What Gives the Most XP in League of Legends?

Each opposing unit you kill will give you a certain amount of EXP in League of Legends, ranging from small minions to epic monsters, and even towers give your champion EXP when you kill or destroy one. 

Champion EXP determines how far your champion has grown since the start of the game. The higher the champion level is, the more robust the champion gets. There are different ways to gain EXP in a game of League of Legends and here they are.

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Six Ways to Gain EXP in League of Legends

1. Killing a Champion

When you kill a champion, you gain exp, and this is based on how high the level of the champion you just killed.

A lower level means lower e, XP, and a higher level means higher exp. The amount of exp you gain from a champion kill ranges from 42-990.

2. Assisting a Kill

When you participate in a kill which is called a takedown, you gain an exp. Assist score happens when you help or buff the champion that killed the enemy, contributed to the damage inflicted to that enemy leading to its death, or simply had the kill stolen away by your teammate by last hitting the enemy champion. 

Assists give almost the same exp as when you kill a champion, ranging from 28-990.

3. A Champion Dies Near Your Corpse

When you die, you will leave a corpse that will stay in one place until you respawn which happens when the respawn timer runs to zero. 

When a champion dies near your corpse, you will gain an exp as long as the 10-second timer hasn’t expired yet. There is no indicator for this, but it is worth knowing.

4. In a Range of a Champion Death

When laning, we all know that last-hitting minion grants us EXP and gold. It is also pretty standard to know that when a minion dies, you still gain exp as long as you are in range. 

Being within 1600 units of a minion’s death gives you ex; this is also a great thing to know as you can use this to your advantage during the laning phase. 

You can bully your enemy away from minion exp range so he doesn’t gain EXP and falls behind in level. 

5. Destroying a ward or within the proximity of a ward death

Just like in minion death, you can also gain EXP when you destroy a war,d or a ward is destroyed when you are within proximity. 

The range is the same as the minion death range. 

6. Jungle Monster Death

Killing a monster grants the killer exp; unlike minions and wards, jungle monsters do not provide proximity EXP. 

So whoever last hits the jungle monster will solo the Gold and EXP that monster gives. 

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Jungle Monster EXP 

  • Raptors 85 – 114.75 EXP based on monster level
  • Murk Wolves 95 – 128 EXP based on monster level
  • Krugs 153 – 206 EXP based on monster level
  • Gromp 135 – 182.25 EXP based on monster level
  • Blue Sentinel 110 – 148.5 EXP based on monster level
  • Red Brambleback 110 – 148.5 EXP based on monster level
  • Rift Scuttler 115 – 207 EXP based on monster level

Highest EXP Based on Each Phase of the Game

There are different factors to consider upon determining which is the highest source of EXP in the game. Champion kill EXP varies and depends upon the level of the enemy champion you killed; the same goes for the monsters you slay in the jungle.

Early Game

The highest EXP you can gain from one source in the early game is when you clear the krugs; it initially gives you 153 EXP higher than a champion kill that only gives you 42 EXP.

Mid Game

During the mid-game, a champion still has the highest EXP gained by jungle monsters. 

Late Game 

A champion kill is the highest EXP source when the late game comes. The EXP becomes 990 when the enemy champion you kill is at the maximum level of 18. 

This is a catchup mechanic for champions who fell behind during the early game or have reconnected. One kill of a max-level champion could increase the level of a level-gapped champion by as much as three levels. 

Final Thoughts

Late-game champion kills give the highest EXP in a League of Legends, but you don’t always have to aim for kills or jungle monsters to level up in a game. If you stay in your lane, slay minions, and kill enemy champions, you can also level up faster. 

Combine all the EXP sources and work all those, and you will surely level up fast. Just avoid dying because being dead prevents you from gaining EXP.

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