How to Use Self Cast in League of Legends?

You’ve probably heard of self-casting if you’re a longtime League of Legends player. Basically, self casting is the automatic use of ability on your champion, if allowed. Are you a little confused? No worries, we will explain everything within the article, get ready.

Smart Cast and Self Cast – Explained

Smart Cast (Quick Cast)

Smart cast, or now better known, Quick cast is the ability to cast a spell, ability, or buff with one click. Quick cast will automatically cast ability at the current mouse cursor position. This option reduces the time required for the usual casting of the spell, but it can also be inaccurate because with Quick cast you will not see a graphic of the target, your spell will be activated automatically so you may miss the target. 

If you do a little research on the settings you can find options to turn on range indicators on, which will give you a more accurate graphical representation of the target. These are some of the champion’s abilities that can automatically employ quick cast: Flash, Fizz’s Playful and Trickster, Ahri’s Spirit Rush, Vayne’s Tumble, or Nidalee’s Pounce and Swipe.

In practice it looks like this: you have to hold the Shift key, drag the cursor of your mouse towards the desired target and press the spell you want to cast, more precisely its hotkey. After that, the spell will automatically be cast to the desired target.

Self Cast

In addition to Quick cast, there is also the Self-cast option. Self casting is similar, allowing you to cast abilities on your champion without unnecessarily clicking on the map or on your champion. This is extremely useful when a team fight starts or your champion has to avoid danger. For example, Sona can thus cast her Heal, also Soraka. You just need to hold the Alt key and choose the spell you want to cast. This key combination will automatically cast the spell on your champion. Of course, you can only use useful spells on your champion, you can’t try to self-harm your champion.

Also, you can change from alt-q / w / e / r / d / f to just q / w / e / r / d / f in the Quick + Self Cast section, to make it easier cast the spell. This way you won’t have to hold the Alt key and click on your champion. You will just press the ability key and the spell will be cast on your champion.

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What is a Quick+Self Cast option?

The League of Legends community has long had a Quick + Self Cast option that makes it easier for players to play. The Quick + Self Cast option basically means that all abilities will be cast on your champion if the player does not mark another champion as a target. This option proved to be great on champions who have shield or heal, as Sona, Soraka, or Morgana. However, it can be tricky if you choose a champion who is supportive and you need to give him a heal. You have to carefully cast the spell so that the spell would not be mistakenly cast on your champion.

Quick cast means faster reaction and skill shot use, so it is very important that you improve this skill in time to improve your gameplay. But don’t worry, this is a very simple skill that you can learn in just a few games. Players who master playing with the Quick and Self cast have a better chance of being promoted to a higher rank in a short period of time.

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Final Thoughts

In this article, we talked about the already known Quick and Self casting options. Quick cast allows players to hold down the Shift key and move the mouse cursor toward the target, and press the hotkey for the spell they want to cast. This skill allows players to react faster which can help them in key moments during team fights. In any case, it doesn’t take long for the skill of using Quick cast to improve. 

You can play a few games and you will already be able to see the progress. In addition to Quick cast, there is also the Self cast option. Self cast means that the champion activates the selected spell on himself. Holding the Alt key and pressing the key of the selected spell champion will activate an ability such as heal or shield. The self cast option is very good for champions who have heal or shield abilities. Like Soraka, Sona or Morgana.

The disadvantage of the Self cast option is that the player may intend to heal his ally or throw a shield at him, but given the included Self cast option he may accidentally activate the spell on himself and thus make a mistake. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully learn to use the Quick and Self cast options and, if necessary, manually set hotkeys to make it as easy as possible to move around the map and choose champions abilities. 

In the end, using these little tricks that will allow you to advance to the League of Legends rankings may not seem like essential tips but trust me, professional players are well versed in a variety of tactics that allow them to play better gameplay. Just think how many players don’t even know that there is a Quick and Self cast option! Take the time to set up your hotkeys and play a few trial games and you’re ready to handle the Quick and Self cast.

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