How to Get S Rank as a Mid Laner in League of Legends?

How to Get S Rank as a Mid Laner in League of Legends? Complete Guide

If you want to get an S in almost every game, you’re in luck because this guide will show you how to get an S as a mid-laner in League of Legends. Not only will this improve your overall game, but it will also allow you to get a better grip on the mid-lane role and you’ll play much better.

To get an S as a mid-laner, you need to ensure that your KDA is good and you have a good amount of farm. On top of that, roaming around the map and helping your team will also help in getting an S rank.

That’s not all, however, you need to do some other things as well to ensure that you get a good rank. If you want to get an S on your favorite champion as a mid-laner, continue reading to find out. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at how to get an S as a mid-laner in League of Legends.

Play Smartly and Safely

Get S Rank as Mid Laner Champion in League of Legends

Playing safely and smartly is extremely important as a mid-laner. While this doesn’t apply to every champion in the role, if you are playing squishy champions like Lux or Syndra, you need to play safe early game so that you do not get ganked or die to random 1v1s in the lane.

Champions such as Zed and Yasuo are great lane bullies in the mid-lane that can deal a lot of damage even in the early game. So, if you wish to play aggressively, make sure that you pick champions like them or you will have a tough time in lane. Plus, if Zed hits level 6, you need to ensure that you are playing extremely safe or he will keep getting free kills.

Also, if you have a champion like Xerath or Leblanc, try to poke the enemy every so often. This will not only increase your damage dealt at the end of the game but also lower the enemy’s HP so that they cannot fight you. After enough poke, the enemy will either have to go to their base or you can easily kill them if they do not back off. In any case, you will have an advantage and the enemy will be in a problematic position.

Warding is Extremely Important

Get S Rank as Mid Laner Warding in League of Legends

This is something that every player on your team should have regardless of which role you are playing. Having a good vision score will allow you to evade ganks and stop you from getting picked off while roaming the map. Plus, you will waste the enemy’s time when you avoid their gank successfully since they do not get anything out of it and you will naturally have a good KDA.

On top of that, you will also know where the enemy is roaming so that you can potentially get a pick on the enemy champion. This will give you an advantage in teamfights since the enemy will mostly be at a disadvantage. So, make sure that you place wards in areas that will benefit you.

Plus, getting control wards is a good idea since they will allow you to see nearby enemy wards as well; denying them of any vision. On top of that, placing control wards on Baron or Dragon will allow you to deny the enemy vision and force them to come and check if you are doing it or not.

Warding around the mid-lane will allow your team to know where the enemy is and it will help them determine if they can extend in their lanes or not. Plus, you’ll be able to play more aggressively knowing that you are not getting ganked by the enemy jungler. Otherwise, you might lose all your advantage just because you didn’t ward a bush and the jungler was hiding in it.

Get a Positive KDA

Get S Rank as Mid Laner Positive KDA in League of Legends

This is one of the most important things to do if you want to get an S rank or higher. As a mid-laner, you need to ensure that you die less and get more kills. However, this is easier said than done since you might die a lot in teamfights despite performing well in the lane.

So, you need to retreat when your combo is on cooldown so that you are not being damaged by the enemy while you cannot do anything. As soon as your cooldowns come back, engage again and deal as much damage as you can.

Another way to ensure that you have a good KDA is to roam around the map. Depending on your champion, it might be extremely easy to roam bot lane and get a few kills or assists there.

Champions like Aurelion Sol and Ryze are great at roaming since they not only have a good wave clear but also abilities (or ultimates) to help them roam around the map. Plus, getting TP as a mid-laner isn’t the worst decision since it will allow you to participate in more teamfights.

Try to Farm As Much As You Can

Get S Rank as Mid Laner Farm in League of Legends

Regardless of the role (apart from support), farming is the most important part of League of Legends. If you are good at farming, you automatically have a higher chance of winning the game and performing better than the enemy. Naturally, you’ll have a better chance of getting an S as well. I’ve seen many players that have a great KDA but due to the lack of CS score, they did not get an S rank.

Having a good CS score allows you to get a good gold income that allows you to purchase your items faster. Even if you die a few times in lane but have a significant CS lead as compared to the enemy, you’ll still be ahead of them.

If you wish to improve your farming skills, go into the practice tool or make sure that you play a lot of normal games. While playing, focus on farming rather than getting a lot of kills. I know that it can be quite difficult farming with champions such as Lux or other mages with auto attacks, but with enough practice, you’ll have no issues. Plus, with a few items, you will easily farm the entire wave without having to worry about mana issues either.

Staying With Your Team is Useful

Get S Rank as Mid Laner Team in League of Legends

As a mid-laner, you should try to stay with your team whenever possible. Since there are better champions in the top lane that can splitpush easily, you need to make sure that you are with your team and winning the teamfight. Whether you are an AP champion or an AD one, you can change the entire teamfight if you decide to help your team.

While I’m not saying that you cannot go into the side lanes to farm, try to stick with your team more often than naught. When you know that there are no objectives or a teamfight isn’t going to happen, go into the side lanes and farm so that you can get more items.

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Get Objectives

Get S Rank as Mid Laner Objectives in League of Legends

Getting objectives such as Baron, Dragon, Turrets, and Inhibitors is the most important thing in League of Legends. These objectives allow you to gain an advantage and end the game faster. If you are a mid-laner, you need to ensure that your team is getting the objectives. Make sure that you rotate before the enemy so that you can help your jungler get that early dragon without any issues. Plus, roaming quickly can help you take out the enemy jungler before his mid-laner can get there.

Depending on the champion you are playing, you can either help your jungler quickly take the objective or put enough pressure that the enemy does not come to contest or steal it. If you are playing Yone or Yasuo, you can deal a lot of DPS and quickly take baron, dragon, or turrets. However, if you are playing Lux, Orianna, or other mages, you can position yourself in a way in which the enemy cannot get to the objective.

Also, AP champions deal a lot of damage to turrets and inhibs depending on how much AP you have. This can allow you to quickly siege and destroy the enemy towers before they can do anything about it. Plus, champions like Ziggs can quickly destroy towers thanks to his ability.

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