What is Slow-Rolling in Teamfight Tactics?

The slow-rolling in TFT is something that most of you have probably never heard of, and I don’t blame you for that. If you are not a fan of the Teamfight Tactics mod, You will probably never ever hear this term.

TFT Slow Roll is, in short, an in-game tactic for this particular mod. With it, you are supposed to get more gold coins by the mid-to-late game. while attempting to avoid rolling in the early one

In this article, I will explain what Slow Roll in TFT is. How to perform it, whether it is useful, and when to do it. Some pros and cons of the slow roll and finally the most suitable champion combinations for it.

What Exactly is Slow Rolling in TFT?

In its essence, the slow roll tactic in Teamfight Tactics aims, as I said, to gain as much gold as possible by the entry of the mid-to-late game. The point of this is so you can have more resources to aim for the champions you need for your build. Prioritize the two and three-coin ones and ignore the one-coin ones.

If you decide to try slow-rolling, you will be avoiding spending in the early game. With this, I mean spending on 1 cost champion you don’t need (pick only the one for your build) and not rerolling.

It is especially important to forget about rerolling the shop champions in the early game. You can do this as early as the midgame when two- and three-coin champions are common. Only then can you reroll and do that in order to get your hands on the characters you need for your specific team composition.

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How to Use the Slow Roll Strategy?

That is an interesting question. As I already explained, the essence of this method is to have gold by the late stages of the game.

To do so, you will need to practice your patience by not pressing the reroll button in the shop section. That is the first and foremost step if you want to slow roll successfully.

The first and main goal at the start of your TFT game. Have to be to bring up your gold wallet game. You need to reach the 50 coin cap as soon as possible in order to gain a hefty sum from the interest.

You also have to pay attention to the win and lose strike, as it generates gold too. Do not risk losing because of it, but do not throw all your gold for a win.

On your way to the midgame. You will not spend any of the accumulated gold on leveling up. That is something that is critical to this method. The only time you will spend gold on exp. Is when you are at level four and are about to hit five. That is the one and only time you have to do this, as you will need the gold for later.

With the previous tips, you will be able to complete stage one of the method of slow-rolling. Now we will head to stage two.

In the second half, you will have to use the gold you have accumulated. At approximately stage 2-5, you will have some gold saved. At this stage of the game, your main focus will shift from saving gold to spending it.

You have to prioritize your main champion composition and raise their star level as high as possible. At this stage, you can also reroll in the shop. Of course, you have to pay attention to not run out of gold by doing it. If you do it smartly, you will be able to max out your character levels (base team comp) and still have gold for the later stages.

Once you are done with the base champions and their levels, you can spend the rest of the gold on levels. Doing so will give you the chance to win the fights and gain more gold from them. From then on, you will move with the flow. Buying champions for your team and leveling them up, but without putting everything on rerolling or leveling up.

It is very important to know that if your team composition relies on champions with a starting cost of four coins or more, You have to forget about the slow roll and think of another plan. If that is the case, this method will not be beneficial for you.

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When is it Good to Use This Strategy?

Well, to be honest, this strategy is quite old. In the current patch of TFT. It may not even work well for many of the builds.

It is best to use the Slow Roll method only if your champions are worth two to three gold coins. You do not have enough items suitable for the build and can only use them when your team composition doesn’t rely on more than one or two four-coin-cost characters.

In this type of situation, you can try slow rolling, but even then, you have to be careful how the game goes and if it will be pointless to continue to use the method. If you get good items or favorable conditions for different team compositions. I advise you to forget about this method and just go with the standard level, focusing on what will be most beneficial for you.

Best Team Compositions

Up to the current Teamfight Tactics patch, the best team compositions for slow rolling are:

The Chemtach Inventors have great overall stats, and their team composition consists of champions from one coin cost to five. If you decide to go for it, the advice is to focus on the early stages to gather as many Ezreal and Singed as possible. 

Keep in mind to follow the strategy and don’t spend on rerolling. Then you have to focus on acquiring the next level of champions like Zilean, Warwick, and finally Ekko and Seraphine. That is one of the most favorable compositions for the slow roll in the current patch.

Debonair Assassin- Similar to the previous composition, this one works great with the slow roll method. The majority of the base characters are worth between two and three coins (Syndra, Talon, Ekko, Leona). That makes them perfect for rerolling in mid and late games and is easy to start up. The additional debonair traits also make the building stronger. Therefore increasing your chance to win.

The last and final great option for the Slow Roll is to get the Yordles. Although the passive of this team composition makes it sort of useful to use this method. It is still a great option if you plan to power spike in the mid to late game in TFT. At this early stage, you can only focus on acquiring your base team and building them up slowly and steadily.

 Once you get the gold in the mid-stage, you can speed things up by rerolling to get more Gnar, Corki, and Lulu copies. Leveling your champions to 3 stars will benefit you a lot. That will also allow you to get Veigar earlier in the game. After you do so, you will be set, and you can spend the rest of the gold on experience or additional champions to add to your composition.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Slow Roll Method

As you already know from this piece, the slow roll method is quite outdated but still works fine for some team compositions. Even if it was introduced back in the early seasons of Teamfight Tactics. Slow rolling is a strategy that can allow you to effectively play your strategy and win the match.

The biggest pro of this method is that you will save gold coins in the early stages. You will be able to spend them appropriately without wasting any of the gold you have. On top of that, with the Slow Roll, you will be able to utilize your champions to the fullest. Leveling them up to 3 stars as soon as possible. The additional experience you will spend the gold on after you achieve the goal with the champions is also a great pro, as the enemies will almost certainly expect it, and it will guarantee you a few wins.

When it comes to cons, there are quite a few that I have to mention. For example, as I said, the method is not new, and it is actually quite outdated. That makes it impossible to work well with all the new reworks. There are many new champions and strategies that everyone uses and creates. On top of that, in the game, there are not many good champion compositions favoring this slow roll strategy.


All in all, the Slow Roll method in TFT is a good but old strategy to use. If you plan to use it in the current patches, You have to be careful with your team composition and plan it beforehand. Using this strategy randomly without preparation and thoughts about what kind of strategy you will build will guarantee you only a loss. On the other hand, if you plan everything and have a little bit of luck, Using this method can earn you a free win. 

In the end, using this strategy is entirely up to you. Whether you will do it or not depends on how the game goes and what champions you will have first in your shop. Keep in mind that not every comp will work with the Slow Roll strategy, and you will be safe. Thanks for reading this article, and till next time.

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