7 Best ADC Skins in League of Legends

ADC is one of the most popular roles in League of Legends and as result, many of its champions receive much love from skin designers. There are tons of ADC champions that have a really high pick rate which makes them target for new skins on following events. 

Some of these champions are used by iconic pro players or streamers giving the champions they use a staple skin and we have listed 7 of them in this article. 

There are many things to consider when picking the best ADC skins in League of Legends but the most important of them all is the animation and sound effects. These two factors make a huge impact on a player’s approach on the champion, after all having a satisfying sound when casting an ability lets you appreciate the champion more and play better in some ways. 

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1. Bewitching Miss Fortune

Being a Halloween skin, this MF skin has Halloween designs all over it. She has the typical witch’s hat and candles as a weapon. She has a bat aura once she levels her W up and every time she uses it, it lets off a wolf howl that can be heard by all nearby players. 

Her Basic attack sound also sounds satisfying which is the reason why most pro players pick this skin whenever they play Miss Fortune. This skin’s effects are also changed from audio to visual effects. 

2. Psyops Ezreal

Another skin that most pro players use is because of its special audio effects. Ezreal’s Q sound is satisfying along with his ultimate. Its basic attack animation is pretty much the same but the overall look of the skin gives you an elite spy/mercenary feel you only see in modern action movies. 

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3. PROJECT Vayne

The best selling skin from the PROJECT skin line, project Vayne is one of the most heavily detailed skins to date, it has so many effects that make it really worth the Legendary skin price range. 

Project Vayne also has satisfying sounds from her basic attacks which are improved every time she is using her ultimate. She also rides a motorcycle that can be seen every time she is under the effects of home guard or using her recall.

4. Pulsefire Caitlyn

Just like PROJECT Vayne, Pulsefire Caitlyn also has her own motorbike but hers is based on Star Wars designs. The skin has really smooth animations much better than her base skin which players can abuse to perform complicated combos and animation cancels. 

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5. Gladiator Draven

A lot of ADC skins are very popular because of the sound that they emit and Gladiator Draven is one of them. The winning factor of this skin comes from his Q which lets out a smooth sound every time he hits an enemy with it. Its recall effect produces a cheering crowd sound that certainly boosts Draven’s Ego along with the player using it 

6. Dark Cosmic Jhin

Dark Cosmic Jhin is basically one of the best skins out there, he is extremely detailed from sound to visual effects. Jhin also has unique interactions and animations with this skin which really just gives you a premium feel when using this skin.

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7. PROJECT Lucian

Streamers and pro players are the most popular players out there and whenever they use the same skins, their fan base also follows them. In PROJECT Lucian’s case, it is the most used skin for Lucian in a lot of Worlds and MSI games. 

The reason most players pick this skin is because of the sound effect it has. His ultimate gives off a satisfying sound which caught the attention of most players who appreciate sound effects.

Final Thoughts

ADCs rely so much on their basic attacks and some of their spells so having a satisfying sound on these things will help you improve your CS and animation cancels. 

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