Best Runes for AD Midlaners in League of Legends 2022 / 2023

Best Runes for AD Midlaners in League of Legends 2022 / 2023 Complete Guide

Different runes in League of Legends sort of give you a different kind of in-game advantage depending on which ones you take. Unfortunately, it is easy to get confused by the wide variety of available rune choices.

All of the champions work well in synergy with different runes, and picking the right one for your champion is essential for you to perform well on that champion. Taking the right runes will help you win more fights and gain many more advantages as the game progresses.

This article will help you choose the best rune for your champion so you can maximise your chances of winning and climbing up the ranked ladder.

Basics of the Rune System:

Runes are divided into 5 classes: Precision, Domination, Sorcery, Resolve and Inspiration. Each of these classes then has rune trees from which you pick one major rune called a keystone rune and three smaller runes from the same tree.

The keystone rune, like Electrocute and Summon Aery, has the biggest impact on your champion’s performance but the smaller ones still offer considerable enhancements to your champion.

You also get to pick a secondary tree in which you pick two smaller runes, as well as a choice of 3 out of 9 small rune shards that give you a flat increase in AD/AP, resistances and health.

Rune Choices for AD Midlaners:

Midlaners serve a very important purpose to the team because they are often the carry players. As such, choosing the proper runes for them is even more important because there is little room for error in this chaotic lane.

In this article, we will cover some of the best runes for attack damage (AD) midlaners. Pick one depending on the champions you play and you will definitely have a blast winning all games!


League of Legends Best Runes for AD Midlaners Electrocute

One of the most popular rune keystones in League of Legends is Electrocute in the Domination tree. This rune is best made use of by assassin champions that want to 100-0 an enemy champion in no time, because it adds to their burst damage.

If you enjoy playing AD assassins like Zed or Qiyana, you know your primary role in teamfights is to take out the enemy carries before they can dish out considerable damage to your team. This rune allows you to do exactly that by helping you finish out opponents in one quick rotation of attacks or abilities.

Honestly, the instant damage burst you get from this rune is one of the most noticeable offerings of any rune, and it makes this keystone a satisfying choice.

How It Works:

If you take this keystone, hitting an enemy champion with three attacks or spells within a short period of time will strike them with a lightning shock that will deal a large amount of burst damage.

Runes To Take With It:

The rest of the domination tree also adds to your damage output and helps you snowball off of champion takedowns. Within this tree, you can take Eyeball Collection to get increased attack damage, Ultimate Hunter to have your ultimate back up as soon as possible, and Sudden Impact to get increased armor penetration for better one-shot potential.

Press The Attack:

League of Legends Best Runes for AD Midlaners Press The Attack

Another popular choice for AD midlaners is the Press The Attack keystone from the Precision tree. If you are playing a ranged champion, or a champion that relies on damage through auto attacks, this is a really good option to explore.

Lucian, Tristana and Akshan are common AD picks in the midlane that bully the enemy laner through their basic attacks from far away. All of these champions have utility/mobility based abilities, and their main damage output stems only from their auto attacks. Press The Attack is a rune that activates off of these basic attacks and offers a damage boost in return.

It is really easy to make the most out of this keystone because all you have to do is hit the enemy with targeted attacks repeatedly, as a result of which you deal bonus damage and leave them exposed such that they take more damage from you afterwards. Undoubtedly, this is one of the simplest options in terms of keystones!

How It Works:

Press The Attack is activated if you get three stacks on an enemy champion. The stacks are applied using basic attacks and stay for 4 seconds after the attack hits. On activation, the stacks are all consumed to deal some bonus damage to the enemy, and the enemy is Exposed for 6 seconds. During this duration, your damage dealt to them in any way is increased!

Runes To Take With It:

The rest of the Precision tree allows you to improve your survivability through sustain. Triumph in the first row of this tree allows you to heal off takedowns, letting you make risky low health plays and rewarding you for good clutches.

The Legend rune choice in the middle of this tree offers life steal, tenacity and attack speed, and the runes at the bottom of the tree help you deal increased damage to different targets.


League of Legends Best Runes for AD Midlaners Conqueror

There is another powerful keystone in the Precision tree for AD midlaners: Conqueror. This rune offers an amazing amount of sustain while also increasing your damage output. Both of these are greatly going to help any AD midlaner!

Conqueror is one of the most versatile rune keystones. You should especially consider going down this path if you are playing an AD bruiser in the midlane. Champions like Yone, Yasuo and Pantheon that can fight for long on their own make great use of this rune.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how strong this rune can make your champion. After all, a damage boost paired with a lot of healing is bound to make bruisers a threat whilst also being almost unkillable!

How It Works:

If you take this keystone, hitting an enemy champion with attacks or abilities will give you stacks. Based on these stacks, your attack damage is going to increase and at max stacks, you start healing for a portion of the damage you deal. The best part is, you do not have to worry about any cooldown here!

Runes To Take With It:

This rune is taken mostly by champs that like extended fights. As such, you should pair it with smaller runes that also offer sustain and survivability so you can take a stand and deal damage for as long as you can.

For energy based champs like Akali or Zed, take Presence of Mind in this tree so you never run out of energy while you heal off the keystone and keep your health up as well. Otherwise, Triumph is still a good option with it.

Our Verdict:

These are certainly one of the best runes you can take for your ranked journey. Let us know in the comments below which runes you prefer depending on your champion selection, and why you think they are a good fit!

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