What Jungler Should You Main in Season 12?

Jungler is one of the most psychologically taxing positions in League of Legends, perhaps the most taxing of any. Due to the fact that the jungle takes up the bulk of the Rift’s area, junglers require a significant amount of in-game expertise in order to properly roam and farm in the zone. 

All of this is on top of things like ganking to prevent the other team from snowballing, recognizing their champion’s strengths in comparison to the enemy team, and altering their role based on the team’s needs.

While the fundamentals of the jungle position have remained mostly unchanged, we’ll provide you with some instances of current solid champ picks, as well as recommendations on camp clearing and where to put pressure on the map, in addition to the basics. 

These options have the potential to be game-changers and influence the result of your Wild Rift encounter.

5 Junglers You Can Main in Season 12

5. Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV is a champion who is incredibly easy to learn and play, and he delivers consistent ganks that are not dependant on items. 

He has massive power spikes very early in the game due to his E, then Q, combination, which is absolutely destructive. It is not simply his ult that deals massive AoE damage, but it also positions up your laners for easy kills.

With his ultimate, he is able to imprison his opponents in a circle of terrain, causing them to either perish or burn while attempting to escape the situation. 

In addition to having a large amount of base damage, he is able to obtain bruiser items and one-shot the enemy ADC while zooming down the lane with his combo. 

Jarvan IV is a good champion that can be used in nearly any team composition. He may be considered a mainstay in the current jungle meta because of his versatility.

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4. Fiddlesticks

Using a jagged scythe to cut through the air, the monster Fiddlesticks is a dangerous opponent. 

Once they reach level six, they become a force to be reckoned with, doing massive amounts of damage and having the ability to wipe out an entire opposing team with a well-placed ultimate. 

Fiddlesticks depend on maneuvering around your opponents’ holes in vision, while also utilizing your passive to build effigies that instill dread in your opponents’ hearts.

Although this champion possesses extremely rapid clears, its ultimates should be used with caution. 

You must wait for a charge-up period before you may teleport to your target destination, hence it is best to use your ultimate at the beginning of a fight rather than in the middle of one because any CC will cause the move to be canceled. 

The entire opponent team will be on their toes if you are absent from the map for any length of time at all.

3. Amumu

Amumu’s ultimate damage has increased dramatically as a result of his recent upgrades, as has his CC. 

It takes him a while to get going, but once you hit that level six spike, the only people who aren’t happy with Amumu are the people who have to play against him owing to the massive amount of CC and AoE damage that he deals. 

Initially, he is vulnerable to invasion, but once you have obtained your tank equipment, you become a virtually unkillable mummy. He serves as a formidable first line of defense for the club, as well as a dependable source of engagement.

Bandage flinging and then ulting as many people as possible will go a long way toward putting your team in the best position to win. 

Amumu was intended to be toned down from his present position at the top of the leaderboard, but he remains one of the finest team fighters in the game and is very easy to learn.

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2. Xin Zhao

With few obvious flaws, Xin Zhao has established himself as one of the most effective duelist champions in the metagame. 

Because his ultimate renders him invulnerable to ranged assaults while it is active, he may snowball extremely hard and repeatedly, and he can be difficult to take down once he has done so. 

In addition to his passive, his bruiser build, which includes Goredrinker as his first item, allows him to sustain at an incredible rate.

The early stages of the game allow Xin Zhao to effectively duel practically any jungle champion despite the fact that he has a highly linear playstyle. 

It is because of the early-game presence that you may actively combat Scuttle Crabs and quickly pick up kills from invading forces. 

With just a few bad matchups this season, Xin Zhao is an all-around competent jungler who can contribute to the team’s success at all phases of the game.

1. Ekko

Ekko is the best jungler in the game right now, and that’s because he’s an all-arounder who has received a slew of buffs over the course of the previous several months, giving him amazing strength. In essence, he has only increased in strength, whilst others have been weakened.

Not to mention that he possesses the necessary equipment to be a highly efficient ganker and team fighter. 

It is possible to use his Timewinder ability to enter lane, get off a slow, and deliver a little amount of damage, which may then be followed up with his other two abilities for higher execute damage.

For those times when things don’t go as planned, or when there are more kill possibilities, Chronobreak allows him to restore his health and do some major burst damage to his adversaries if they are caught in the arrival zone.

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How to Master Your Main Jungler in Season 12?

Selection of Summoner Spells

Smite should be one of the summoners spells that every jungler should learn. It is critical for clearing the jungle quickly, maintaining one’s health in the jungle, and achieving one’s objectives. 

In addition, Smite is necessary to build one of the two jungle items. It takes five successful uses of Smite on minions for the jungle item to be consumed, which then improves your Smite such that it can be used against opposing champions.

While the majority of junglers will employ Flash, there is a handful who may prefer Ghost or Ignite instead. Because of the large amount of terrain to contend with, Flash is essential for getting over barriers rapidly. 

When utilized on champions that tend to split-push later in the game, Ghost may be quite effective. Ignite is assigned to select assassin junglers in order to provide more burst to their early ganks.

When and Where Should You Gank?

As a jungler, you may start thinking about your early game pathing as soon as you choose your champion. Despite the fact that you will not be able to predict how the lanes will play out, you will be able to determine which lanes on your team have crowd control. 

Lanes with ally crowd control will be simpler to gank in if you have a plan in place. In addition, even if your crowd control is insufficient, weak opponent laners may be taken advantage of.

It is your responsibility after you have entered the game, to continually monitor the map to see what ganking possibilities are open to you. Some of the things to keep an eye out for include laner health, lane position, and which camps are ready to be cleared.

The health of your ally’s laner and the enemy’s laner is referred to as laner health. The greater the difference between your ally’s an enemy’s health, the better. 

Ganking is especially appealing in situations where both laners are low since you have the opportunity to pick up a kill and maybe save your teammate from certain death. A two-kill swing would be the consequence of this scenario.

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Smiting Large Neutral Monsters

It is your responsibility as the jungler to secure the massive neutral monsters present in the game. Dragons, the Rift Herald, and the Baron are all under your control. As a result, it is critical that you have Smite ready when your squad is attempting to defeat one of these monsters.

When you place your cursor over your smite, you will see the amount of damage your Smite will do at your current skill level. As your champion progresses through the game, the damage dealt by Smite increases. 

Smite causes true damage, therefore the amount of damage displayed on the tooltip is all you need to know about how much damage you’re dealing with the monster with it.

The finest Smite battle is the one that you don’t have to participate in. This implies that it is best if the opponent jungler never reaches within striking distance of you in order to try a Smite steal. In order to prevent the opponent jungler from attempting a Smite steal, you can utilize your crowd control skills and allies to try to zone him out.


The best junglers to use as your main for every sort of game style, from the easiest to the most difficult to learn. 

If you are a low-elo player, I recommend that you play the easiest champions (bronze, silver, gold), average champions (platinum, diamond), and, of course, the most skill-based champions for players above diamonds. 

If you believe that you are playing one “harder” champ exceptionally well, it does not imply that you should continue to play that champ. 

That champ can be inefficient if not played to his full potential, or he may simply not fit in the elo you are in, where he has the most obvious weak points (etc. bad late game).

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