How To Fix: “You Are Ineligible to Earn Loot” in LoL?

Riot Games are always making efforts to ensure that League of Legends does not become a toxic gaming community. Punishing bad behavior and rewarding good behavior are all part of this strategy. 

What qualifies as good and bad behavior? That depends entirely on what kind of gaming experience results when you are present in a League of Legends team. If the overall game is ruined, you will get penalized. 

If other players enjoy playing the game with you both because of your skill and especially your attitude, you get rewarded in a number of ways. Restrictions on earning loot are also a part of this effort to make sure the game experience is as fun, enjoyable, smooth, and friendly as possible.

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What is Loot?

What is loot? There are lots of ways to reward good behavior in League of Legends. Sometimes being honored repeatedly gets you a little extra honor. A player who is honored repeatedly gets an honor badge that displays on the loading screen before each game, signaling to all players on both sides that you are a team player. 

Loot is where you can craft keys and combine blue and orange essences to gain rewards such as cool skins, unlock champions and so much more. It’s a feature that wasn’t originally part of the League of Legends client but has been now for the past many seasons.

Loot is by default available to all players. You can simply navigate the buttons above on the top of the League of Legends client and get to the right screen. All other client functions such as upgrading to a newer version will continue in the background. Once you get to the screen, you see a range of options. 

The more and the better you play League of Legends, the more freedom, and choice you have on this screen. Many times you can be a new champion along with a cool skin just by playing the game and combining what you earn in these games. 

They can be parts of Hextech keys, chest boxes, Blue Essence, and Orange Essence. It’s like a magical shop from within the mystical world of League of Legends! and who knows what cool features will be added to it as the seasons progress further?!

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How Do You Become Ineligible For Loot?

If a player has been reported a lot by members of his team and the opposite team and this happens quite frequently, Riot Games will pick up the clues and may ban the player from League of Legends for some time. This time can be for a few hours to up to many days or even weeks. 

On the other hand, Riot will sometimes make players wait for a few minutes to over half an hour before starting each game as a way to discourage bad behavior which may have led to the player being reported so frequently in the first place. More recently, the loot screen has become unavailable for some players.

This is a new way to ensure the League of Legends community keeps toxic players at the margins and the core game experience is smooth, fun, and enjoyable for everyone. When a player has previous behavior restrictions such as banning, having to wait before games, etc, and the behavior does not seem to be changing anytime soon, the Riot Games’ system will prevent entry into the loot screen itself. 

If there is no such history of past bad behavior and if the player reforms his routine behavior and attitude, then the player will not be ineligible to earn loot.

The trick seems to be on one’s best behavior always, even if you are raging from the inside while playing the game. Being restricted from earning loot does not affect the core game but it is still a huge loss nonetheless. Earning loot is part of the reason so many players keep coming back to League of Legends. The exciting thing is that there is always a new surprise inside each chest. Crafting keys from all its part is itself a very satisfying experience because you know it could open the door to so many possibilities. Being ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavior restrictions is a real bummer.

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How to Become Eligible Again?

How to get out of it? As always, League of Legends gives players a way back to redeem themselves if they can keep up the good behavior. If the account is clean or normal for a long time, then there is a good chance you will get back access to earning loot.  

If you haven’t been reported in a while, that is also a good sign. Being honored repeatedly also flags you as a decent and friendly team player in the Riot Games system. This also brings you closer to being eligible again for earning loot. If past behavior restrictions are really a thing of the past, then there should not be any difficulty in becoming eligible to earn loot. 

Some players have complained, however, that despite being clean for months, they are still unable to earn loot. There can be various reasons for this. One possibility is that you might have been reported by other players and you just didn’t know it. 

Another possibility is that the algorithm which is supposed to check behavior may have missed something that’s particular to your account specifically. In the first option, you might want to wait out a little bit longer. 

If you think you definitely have been on your best behavior, then you might want to consider sending a query to support at League of legends.

Riot Games takes a lot of pain to ensure the game experience is fun and enjoyable for all. New players especially when they are on the learning curve are discouraged if the community is toxic and not supportive. 

Banning, making players wait before they can join a game, and setting conditions for players to become ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions are all part of this strategy. This is done so that players with the best behavior are able to join games easily and frequently. 

Whereas players with bad behavior that make the game unenjoyable for others often have to deal with being eligible to earn loot. With improved behavior and clean accounts, these restrictions can be lifted.

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