How To Quickly Get Champion Mastery Level 7?

What is Champion Mastery?

Champion mastery is a system released by riot games to better show off your experience on a champion, and for those that are either the most skilled or the most dedicated to flex on the load screen and in-game with emotes as well.

Every game you play you will gain champion mastery points, which you’ll see on the end of the game win/loss screen. Your performance will be graded with a letter rank, from S to D, and you’ll receive higher mastery points the higher your performance is rated at the end of the game. You can level your champion mastery from 1 to 7, with each level from 1-5 requiring more Mastery Points than the last.

After reaching level 5, the next two levels are increased through the hextech crafting system. Your S-rated games will reward you with a mastery shard which can be used alongside either a champion shard to Blue Essence to unlock the next stage of mastery. At level 5, it will cost you two mastery shards (or two S ranked game) and either 2450 Blue essence or one champion shard to reach rank 6. Similarly, from 6 to 7 it will cost you three mastery shards (or three S ranked games) and either 2950 Blue Essence or one champion shard.

It’s worth noting that you will also gain increased Mastery Points by playing in a premade group with friends, with the bonus increasing the more players are in your premade lobby up to 10% for playing in a 5-stack. 

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How Do I Show Off My Champion Mastery?

When you load into a game, players can click on your character portrait to see the back-side of your card which will display Eternals milestones and Champion Mastery. This way you can see if your lane opponent is a M7 (mastery 7) Yasuo main with 1,000,000 mastery points, or if they’re playing the champion for one of their first times.

This isn’t always accurate though, sometimes people who are extremely experienced from playing champions on other accounts will display a low mastery in the loading screen but still demolish you in-game – don’t trust these too much as an accurate display of skill.

You’ll also often see people using mastery emotes, which are unlocked to show off in-game at each increasing stage of achievement. They’re a great way to flex on your opponent after you do something stylish, it’s not uncommon for an enemy player to totally dunk on you and then flash their mastery emote while you’re still reading the death recap.

I don’t know what feels worse, losing to someone who won’t stop flashing their M7 emote or losing to someone who keeps flashing their ironically low mastery emote despite outperforming you in-game. Nobody wants to lose to the player who just started playing the champion yesterday.

Tips to Increase Champion Mastery

Increasing your champion mastery is easy at first, just keep playing the game and it will go up. Riot uses a secretive proprietary method to decide how many points you get per game (an S will provide much more mastery than a D performance, for example.

As you climb through the mastery ranks though, things become harder – if you’re not amazing at a champion and you struggle to have high-ranking performances, there are some tricks too.

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How to Get Easier S Ranks

One thing we know for sure is that this proprietary algorithm compares you to other players on the same champion in the same role to decide what rating to give you. This means if you’re not consistently outperforming other players of the same champion in the same role, you might be struggling to gain the Mastery Shards necessary to rank up your characters.

One way clever players get around this is by playing champions in nontraditional roles. Maybe playing Khazix top is troll, but if you have an alright game on it you’ll be compared to other Khazix top players. Since there obviously aren’t a lot of Khazix top players, it’s easy to S rank compared to other roles. 

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What Happens if a Champion I’ve Mastered Gets Reworked?

Even if a champion you play is reworked, you’ll remain stable at the same amount of mastery points. For example, if you had M7 Dr Mundo, you would retain your Mastery 7 designation after his rework even if you actually were not very good at the new Dr Mundo kit.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get Mastery 7 on your favorite champions so you can flash that emote after your best plays – or if you’d really like to get cheeky, it’s hilarious to flash the mastery 7 emote after you make a terrible play on a champion you’re supposed to be experienced at as well. Good luck!

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