vayne.

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Does Runaan’s Hurricane Work on Vayne?

Does Runaan’s Hurricane Work on Vayne? League of Legends Guide

As aforementioned, this item does not work properly on Vayne. While you will get all the stats like attack speed, crit chance, and movement speed, it will not allow your W to hit mutliple targets.

Since Vayne has to focus one a single target to consume all three stacks of her W, it isn’t worth it to attack different targets in a fight. As such, if this item doesn’t allow her on-hit attacks to multiply, there is not use making it since there are better options available.

Runaan’s Hurricane costs 2600 gold and can be sold for 1820 gold. It offers +45% attack speed, +20% critical strike chance, and +7% movement speed.

On top of that, its passive allows your basic auto attacks to fire additional bolts at up to 2 enemies in front of you, each dealing 40% AD physical damage. Bolts apply on-hit effects at 100% effectiveness and are affected by critical strike modifiers.

To buy it, you need to make the following items:

  • Dagger x2 (300 gold each)
  • Zeal (1050 gold, consists of a Dagger and Cloak of Agility)
  • Runaan’s Hurricane recipe (950 gold)

This is a great item and provides amazing stats considering its low price. While it is great on champions like Jinx or Kog’Maw, it isn’t really worth it on Vayne.

What Does Vayne Do?

What does Vayne do in League of Legends?

Vayne is one of the best late-game carries in the entire game. She has tons of potential that can win you the game if you know what you are doing. A good Vayne is extremely scary since the enemy will have a difficult time getting to you and attacking you. She can peel for herself and destroy most champions in a 1v1 situation.

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Her Q allows Vayne to roll in any direction and gain an empowered attack. Once you attack the enemy, her Q will go on cooldown. This is a good ability to chase someone or position yourself better in case the enemy is close to you.

Vayne Runaan’s Hurricane League of Legends Explained Guide

Her W is a passive who deals true damage. This is where Vayne’s true damage comes from. After every third consecutive auto attack on an enemy, Vayne deals true damage. This can be used to destroy the enemy regardless of how much HP they have.

Runaan’s Hurricane work on Vayne LoL League of Legends Guide

Her E is an ability that is great at getting the enemy away from you. She pushes a target away from her by firing a large bolt at them. While this does a little damage when used on the enemy, you can stun them if the enemy hits the wall at the end. If used correctly, the enemy will be stunned, allowing you to auto attack them freely.

Runaan’s Hurricane Vayne League of Legends Explained Guide

Finally, her R gives Vayne extra AD and gives her Q a new passive. When you use your Q while in your ultimate, you will become invisible for a second. This is great for repositioning yourself and getting away from the enemy once they get close to you.

The best part is that her Q has an extremely low cooldown which means that you can use it after almost every second or two. A good Vayne can easily reposition herself and win the fight by keeping the enemies on their toes.

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