How To Transfer & Export Settings In League Of Legends?

How To Transfer & Export Settings In League Of Legends? Complete Guide

Comfort matters a lot when it comes to performing optimally in League of Legends. League of Legends is a free-to-play game, which means new accounts are created daily. Some people enjoy having multiple accounts to play various roles or simply to have a ‘smurf’ in case they don’t want to sweat on their main account.

You can easily export or transfer settings by navigation to the installation location. Inside the config folder are game.cfg and PersistedSettings.json files. You can set these files to read-only to retain settings across every account or copy them elsewhere to transfer them.

Whatever the reason behind the new account is, there is one thing that remains certain; Configuring your settings from scratch is a time-consuming and often tedious procedure. Today we will go over the importance of having consistent settings across every account and how to achieve exactly that.

Importance Of Settings

There may be various reasons to export settings from League of Legends. If you are doing a completely fresh installation of the game after uninstalling it on your PC, you might want to save your settings elsewhere so you can import them once the game is installed.

If you have bought a new PC and plan to install League of Legends on it, you might want to transfer your settings from your previous installation to avoid time-consuming procedures. Similarly, if you plan to simply play on a new account and fear that you may have to configure the settings from the scratch, then you should take a look at the procedures listed below to avoid wasting time.

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Exporting Settings

Transfer and Export Settings LoL Guide

The steps you need to take in this regard are quite simple:

  • Log in to the account you are trying to export the settings from.
  • Start a game. Any game is fine, including the practice tool. (This applies the settings of your current account to the config file).
  • Now navigate to the folder where League of Legends is installed (By default, it is C:\Riot Games\League of Legends).
  • Now open the Config folder.
  • Now copy the ‘game.cfg’ and ‘PersistedSettings.json’ files.
  • Navigate to whichever folder you want to export them to, and paste both of the files there.

If you plan to export your Item Sets created in the client as well, you can apply the same procedure to the ‘ItemSets.json’ file found in the Config folder.

Transferring Settings To New Installation

Once you have exported the settings, you are ready to move them elsewhere. Maybe you just installed League of Legends on another PC or did a complete reinstall, in either case, you will need to transfer your exported settings back to benefit from them.

The steps are just as simple as the ones above:

  • Copy the ‘game.cfg’ and ‘PersistedSettings.json’ files from the saved location.
  • Now navigate to the directory where you installed League of Legends (By default: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends).
  • Open the Config folder.
  • Paste the two files into this folder.
  • If prompted to overwrite the previous files, click Yes.
  • Once the files have been copied over, right-click each of them and open Properties.
  • Check ‘Read-only’ to make sure your settings don’t get overwritten by the default settings when you launch the game.

Transferring To New Account

If you don’t plan to make any change to your current League of Legends installation, and only wish to transfer your settings from the current account to a new account so that you won’t have to reconfigure it, you are in luck. The steps to transfer settings from one account to another are much simpler than the ones listed above. Let us take a look:

  • Log in to the account you are trying to copy the settings from (This would be your main account).
  • Now start a game, even the practice tool counts. Once you load into the game, feel free to close the game.
  • Close the client and navigate to the League of Legends installation location (By default: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends).
  • Open the Config File.
  • Right-click “game.cfg” and open Properties.
  • Check ‘Read-only’ and click OK.
  • Do the same for ‘PersistedSettings.json’.

Once both files have been set to Read-only, you can log in to the game with your new account. After you start a game, you will notice that the settings are the same as your main account.

Please remember that by using this method, any settings that already exist on your other accounts will be overwritten by the ones you copied from the file. If you plan to change your settings again, make sure to uncheck ‘Read-only’ for both of these files.

Transfer and Export Settings League of Legends Guide

What About Everything Else?

These settings only contain the client settings such as Video settings (Brightness, Contrast, etc), Hotkey Settings, and various other Game Settings. These do not carry information about the champions, runes, spells, skins, or anything else you have collected. So what happens to those?

Do not worry. Riot Games save everything contained within your account on their server. You can install League of Legends in any location, on any PC, and in any country, and you will retain everything. There is no need, and therefore no possibility, of backing those up and transferring them to another account.

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In order for you to perform your best on any account, you need to be comfortable with the settings it has. We have shown you several ways of backing up your settings for use elsewhere or simply to have the same settings across every account.

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