Why CS:GO Case Openings Are So Addictive?

Why CS:GO Case Openings Are So Addictive?

Find where most CS:GO players open cases. Discover the reasons why almost 40 million cases are opened monthly.

According to CS:GO trackers statistics, in March 2023, players opened 39,475 million cases. Considering that 800 000 – 900 000 gamers visit the shooter monthly, that’s more than 45 boxes per player! And that’s just in-game opened cases. There are lots of cases opened on online platforms too. But why would everybody love those loot crates so much? Keep reading to know the answer.

Where Do Players Open Cases

Do you know that CS:GO game client is not the only place to open cases? Many online platforms are offering such options. For instance, thousands of players open CS:GO cases at Farmskins.

This site has many benefits above a default opening method. It has bonuses and promotions, giving free items, cases, and cash. While also features a couple of unique case-case opening mechanics.

One of them is Case Battle. It allows openers to fight each other. And the one who gets more expensive loot wins his and his opponent’s drops. So it is not just a way to diversify your opening routine but also a chance to get more skins than usual.

And, of course, thousands of gamblers still prefer classic case openings. There might be many reasons for that. Some are afraid of testing out new features. Others don’t trust non-Valve recourses.

But after all, site and classic openers keep grinding due to several factors. And here’s why they are so addicted to that craft.

Case Opening Brings Fun

Yeah, as simple as that, case opening is fun-inducing. It reaches a peak level each time a player gets a rare skin. Knowing that you’ve won a low chance probability is always exciting.

In fact, each time that happens, a player gets more addicted to that feeling. This results in more and more cases being opened more regularly.

However, a fun factor is not the most popular reason to open cases. Especially compared to the next one.

Cases Give Them Profit

Thousands of players keep their case-opening grind due to the profit they get. Case opening is more of a business for them. And their approach is very different from players driven by fun.

Profit-chasers tend to track their spending and income. They create tables for that. So they can see if they should change their opening strategies. Or keep the ongoing grind.

Speaking about strategies, those are significant parts of their routine. Some like tracking CS:GO media/markets and buying cases with increasing prices. Others prefer a simpler approach and just purchase what’s cheaper now.

Case-Opening Improves Their Style

Grinding cases, you’ll inevitably receive tens of skins. And then you can use them to stand out among other players. And that’s one of the reasons why people keep opening cases.

They tend to examine each CS:GO case. So they what skins they contain. They need it as they are fishing for specific items. They do it for various reasons. Some folks strive to create weapon loadouts. Such are usually tied to one theme. It can be lightning, fire, military style, etc.

Others don’t go that deep. They just find a skin they like and open a case with it. Why wouldn’t they buy that skin on the market? Skins can be too costly. While case opening just requires a case + $2.49. So it’s their chance to hit the jackpot for a low price.

Looking for a way to get several cool skins now? Check out how to collect valuable items before CS:GO 2 comes out. It contains a few tips to instantly pour some cool skins into your collection.

To Get the Skin of Their Dreams

Everybody has a dream of some sort. While ones’ is connected to cars or mansions, CS:GO players dream of skins. And they strive to get them through cases.

Often, it is the only way to have them. Many CS:GO skins like Dragon Lore or Gungnir are out of the sale. So players are left with one method of getting them: opening cases.

However, such players are not the most active case openers. They grab just several cases a month and hope for the best. It is due to the prices of such cases. However, there are often exclusions in the face of high rollers.

To be Part of the Community

Do you remember the stats at the beginning of this page? They uncover an approximate number of people to open cases monthly.

Being a part of the CS:GO community, you want to follow its rules. Otherwise, you start to feel disconnected. And that is the reason why some people start opening cases.

Of course, they don’t approach openings as seriously as in previous examples. Maybe, they don’t even consider it a craft. However, they keep grinding the boxes from time to time. So their case is definitely relevant.

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