Best 1v2 Champions in League of Legends

How’s it going, League of Legends players? Are you ready for a long and hot summer to spend under the air conditioner, sipping cold drinks and playing League of Legends all day (or all night)? We are ready! 

Most gamers will agree that summer is the ideal time for all-day gaming adventures. This is because without school and academic obligations the whole gang can gather and play games all the time. Okay, maybe sometimes you can go for a swim in the pool or go out for a beer. 

Meanwhile, the only task is to sit in front of the screen and improve your gaming skill. This guide will help you in that mission, so read it carefully and implement our tips in your next match.

There are currently more than 150 champions in the League of Legends, and choosing just one champion for a match has become very difficult. Since 2009, when League of Legends was launched to the public, Riot has been upgrading the game from update to update and trying to modernize the content to keep the old players and of course, attract new ones. 

For now, he is succeeding because League of Legends does not come down from the top charts of the best games in the whole world. Furthermore, League of Legends game developers have designed several spin off games – Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, Valorant, and Wild Rift (long-awaited mobile version of League of Legends). 

In addition, the League of Legends is part of the esports competition where professional and amateur players gather annually, who show their gaming skill during the tournament and gather the sympathy of fans around the world.

Choosing a champion for a match is not an easy task. The match takes place on a map called Summoner’s Rift, and players choose which role they want to play – it can be top lane, mid lane, jungle, adc or support. 

Each role requires a specific strategy, and all champions are divided according to roles. Today, many champions can play one or more roles, which probably makes selection even more difficult.

Some champions are meant for defense, while others are so aggressively programmed that they have to play as attackers. Of course, his build also says a lot about how strong a champion will be. 

One friendly tip for players: before you choose a champion, research what is his best strategy and which build is recommended by professional players. This can make your choice easier and reduce the risk of making a mistake.

Today’s guide will be dedicated to the dominant champions, champions who are meant to kill. Champions who can fight 2 enemy champions on their own. 

This is a special characteristic of dangerous champions who will not give up before a fight with two players from the enemy team but will very likely win it.

We chose 7 champions who are ideal for 1v2 fights, which was not an easy choice because there are many champions who would win if they find themselves in a situation like this, but these 7 will not let you down.

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7. Aatrox

Aatrox is a fighter, no further. He is a melee champion who is meant for fights. His greatest joy is when he is in combat, and especially when he kills his enemies. With his Unique Blood ability, Aatrox can avoid death if he finds himself in a team fight. 

During the laning phase, Aatrox should focus on farming, the more gold he collects the sooner he will be able to buy the items he needs to commit the Summoner’s Rift massacre. 

Aatrox can handle 2 enemy champions very well, and even 3 champions if he finds himself in the situation like this. After finishing clearing his lane, Aatrox can gank other lanes – if there is no fight, he comes to create it.

6. Darius

Of course, Darius is on this list, his guillotine is eagerly waiting for all the enemy champions to approach him. Darius is a real example of lane bully. 

He lives for a bloody campaign, and anyone who gets in his way will be left without a head. Many times we have been convinced that Darius can kill enemy champions in a few moves, even more than 2 champions at once. 

If you play against Darius, it will not mean much to your teammate to come and help you, if you are not coordinated enough and strong, Darius will eat you for breakfast.

5. Master Yi

The primary place of Master Yi is in the jungle. However, this champion often roams around the map and collects kills. His movement speed is high so he can always escape before the enemy champions catch him. 

Master Yi is hard to stop, especially when he collects enough gold and upgrades his build. 

This is a champion who will not only win the battle with 2 champions, but will kill the entire enemy team, win the pentakill and kill the Dragon with his bare hands until the enemy team comes to life again.

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4. Tryndamere

Of course, this Barbarian King is on this list. He is so dangerous and so powerful that it is never nice to meet him on a map. 

His Undying Rage has saved his life so many times that it’s no wonder he can kill a few champions on his own and get out of a fight without a scratch. 

Players often underestimate his ult and think they will be able to beat him. Shall we ask Tryndamere what he thinks about it?

3. Yasuo

Yasuo is one of the most banned champions in ranked matches, which does not surprise us at all. Yasuo is a very mobile champion, and his ability kit serves to do damage and protect himself and his team from enemy damage at the same time. 

This can be very frustrating, which is why players ban it preventively to save their nerves. 

Yasuo, like Master Yi, is a champion with whom pentakill can be easily achieved. If he hopes to fight 2 enemy champions, it will only warm him up until he sends his tornado to mow the rest of the enemy team and make it easier for him to kill them.

2. Illaoi

Illaoi is a really big, strong and independent woman. Her ability kit is made to heals her at the same time and to do damage to her enemies, and her tentacles never let her down. 

Illaoi is not afraid of anything, not even the 2 enemy champions who get in her way. She won’t even blink, but will send them to certain death.

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1. Katarina

In the first place is a red-haired woman who handles swords very well – of course, we are talking about Katarina. Katarina is so good at handling swords that sometimes we don’t even get to react, and we’re already dead. 

That’s her way, that’s how she does it. Katarina is a champion who loves team fights, she has high mobility and is ready to jump in and help her teammates at any moment. She probably knows that she will win the pentakill and that she will become famous that way.

Final Thoughts

As we have already said, choosing a champion to fight is not an easy choice, especially when it comes to a champion who must be able to fight not one, but two enemy champions. 

In a fight like this, it’s really hard to win, but as these 7 champions prove to us – anything is possible, you just need to be aggressive and capable enough. 

It was hard to single out just 7 champions, but these 7 deserve their place on this list as they prove to be exceptional fighters and as champions with whom the pentakill can easily be achieved. 

If you think we left someone out, feel free to comment below. Meanwhile, good luck and have fun fighting on Summoner’s Rift.

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