How to Teamfight With Volibear in League of Legends?

How to Teamfight With Volibear in League of Legends? Complete Guide

Team fighting is one of the core parts of League of Legends. It is often a touch-and-go business that dictates the flow of the game. You need to react to every situation and make split-second decisions. All scenarios call for a different response and you have to come up with the best one possible.

This is even more tricky to master as each champion has a different way to respond to similar situations. Furthermore, a highly flexible champion such as Volibear has more than one way to answer the enemy’s moves in a team fight. You need to have in-depth knowledge of your champion to correctly evaluate how you need to reply to the enemy.

Volibear is a champion that differs significantly from your regular tank champions. This is because you have real damage and, thereby pose a genuine threat to the enemy – given that you play aggressively. Moreover, he is not similar to a bruiser champion since he is not an out-and-out carry champion.

Having said that, grasping a better understanding of some of the problems faced by Volibear in team fights is extremely important since there’s only so much you can do with raw mechanics. In such scenarios, it’s best to take enemy champions’ responses as well into the equation.

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Teamfights with Volibear According To Different Play Styles

League of Legends Volibear Teamfight Play Style Guide

As mentioned earlier, Volibear is a relatively versatile champion in League of Legends. He can either be played as a tank or as a carry-oriented bruiser. The difference in playstyle is up to you and how you wish to play the game.

The decision to play one over the other can vary based on some factors. You need to know which type of champion is better suited according to the team compositions. What will give your team the best winning chances and how you yourself can be most effective.

Volibear Tank Play Style

League of Legends Volibear Teamfight Tank Play Style Guide

Generally speaking, there are different ways a tank can play team fights in League of Legends. These usually depend on the champion’s individual abilities and uses. Tanks are mostly either engage-oriented or they follow a front-to-back style that helps defend their own team.

Of course, it goes without saying that in a lot of the games you will be playing according to the game situation. As Volibear can perform both of these roles, you should remain flexible in your play style.

Volibear Engage Tanks Play Style

League of Legends Volibear Teamfight Engage Tanks Play Style Guide

The most obvious way to play team fights as a tank is to be the main engagement. Starting fights is your responsibility. The engagement is supposed to find profitable fights for his team. You can not just start fights blindly. You have to keep certain things in mind before you engage.

You have to see if your team is close enough to follow up on your engagement in League of Legends. It is meaningless if you crowd control some high-priority enemy targets when you do not have the backup to actually finish them off.

Volibear is a champion that has the ability to be the prime engage in his team. You have hard crowd control as well as an area of effect slow. It is up to you and how well you can pilot the champion to be able to land the stun onto the enemy carries.

Of course, if your objective is to be the engage in the team, you will build your runes and items accordingly. While Predator’s use with the “Turbo Chemtank” rune keystone is integral. It gives you a massive movement speed boost to be able to engage in fights with much more ease.

Volibear Front to Back Tanks Play Style

League of Legends Volibear Teamfight Tanks Play Style Guide

Front to back is a playstyle where you do not dive into the enemy team yourself. Your main objective is to deal with the enemy frontline or champions that dive onto your team before you move forward. In this team fight style, protecting your back line is the priority rather than getting on top of the enemy team.

Usually, the tanks that have a truckload of crowd control abilities perform this role. This is simply because they have many more tools to disrupt the enemy champions. Oftentimes these are champions that do not have long-range crowd control abilities but require the enemies to be close.

Volibear can perform this role as well since he possesses the ability to stop enemies in their tracks. You can even slow the advance of multiple enemies at a time. However, this is a niche case that only occurs when the game situation requires it.

Most of the time, Volibear will be looking to engage or counter-engage onto the enemy team. You do not want to be stuck defending your back line as you are simply way more effective diving onto the enemies and wreaking havoc.

Volibear Bruiser Play Style

League of Legends Volibear Teamfight Bruiser Play Style Guide

Bruisers are melee fighters that brawl for extended periods of time. They are tanky and can also dish out a lot of damage. Most of the bruisers have innate self-healing qualities which enable them to outlast the other roles.

Volibear fulfills nearly all of these qualities which makes him a bruiser. The only thing that he comes short in is that he cannot match the high damage output that you normally associate with a bruiser champion.

When you adopt the bruiser playstyle for Volibear in League of Legends, his team fighting changes as well. You are not necessarily the prime engaging tool of the team. In the Bruiser playstyle, Volibear prefers to be a secondary or a counter-engage champion or flank the enemy team. Playing like this gives him a higher chance to actually get on the back line of the enemy and dispose of them.

Needless to say, you also need to change your build to be more damage-oriented. You are no longer the big tank so you’re quite squishy as well. This is why you do not want to be the first one to jump ahead. The increased damage is also the reason why you have a realistic chance to kill the back line.

Understanding Your Champions Kit

It goes without saying that you need to have a good grip on your champion’s abilities. You need to know your capabilities as well as your limits. Understanding the uses of your abilities well, inevitably allows you to have a much higher chance of being effective in team fights with Volibear.

Volibear Basic Abilities

League of Legends Volibear Teamfight Abilities Guide

“Thundering Storm” can be used as an engaging tool when combined with Turbo Chemtank and a flash combo. You can also use this as a front-to-back fighting tool and just stun the first enemy champion so your team can hit them easily.

The “Frenzied Maul” is Volibear’s source of damage in long fights as well as the main source of survival. Not only does it do a good amount of damage, this ability also heals you based on your missing health. You should either use this ability on the target you believe you will be able to hit consistently. In this way, you maximize your survival in the team fights as well as your damage.

Volibears third ability, the “Sky Splitter” provides an area of effect slow as well as a shield to Volibear himself. The shield scaling is based on your health, so the tankier you are the bigger the shield is. You are able to survive for a lot of time thanks to this. You can also use this ability to peel for your back line.

Most of the time, you should be using all of the abilities in combination with one another to get the maximum value out of them. They should also ideally be used on the person either closest to your team so they can hit them during the crowd control. If you are playing a carry role you should try to chain your stun with the “Sky Splitter” damage and slow on the enemy carries to have the highest kill threat.

Volibear Ultimate

League of Legends Volibear Teamfight Ultimate Guide

Volibear’s ultimate provides him a lot of flexibility in League of Legends team fights. “Stormbringer” can be used in different ways. The optimal usage varies from one fight to the next but there are some general ways in which it is employed much more regularly.

When looking to engage in a fight, the ultimate can be used to land a massive slow onto the enemy team. You can also use this as a gap close to get in range for the “Thundering Smash” and stun an enemy carry.

Since the ability scales with attack damage and ability power, the bruiser playstyle offers a significant increase in damage. This is why you need to wait for an opportune moment to use Stormbringer to land yourself directly on top of the enemies.

When the enemy team is diving onto your carries, you can use this ability as peel. Since this ability offers an area of effect slow in the area you land, you can slow the enemy team’s advance quite easily.

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Final Thoughts

We have covered Volibear’s team fight capabilities quite thoroughly. We now know the different ways we can try to play the team fights as well as the best uses of our abilities in different situations. It is also apparent that the ultimate can be a game changer in League of Legends team fights.

It is also worth mentioning that Volibear has an excellent early game. Whether you are playing him in the jungle or the top lane, his early game is one of the best in both roles. This is often why you are really strong coming into the team fights.

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