Best Mouse Settings for League of Legends

Many of you, who play League of legends, know that the game requires precision and many, many mouse clicks. This is because the game itself is all about positioning, precise movement, and the ability to manage your Creep Score properly.

With the mouse being a key for the gameplay, it is important to know a few things. How to choose a great gaming mouse. How to select the best settings for your mice. Doing these two things will allow you to perform at your best when it comes to the technical side of the game. And you will be able to gain an advantage over the enemies, even if it is slightly.

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How to Select The Best Gaming Mouse for League of Legends?

As you already know, your mice are your League of Legends’ primary shield. It allows you to dodge the enemies, avoid their skills, and the most important one, to mute players. If you have or pick a bad one, you will be at a disadvantage against the opponents. This is why it is important to pick the correct one for yourself. And only then think about the settings and how to utilize the mice to their best.

You know, there are many gaming mice out there. There are various, but it doesn’t mean that everyone will be the best option for you. Some are great for FPS games, others for RPGs, and some for RTS titles. The key to choosing is knowing what you are looking for.

For example, League of Legends is an RTS (or Real-Time Strategy) game, but at the same time, it is a MOBA. These multiplayer online battle arena games are not exactly the traditional RTS. As a result, the mice you’ll require will fall somewhere in the middle of the categories from above. You will need something which will precisely fit your League of Legends needs.

There are many details to pay attention to when- you are getting a new gaming mouse. Whether it’s the DPI, whether it’s wireless or not, whether it’s optical or laser, and so on. To keep it short and simple, further in the article. You will see examples of what you need for LoL.

Starting with DPI, the mouse you will buy needs to be in the range of around 1600. That is important because it will increase the speed with which you move and react in the game. DPI stands for Dots per inch, and, in short, it means how sensitive your gaming mice are. The higher the DPI, the faster the mouse will move. It will cover more distance on the screen with smaller moves, and, as I said, you will be able to operate faster in the game.

While DPI is great, it is critical to note that- the higher it is. The harder it will be for you to be precise, League of Legends is a game that requires both precision and speed, so you can’t choose easily between both. It is all up to you, but let’s say that with time if you play at a high DPI, you will adapt to it and become more accurate.

Wireless or wired is a rather easy choice to make. The only positive about the wireless mice will be that you will not struggle with the tangling cables. That will be the best option for you, simply because of the response time. That is important in gaming, and that goes for LoL too.

Optical or laser is the second choice you can make. Laser sensor mice are the most common ones- that you’ll see on the market. They are great when it comes to smoothness. They work on almost any surface and have a high lift-off distance, which can detect up to 1 cm. The high takeoff distance is great. But can be a disadvantage in gaming. That is simply because the mouse sensor will read anything. For example, if you move the mouse near the end of the mousemat. It will work and detect the desk surface. That may create an obstacle in your gameplay while playing.

That is why many gamers around the world. Prefer to use gaming mice with optical sensors, which tend to be more accurate.

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League of Legends Mouse Settings

Now, this is the most interesting part. After you have gotten your hands on a great gaming mouse, it is crucial to set it up for the game you plan to play. In our case, it will be for League of Legends.

First, we will start with mouse speed. As previously stated, the mouse is your primary tool for avoiding enemy attacks and positioning yourself for one. It is crucial to have the speed set between 20 and 25 to do so. That is because if you have listened to the advice from above. You will have a mouse with a DPI of around 1600. That means that, with the increased sensitivity, you will have to adjust the mouse speed to play properly without making mistakes. Or at least till you get used to the high DPI. With the decrease in speed, you will gain the control you would lack with the new mice.

The second thing you have to do is turn off the mouse acceleration. In the same spirit, as with the speed, The mouse acceleration function will pose a problem, reducing your control over the mouse and, consequently, your in-game actions.

Another bad thing is that with the acceleration on your mice. During your gaming session, you may experience random decreases and increases in speed. That can be fatal in some situations and cost you a match.

Creating an inaccuracy of that level makes this option useless for League of Legends. Thus, it is better to have it off while playing.

The last thing left to do is to set your camera speed, both for your keyboard and mouse. That is crucial as, with the change of setting, a disparity may appear and ruin your gameplay. Changing the settings for both will fix this, preventing it from even happening. For your mouse, the camera movement speed should be around 15 to 20. For the keyboard, it will be around- 50 to 60. Again, it is critical to change these two accordingly.

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When it comes to gaming mice and settings for specific games, things can vary a lot. In our case, it was about League of Legends. In the article, you saw examples of important features that you have to keep in mind when picking your gaming mice. Why it is critical to keep them in mind. And last but not least, the settings you have to input for your gaming mouse for LoL. 

As you can see, there are many options and various choices you can make. All of them depend on your game style. The ones you see in the article are great for many league players. That doesn’t make them perfect. Although I advise you to keep the advice under consideration, you can always experiment with what is best for your style. Thank you for reading this article.

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