The Best Keyboard Settings for League of Legends

League of Legends is a competitive game. In these types of games, especially team games, Speed and precision are everything. In League, dodging an enemy ability, kiting an opponent, and successfully throwing in your skills. It can be everything needed for your team to win. That is why appropriate keyboard settings are a must. As with the keyboard, you do everything in the league aside from moving.

As players may know, in the League of Legends, The mouse is the shield, and the keyboard is the spear.

The best League of Legends keyboard settings include things like- Quick Casting, Self Cast, Auto Leveling, Right-Clicking in the Shop, Portrait Casting, Targeting only champions, and finding your range. All of these are keyboard settings you can set up for yourself. In order to perform better during the matches.

In this article, you will learn more about the keyboard settings. You will see a brief explanation of them and how to set them up.

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Quick Casting

Quick Casting is probably my favorite keyboard setting in League of Legends. As its name says, the purpose is to quickly cast your champion abilities. That means you will not have to see all the info, like the blue lanes and directions for the skills, etc.

To precisely and quickly case your champion abilities, simply press the key assigned to you and point with the mouse.

The first thing to do in order to make this setting work is to know your topic well. Like, you cannot speedily throw skills if you don’t even know them. Make sure you understand the abilities of the champions you play before you begin setting up the Quick Casting.

To change the settings, the first thing to do is to access the menu with the options. From there, find the hotkeys section, and you will see normal and quick casting. From there on, everything is easy. Just move to quick cast and enter the keys you want to set up for your abilities. Then confirm it by pressing the Ok button, and you are done.

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In its essence, Self-casting is done by pressing the alt button plus a key you have inputted in the settings. That is a way to showcase your abilities in team fights. It is good to note that this is more for support or champions who can self-heal or put shields on themselves.

The main purpose of this keyboard setting is to make it easy for them in team activities. As you are in the middle of a brawl, you will have a hard time pressing on your champion. You may click on an enemy or other ally and fail with the proper casting of your ability. In such cases, it is good to have the self-cast option and avoid this.

To add a key button to self-cast. You have to go to settings and again from there, find hotkeys, self-cast, and choose the options you have. Then relocate the key to it, and you are ready.

Portrait casting

This one is similar to the previous self-casting. In this case, you are prioritizing healing or shielding an ally of yours. The same problem may occur while you are fighting many enemies at once. You will have to heal or help specific allies, but it will be hard in a messy team.

That is why you can set up a key corresponding to your ability. Then simply press on Ally’s portrait and hit that key button. That will activate the corresponding ability. And it will target only the person whose portrait you have pressed.


Auto leveling is closely related to your abilities. This setting’s purpose is to save time and is very useful when fighting opponents. In the middle of a furious one versus one, for example, You may level at the right moment and gain an advantage. To make use of this, you have to speedily allocate an ability point without getting distracted from the fight.

The way to do it is by setting a key that corresponds to it. Go to setting, hotkeys, and you will find the opportunity to level up spells from 1 to 4. From there, you can set the keybinding to do it. For example, control button plus Q for your Q. This can differ if you are using different keys when playing.

Doing this will save you time while leveling up your abilities, and you can easily do it in the middle of a fight.

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In-store right-clicking

That is not closely related to the keyboard but is quite useful. You can set it up from the hotkeys too. In its essence, instead of clicking twice in the shop, You only have to press once to save time.

The setting – only champions will be targeted.

This setting is quite useful, especially if you need it to use some champion tricks. Examples of such are dashing through the jungle camps and so on.

With this one, it is quite easy as it is a default setting. Most of you have probably never used it or needed it, but if you look at the hotkeys in the options menu, you will see target champions only. Most likely, you will see the buttons assigned to it.

This key is life-saving when in a lane fight and you have too many minions and want to hit the enemy precisely. You want to do a trickshot or simply run without pressing AA on the minions.

You can also think about changing the key to something more easily usable by you. It all depends on the assigned keys for your abilities and how you feel better using them.

Attack moving

As its name suggests, you will be attacked while moving. That makes it great when it comes to outplaying or kiting the enemy champions. Using this key setting can be of great benefit if you can utilize it properly.

To be able to use it well, you have to first get used to it. It is not something most people use or use easily. But once you get the hang of it, It will gradually get easier for you.

Enabling this setting can be a little bit trickier than the previous ones. The first thing to do is go to the options menu. From there, navigate to hotkeys and find the player movement section. Once you are there, you will see a player attack move. Simply assign a key with which you feel comfortable, and you are done with the first step.

For better performance of this key- binding, It is good to go to the interface and enable the option. That will allow you to observe your range. That will greatly help when you use attack moves.

The last and final step is related to not attacking the enemy closest to your champion. But the closest one to which you point with the cursor. That ensures you that there will be no mistakes, and you will manage to kite the opponents with more precision.

Go to settings, game settings, and then you will see the attack move on the cursor box. Check it, and you will be all set up. All that is left is to try it in a few normal games and try to get a feel for how it works.

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Finding your range

This one is for those of you who are quite unfamiliar with a champion they play. It is critical to have this set up, especially if you play ranged hockey. 

The key binding is, by default, the A button. You can change it to whatever you feel comfortable with from the options. The purpose of this key is that once you press it, You will be able to see your chariot range. You won’t have to guess it or find it out in combat.

Stop key

This one is not something that many players use. You can mainly see players in high elo utilizing the stop key. Because the only time you will need it is when farming your CS. Or when the enemy is close, and you have to avoid getting into their range.

By default, it is bound to the S button. You, however, can change it to your liking.

Learning to use the stop key is something that will come in handy the longer you play in a league. You know that farming is a precise thing. And you need to know when to hit. These buttons can greatly help you. It can also save you from being caught by a fast-coming enemy. Simply press it, and your champion will stop.


In League of Legends, there are many options related to your mouse and keyboard. All of them are there with the purpose of making your gaming experience more comfortable and easy for you. You can choose to change the key bindings according to your preferences and style.

This is something we advise. Especially if you plan to use most of the key settings from this list. Doing so will make things easier for you.

Using the default setting can be good too. But in most cases, it will be messy. Setting up your own will make it more personal, allowing you to learn and play better with time.

In the end, whenever you decide to use any of them or change any of these settings, it is up to you. They are not necessary to play the game well. But for sure, it can benefit your gameplay and performance in more than one way.

Thank you for reading this piece. Till the next article!

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