How To Set Up “Area is Warded” Ping in League of Legends?

Ping Ping Ping! Every League of Legends player knows the importance of communicating with teammates during the game. Communication is key to achieving victory, we would say. In addition to the chat option, League of Legends has a super option called pinging. Below we will briefly describe what ping options are, and how to set “Area is Warded” ping.

What’s Ping?

Pings, alerts that can be abusive if used for the wrong purposes, are actually a very simple means of communication during the League of Legends game. They are useful for the whole team because they enable faster transfer of information. Sometimes, if the game is at its peak, the player does not have time to write in the chat and by pressing a certain shortcut he can alert his teammates about potential danger. When ping is activated, it is actually an icon on the map with an accompanying sound, depending on the type of notification.

There are two types of regular pings:

  • Basic ping: Ctrl or G and then Left-click
  • Caution ping: Alt or V and then Left-click

These two types of pings can appear on the minimap as well as on the field. Depending on the type of ping, if we choose champion, monster or something else, we will get the appropriate information with ping.

Basic Ping

Selected Element Information
Ground Basic ping (no team chat message)
Enemy champion
Enemy structure Plating amount or % Health
Allied structure Defend this structure
(with Plating amount or % Health)

 Caution ping

Selected Element Information
Ground Caution ping
Enemy champion,
or Monster
Allied structure Plating amount or % Health

With these regular pings, Riot made sure to further improve the gaming experience for players. With the Smart Ping Menu option, players can use four more important pings.

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Smart Ping Menu

If you click and hold down Ctrl, Alt, G, or V and then Left-click you will open Smart Ping Menu. The Smart Ping Menu offers four options for pinging – each ping carries a different notification. There are: Danger, On My Way, Missing, and Assist Me ping. To select any of these four pings you need to drag the mouse button in the direction of the ping you want to send to teammates. Like the two regular pings, these pings will be shown on the field and on the minimap at the same time. 

For example, you want to alert your teammates that you need help because you will be attacked by an enemy champion and the enemy jungler will gank you also – in which case you will choose Assist me ping which will inform your teammates that you need help. Then, one or more of your teammates will come quickly and help you defend. But be careful and moderate in using pings. Some players often abuse the ping option to the point that they just annoy their teammates. 

In this case, out of spite teammates do not want to respond to warnings or calls for help from a player who sends a lot of pings in a row. It is enough to ping two or three times, just so that your teammates see that danger is coming or that the enemy champion is out of place so that they can prepare for a possible attack.

Also, in addition to these pings mentioned so far, there are UI pings – if you want to transfer some other information, such as the amount of Gold your champion has, the level of champion, or even cooldown remaining. All you have to do is click and hold Alt Key and then Left-click on what you want to display as a ping.

Selected Element Information
Health bar (Self) % amount of health
Mana bar (Self) % amount of mana
Experience bar (Self) % amount of level experience
Champion level Level
Statistic Statistic amount (champions only)
Rune Rune
Player Portrait Alive or Respawn timer
Monster Icon Respawn timer
Ability icon,
Spell icon
or Ultimate indicator
Ally: Cooldown remaining/Activation details/Ability in rangeEnemy: Ultimate/Spell
Recall Recall
Item icon
Trinket icon
ItemSelf: Cooldown, Charge
Gold Gold amount
Bounty Bounty amount
Ping Ping (Latency)
Vision Score Vision Score

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How To Set Up “Area is warded” Ping?

Well, a few years ago, Riot decided to surprise his loyal players by throwing in another ping. Hidden ping, someone will say. Patch 7.16 Public Beta Environment brought a fresh new “Area is Warded” ping. Its icon is a red eye that is easy to spot, and its task is to inform the team that the enemy champion has set a vision ward in a certain area. But do you remember when I said this ping was hidden? Well, because it is. It is necessary to set it yourself because it does not come by default. No worries, it’s easy to set it up in a few steps:

  1. Press the Esc button
  2. When the Menu appears, select “Hotkeys”
  3. After that, expand the “Communication” tab and add a button to the “Area is Warded” ping 

As you can see, you can’t replace one of the existing ping shortcuts because Riot still hasn’t allowed the standard ping wheel to change. But you can choose any other keyboard shortcut. The appearance of this ping is significantly different from the current pings, which means that you will easily recognize it with a red eye that warns you that the area is under the ward. This is especially important for Junglers. Champions who play in the jungle often don’t notice that the opposing champion has set up a vision ward. By moving through the warded area, they reveal their position to the enemy team. 

That way their ganks can be unsuccessful as the enemy champions will be ready for their arrival and the surprise factor will be missing. In addition, Junglers can be easily killed this way. Also, enemy champions will know when the enemy team’s Jungler is attacking Dragon or Baron Nashor and will easily gather to prevent enemy champions from killing the monsters.

Finalizing Thoughts

Recalling the importance of pings is never a bad idea. Pings are an integral part of communication between teammates during the game. Unlike writing within chat pings they don’t take up that much time and allow the player not to lose focus during the match. There are different types of pings, so we have regular ones and a Smart Ping Menu.

Regular ones warn your teammates of danger, while the Smart Ping Menu can let your teammates know that your champion is on the way, that the enemy champion is not visible on the map, that there is a possibility of danger and that your champion needs help. In addition to these well-known pings, there is another one – hidden ping. It needs to be set in the options menu because it does not come by default.

This ping is called “Area is Warded”, and as its name suggests, it indicates the area where the opponent’s vision ward is located. It is a specific red color and has an eye sign, so it is easy to recognize. And that would be it. When you encounter an opponent’s vision ward, signal to your teammates not to rush into the marked area and become an easy target for enemy champions.

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