The Best Runes For ADCs in League of Legends Season 12 (2022 / 2023)

Best Runes For ADCs in League of Legends Season 12 Guide

Bot Lane in League of Legends fully incorporates how well you synergize with each other in a 2v2 lane while managing experience, farm, and setting up space for your jungler. ADCs are the main sprouts from bot lane scaling long-term and carry with their high damage output.

Here are the best runes for ADCs in League Of Legends:

  • Lethal Tempo
  • Press the Attack
  • Fleet Footwork
  • Dark Harvest

By choosing the wrong runes, you will be at a significant disadvantage. Choosing runes can be tough, so if you were wondering what runes you should take for bot lane ADCs? Fear not, You can use this guide to choose the most powerful runes for Bot Lane ADCs in season 12 that will help you climb efficiently.

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Lethal Tempo

Best ADC Runes Lethal Tempo League of Legends

Lethal Tempo was reworked at the start of season 12 with a bunch of other changes, new lethal tempo is extremely popular amongst ADCs by far being the most picked rune because it is strong and provides very good utility.

The champion can temporarily go above its maximum attack speed limit and acquire an extended range by auto-attacking the opposing champion or delivering damage to them with an on-hit ability. It also offers the player a bonus attack speed per applied stack.

If you like ADCs like Jinx, Ashe, and Twitch that auto-attack a lot and kite alongside, then you can reap the most out of lethal tempo.

How it Works:

Basic attacks on-hit against enemy champions grant a stack for 6 seconds, refreshing on subsequent attacks and stacking up to 6 times. Gain bonus attack speed per stack and at max stacks, gain bonus attack range and increase attack speed cap to 10.

Runes To Take With It:

The rest of the Precision tree also provides great utility for ADCs. Precision excels at providing the teamfight sustain, attack speed, and damage output that ADCs desire. The best rune path you can take after Lethal Tempo is:

Triumph which gives you team fight survivability as it provides you with some HP recovery on takedowns and a bit of extra gold to reap more benefits from your takedown.

Legend: Alacrity rune provides you with scaling attack speed that is a must for ADCs.

Coup De Grace does extra damage to low-health targets that helps you finish off your targets easily.

Press The Attack

Best ADC Runes Press The Attack League of Legends

Press the Attack(PTA) is a great rune that has been at the center of ADC’s attention since the early days.

It is an early trade-off keystone that rewards offensive players with that offensive mindset taking benefit of the 3rd attack bonus damage and then extra bonus damage with the subsequent auto attacks for a short period of time, the cooldown on this keystone is also not high so you can do this multiple times and take short trades that benefit your 2v2 situation.

The best champions to utilize this are champs with heavy attacks that can get the 3 auto attacks fast enough like Lucian and Vayne.

How it Works:

Basic on-hit attacks against enemy champions apply a stack for 4 seconds, stacking up to 3 times, with the duration refreshing upon applying the second stack. Attacking a champion after Press The Attack is activated, the enemy champion is exposed for 6 seconds, causing them to take up to 12% increased damage from all sources.

Runes To Take With It:

As PTA is also from the Precision tree we will be following a similar rune path to lethal tempo considering ADCs want team fight sustain, attack speed, and damage efficiency, and this rune path provides that extremely well. Here is the rune path that is optimal:

Triumph to give you healing and extra gold after takedowns.

Legend: Alacrity rune gives you scaling attack speed, which is essential for ADCs.

Targets with low health take more damage from Coup de Grace, enabling you to eliminate your enemies quickly.

Fleet Footwork

Best ADC Runes Fleet Footwork League of Legends

Fleet Footwork is a good sustain keystone that helps you stay in lane and sustain until you can back with sufficient gold income.

It provides you with a momentary speed burst after you proc it. It doesn’t have a cooldown and charges by moving your champion or attacking anything.

ADCs that heavily benefit from long sustainability in lane and movement speed to kite as take full advantage of this keystone like Caitlyn and Aphelios.

How it Works:

Moving and basic attacking generates “Energize” stacks, up to 100. When fully Energized, your next basic attack heals you for some of your adaptive damage and level and grants bonus movement speed for a second. Against minions, the healing is 20% as effective for Melee champions and 10% as effective for Ranged champions.

Runes To Take With It:

Fleet Footwork also being from the precision tree and to be optimized for ADCs will have a similar rune path that provides all the necessary tools to further enhance your gameplay.

After takedowns, Triumph will grant you healing and more gold.

For scaling attack speed we take Legend: Alacrity rune, it’s extremely beneficial for ADCs.

Coup de Grace does extra damage to targets with low health, allowing you to finish off your adversaries swiftly.

Dark Harvest

Best ADC Runes Dark Harvest League of Legends

Dark Harvest is a scaling offensive rune that rewards high damage champions that have nuking capabilities

Dark harvest proc deals damage to the enemy champions and gives you a stack every time, to proc it you have to attack a champion with less than 50% health, it has a cool down that resets on champion takedowns.

Although ADCs are known for sustained damage instead of nuking damage or abilities, some champions take advantage of this rune very well like Jhin, Miss Fortune, and Draven.

How it Works:

Damaging basic attacks and ability damage against enemy champions below half of their maximum health deals damage based on the level in addition to the number of harvested souls and Adaptive damage and, after a delay, you reap a Soul. This cannot occur again for forty-five seconds, resetting to one and a half seconds upon scoring a takedown against an enemy champion.

Runes To Take With It:

Dark Harvest is from the Domination tree and has a lot of offensive tools to help you out and complete your needs for either more damage, gold efficiency, and or sustain. Following this rune path is optimal for Dark Harvest taking ADCs:

Taste of Blood provides healing after you attack an enemy champion with a reasonable cooldown, great for lane sustainability..

Eyeball Collection provides you with damage after every takedown up to 10 stacks, a good scaling rune.

Treasure Hunter rune provides you with gold after every unique champion takedown, a total of 550 gold when you complete 5 unique takedowns.

These 4 keystones and rune paths will help you a lot on your climbing journey. Play around with them a little bit, if some other runes feel better suited to playstyle, make sure to use them and have fun!

More runes for ADCs

All Best Runes for ADCs League of Legends

Some champions don’t take orthodox keystones and rune paths. Here are a few other keystones mentioned:

  • Conqueror(Samira).
  • First Strike(Ezreal).
  • Hail of Blades(Kai’Sa).

Final Thoughts

Bot lane is an extremely 2v2 teamplay dependant lane. Therefore ADCs have to synergize well with their supports and take the best out of gameplay, These runes are still one of the bests on most champions in season 12.

Are you going to pick up any new Bot Lane champions anytime soon? After reading our tutorial, if you are not presently playing Bot Lane, do you wish to do so eventually? What are your thoughts on the newest patch? Please share your thoughts with us in the space below since we want to hear from you a lot!

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