Is League of Legends: Wild Rift Cross Platform?

Is League of Legends: Wild Rift Cross PLatform?

League of Legends has been around for some time now, since in release in 2009 the game has accumulated a fanbase of millions of PC players. Numerous companies have released their own MOBAs which are actually pretty good but still, no one comes close to League of Legends. With mobile games gaining increased popularity in recent years, Riot Games have come out with a mobile version of the game called ‘League of Legends: Wild Rift’, but does this version of the game support cross-platform play?

Cross-platform in League of Legends is supported internally between different mobile platforms but you can’t queue up with the classic PC version of the game.

There are numerous platforms on which League of Legends is now playable, with more platforms to be supported as per the rumors, so let’s hop in and find out how flexible is the crossplay scenario of League of Legends.

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Difference Between Wild Rift and Simple League of Legends

Difference Between Wild Rift and Simple League of Legends

Both of these versions of the game are a MOBA, it’s a 5v5 in each match and the general mechanics of the game are the same but what really makes these two different from each other? One difference should be pretty clear by now, Wild Rift is available only on the phone while the other is the classic PC version, let’s what are the other big differences between these two

No Active Effects on Items

Any item that you buy in Wild Rift won’t have an active effect, all the items in the classic, items will have active elements in form of passive effects for the active items in the original version.

Fewer Champions

Wild Rift has less than half the Champions that the original League of Legends, although, Riot says that they will be releasing 2 Champions per month in Wild Rift.

No Support and Jungle Items

Support and Jungle items aren’t purchasable in Wild Rift and it really changes how people play the support and the jungler role.

Locking Your Enemy

Not having the luxury of a mouse can make things a bit complicated for the mobile players, so in Wild Rift, any enemy you attack becomes locked onto your vision. All the combos and abilities you will target the locked enemy so you don’t have select it manually for each attack.

Multiplayer In League of Legends

Multiplayer In League of Legends

League of Legends is a MOBA, which stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, multiplayer is in its name, so you can’t really play it solo, you’ll always play with and against other players. There are options for bot matches (where you play against AI-controlled champions) but they don’t really hold the true essence of the game.

You can of course have the old-school gaming multiplayer gaming experience with your friends by joining their party or inviting them to yours. You can have up to 5 players in your party which is the number of champions on each of the teams. Playing League of Legends with a party of your friends is always a good idea but do keep in mind that the opposing team will also be in some kinda party which can make the game a little bit tricky, but that’s how multiplayer matchmaking works in League of Legends.

What Does Cross-Play Really Mean?

Cross-play refers to the ability of a game to allow players on different platforms or software to match up for a game together. A good example of a really Dynamic Cross-Platform game would be Fortnite. A PC player of Fortnite can play a match with his friends who play on an Android phone. League of Legends, as of now is available on two types of Platforms, computers that run the classic League of Legends and phones which run League of Legends: Wild Rift, but how dynamic is their cross-play compatibility?

Is There Cross-Play in League of Legends: Wild Rift?

Is There Cross-Play in League of Legends: Wild Rift?

So, now that we have established that there is no cross-play between the different versions of the game, we have to ask, is there internal crossplay between different mobile platforms? This time the answer is, yes, iOS players of Wild Rift can queue up with the Andriod players, and it makes sense as both of them will have the same type of controls ensuring a fair competitive experience.

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Is there Cross-Play Compatibility between Wild Rift and classic League of Legends?

Is there Cross-Play Compatibility between Wild Rift and classic League of Legends?

This is the question that most of you are here for, can you play League of Legends: Wild Rift from your phone with your friend who plays the classic version on his PC, the answer is no, unfortunately.

There is no cross-play between the League of Legends on PC and League of Legends on the phone because The Wild Rift which is played on in kinda like a totally different game. You might think that it’s not even a hard task technically to allow cross-play, but the reasons for this crossplay not being supported are pretty logical.

The first and most understandable reason for the cross-play not being available is the difference in competitive advantage between the two modes, the PC players will have a significant advantage in this case. We all know that League of Legends is a PC game and its mechanics are designed to be that way, playing it on a mobile device just won’t be the same.

Another reason for the absence of cross-platform compatibility is that the Wild Rift, from the start, has been designed to be easy to use on mobile so its controls are integrated accordingly with makes Wild Rift a different game from the classic version.

Ending Notes

Crossplay of League of Legends might seem a little restricted but it’s for the own good of the players, but at least you can play the same version of the game on any platform that they support, and who knows, Wild Rift might be the future of League of Legends.

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