RatIRL Story Behind The Player

RatIRL Story Behind The League of Legends Player

As competitive as League Of Legends (LoL) is, it is also one of the most toxic platforms in the online gaming scene. This is mainly because of the big boys who run the show. One of them is RatIRL, who many consider by many to be one of the best League Of Legends players. Let us take a look at the beginning of his career and how far he has come now.

Early Life and Rise to Fame

According to reports, RatIRL’s real name is Anton and he is 26 years old as of writing this article. He refers to himself as a Tomato farmer, league player, and the Great Ratsby. His gamer tag, RatIRL goes back a long way. It was first seen in season 6.

During this time he made plays that were oddly suspicious to a lot of other players. This included high ELO Players as well as some pros who claimed that he used scripts or third-party tools to make such incredible plays.

He created his YouTube channel on June 22, 2016, where he gained more than 250,000 subscribers and a total view count of 81 million in the span of five years. RatIRL began his career in ELO boosting by selling accounts. He was a well-known figure for his 90% win rate. He was well recognized for an account having a win rate that was higher than 80% on the West European server.

He started streaming consistently on Twitch in 2020 and his following increased greatly right after his Spaceglider Montage video. Since then he has had consistent viewers on his channel and currently has 736K followers on Twitch. All his YouTube videos get at least 100K views.

This fame helped him garner a lot of fame and traction. Being a regular Twitch streamer, he began inspiring people to follow his route. However, it was soon quite apparent that people began to mimic the toxic part of his personality instead of learning how to play League of Legends from him. That is where L9 comes in and what helped him become what he is today.

RatIRL and L9

RatIRL League of Legends Player and L9 explained Story

L9 is a highly disliked gaming clan and one of those who take pride in their toxicity. RatIRL is the founder of this group alongside Obsess (a former player for Misfits). Although it wasn’t intended to be a group at the start, the two of them found the name catchy and began to use it.

“It used to be a little thing between friends and then it got out of hand,” says Obsess in an interview with The Shotcaller.

Of course, the fan following RatIRL had at the time pushed his gaming fan base to start following him even more. RatIRL had adopted an extremely toxic attitude during this time and did not manage to leave a good mark on his followers.

League players do not hold L9 in a good light. If you ask about L9 for the first time then you’ll receive a lot of negative reviews. Players in this group spam pings, symbols, and even evade bans.

Not everyone in L9 engages in this behavior and activities the group is known for. Obsess for example has never held lobbies hostage, inted games, or engaged in other toxic behaviors.

L9 has been under fire from numerous streamers and well-known League players because the group is not the most popular in the community. Dekar173 actually claimed that anyone who watched RatIRL and Ap0 is a piece of human filth and that anyone who supports them should submit their symbols so that Dekar can ban them from the chat.

All of this also gives a bad name to RatIRL himself since he is the founder of L9. Every sort of criticism each member of the group faces eventually comes down to him.

RatIRL’s Face Reveal

RatIRL League of Legends Player Story Face Reveal Photo

One thing about RatIRL still tends to remain a mystery for his fans and followers. He doesn’t show his face anywhere. Be it on social media, streams, or even in pictures, his face is nowhere to be found.

What’s even more surprising is that he has received several requests to publicly reveal his face. People are even ready to pay him to show his face on camera but he hasn’t made any comment on this so far.

RatIRL hasn’t given his supporters even the slightest inkling about his impending face reveal or the circumstances surrounding it. It appears that the streamer is currently trying to protect his privacy and keep his identity a secret for the time being.

Checking RatIRL’s Instagram account, which has over 40k followers, likewise turned up no useful information because he has just shared images of his pets there. And just because it has come up, RatIRL loves his cats!

Back to the part of the photo, even if he hasn’t uploaded anything about himself, that hasn’t kept fans from digging about it. These diggers eventually succeeded in finding pictures of RatIRL when they were accidentally leaked on IWillDominate’s stream. It was an old Snapchat story that he posted in 2016.

It isn’t entirely sure whether that is RatIRL or not but if these are the only pictures we have of him on the internet then we don’t understand why he would hide himself from the public. But since people have personal preferences on showing their face on the internet then it really is up to RatIRL whether he would like to reveal his face or not.

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RatIRL’s Love For Cats

As toxic as he might be around people on the internet, RatIRL loves cats. He is well known for his obsession with cars and he has dedicated his entire Instagram profile to his cats. There isn’t a single picture of him on his IG feed instead all of it is full of cats. Maybe the cats show him a reflection of his personality considering how moody he is!

How Much is RatIRL Worth?

Given the number of his YouTube subscribers and followers that he has on Twitch, RatIRL is worth quite a lot. To add to earnings from these platforms, he also has brand sponsorships up his sleeve.

As per SocialBlade, RATIRL’s estimated monthly earnings range from $1,200 to $19,800. Additionally, his annual earnings from his YouTube channel alone are estimated to be between $14,900 to $237,900. That’s a pretty decent number and it is only expected to grow after he ends up hitting one million followers on Twitch. For YouTube, he is currently at 333K subs and for a million it’s going to take another good two years.


Being good at a game doesn’t really justify someone’s toxicity. A person like RatIRL is watched by thousands of people every day so you would expect him to at least consider acting like a role model. We’re okay with him not willing to show his face as long as he isn’t hurtful towards other people.

Lastly, being the founder of a group does not mean that he is accountable for the actions of other group members. He created L9 to benefit the gaming community, not for people to bring up his name if something goes wrong. Better to cut the guy some slack here.

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