World of Warcraft vs. League of Legends: Which is Better?

Why is World of Warcraft a Good Game?

Blizzard games produce many great games, but its most popular icon is World of Warcraft. First announced in 2001 and later released in 2004, World of Warcraft is a widely known massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It is set in Warcraft, a fantasy universe, taking place in the world of Azeroth.

World of Warcraft lets the players create an avatar or character and dive into the massive open-world it offers. In this open world, the players can enjoy its magnificent views and explore the landscape, interacting and fighting various monsters, interacting with NPC’s and authentic players, and completing quests to advance further in the game.

You can play WoW all by yourself, but when you interact with other players, you can make friends and make your gameplay more enjoyable by doing things with them. Together you can work and complete some quests faster. You can explore dungeons without anything to fear, and also, you can engage in some player versus player action.


World of Warcraft is mainly focused on character progression. Players are tasked with many quests that they need to complete to gain experience points to level up their character. By doing so, you will be more powerful, making your way onto some challenging and demanding tasks you will need to complete. Also, linked with the leveling up, you will be able to further increase your power by trading numerous items with the in-game currency to gain better pieces of equipment and other stuff.

Azeroth has been the home of millions of heroes since it first launched in 2004. Players themselves decide what side they will be a part of. You can choose between the Alliance – political faction consistent of powerful cultures and groups bound by their deep commitments to abstract concepts like nobility and honor; and the Horde – faction created by orcish immigrants which forge alliances with local races like the Tauren people, the trolls and so on. All-time period, this game has more than 100 million players that created over 500 million characters in the game.

Sadly, all of this exploring, fighting, and making friends doesn’t come for free. The game offers something close to a free trial. You can play the game to the first 20 levels of your character. It offers you to experience some of its beauty but locks away many of its features. So, to play further of those 20 levels, you will need to purchase a subscription, also known as WoW token, which costs 20€. For some, it is a dealbreaker, but for some, it is a rather attractive investment of money and time.

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Why is League of Legends a Good Game?

LoL stands for League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA among gamers. It is a video game developed and later released by Riot games on 27 October 2009. League of Legends is a famous multiplayer video game that is entirely free to play.

In the game of League, two teams assembled of five members each that battle in player versus player combat, with each team taking and defending their half of the map Summoner’s Rift. Every player is controlling a champion with its abilities and differing play styles. Each player starts at level one and goes through the phase of ‘farming’ (killing minions to gather gold – the in-game currency that helps players be more robust and deal more damage) to level 18, which means they reached the champion maximum strength. 

Through the game, players can purchase items that will buff their stats, for example, their damage output, health, armor, resistance, mana, and more. Players need to take their opponent’s towers to come to their Nexus. Destroying your enemy Nexus is the endgame resulting in victory. There are many more minor things to do that can have a massive impact on the ending.


There are many regular game modes and some unique game modes that can be played at certain times and events. Overall, the gameplay is enjoyable because of the variety of champions and abilities to choose and play, and every game has a different outcome.

The game shines with its vast collection of skins that can be found to make the champion you play even prettier or scarier; you choose what kind of playstyle you want. But of course, nothing comes free in the world of Riot. You will need to spend your precious time and money if you need more captivating gameplay.

League can be installed and paid on many operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, and Linux. According to Riot’s official data, in 2021, League of Legends will have over 115 million monthly players. The impressive statistics don’t end there; League is also very popular for its competitive games in the e-Sports scene, as Riot is making extraordinary live events in the form of tournaments for their fans to watch and enjoy. Furthermore, It is always in the top games watched and streamed on Twitch and other platforms.

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The Differences Between World of Warcraft and League of Legends

Now that we bringed out some of the main features of the games, it is time to go through their differences and to see where they trade blows when it comes to which is better than the other.

Now that we brought out some of the main features of the games, it is time to go through their differences and see where they trade blows when it comes to which is better than the other.

  • Because World of Warcraft was released in 2004, It had the most extensive player base, but all of that changed when LoL arrived and started shrinking WoW’s players over the years. League of Legends has held the throne for the past decade in the player base, with astonishing 115 million players that use the game every month.
  • When it came out, Warcraft became the leader in Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game and still holds this title today.
  • On the other hand, League surfaced after six years of its direct competitor DOTA and quickly surpassed it. Even today, they trade blows, but LoL is always ahead.
  • LoL is a Player vs. Player only game that offers you two to three different maps on which you can do your shenanigans, but the maps are tiny and limited. Then there is WoW, mainly a player vs. environment, which allows players to cover vast ground regions, exploring whole continents and planets.
  • When it comes to updates and new content, both games differ. League of Legends provides updates every two weeks in which the game balances its champions and items to make it fair for everyone. Then there is World of Warcraft which updates the game by adding monsters and updating the existing ones, updating the NPCs, large-scale battle mechanics, and their interaction with characters. This game gets irregular updates between a couple of months, focusing on bug fixes and similar expansions that come out every two or more years, including new worlds to experience.
  • The last thing to consider when you choose which of these games you want to play is the money factor. League of Legends is totally free to play to anyone, and we are thankful for that. They make the most of their earnings from the skins, chests, orbs, and accessories to help them out while we look gorgeous. By any means, LoL is not a pay to win the game. On the other side, World of Warcraft will charge you 20€ every damn month if you want to play the game, and some additional money for its expansion packs, that is, if you want to try them. The money factor is important because you will be spending two essential resources while playing this game: money and time.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you choose LoL or WoW, you will have lots of fun in the long run, meeting players and exploring the game as you gain more knowledge about it. We brought some of the important stuff you need to know before you start playing with this simple article. Now, you can choose which game you will be playing, but before you do, we would love to know why – so make sure to comment below.

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  1. Nicholas E Passmore Avatar
    Nicholas E Passmore

    Kind of strange to compare these two games. They are completely different in every level. LoL is a moba with possibly the most toxic community in all of gaming and WoW is an MMO, with possibly the worst Dev team for the last ten years. But trying to compare the games is like comparing an apple to a sardine. LoL is a straight up competition every game and WoW is suppose to pull you into another world and let your imagination take over.

    Both games are fun but in completely different ways. Now when Riot finishes their MMO, then compare that to WoW

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