Top 7 Best Peeling Champions in League of Legends

In League of Legends, we all want to see our carries pop off, make flashy plays, get multi-kills, and do awesome things that they are designed to do. However, in most of the cases, there is a thin line between our Jinx or Cassiopeia getting a Pentakill in a deciding teamfight and getting one-shotted without even firing a single bullet or casting any ability.

Although there are a lot of things to be considered in those scenarios, that thin line can be thickened by playing certain champions in the right way. It is important that our carries deal damage in teamfights, but in order to do that, they have to stay alive, so they need protection from that Zed waiting for an opportunity or Darius charging at them. And how do we protect them? 

By peeling for them. Peeling is doing everything that you can do to make sure they stay alive. Stuns, knockbacks, silences, or any other form of crowd control whenever they are in danger or even attacking opponents damage dealers in order to give your carries more time to do what they are supposed to do! Obviously, certain champions are better at peeling than others, so here is a list of Top 7 Best Peeling Champions in League of Legends. 

7. Zyra

It may come as a surprise for some of you because Zyra is not really a traditional peeling champion who can get you out of every situation but hear me out!

First of all, her plants can be very confusing for opponents. We all know that feeling when we are so focused on fighting carries, and until we realize what is hitting us, those plants have already chunked down half of our health bar.

Combine that with her E that can root enemies for a long time, and just when Darius thinks he can finally get to you, those plants start slowing him for two more seconds, frustrating right?

And finally, her ultimate is a fantastic ability that can be used for zoning enemies, turning fights, and even engaging sometimes if combined with flash and zhonyas.

So Zyra having a TONS of damage and abilities that can be used both offensively and defensively makes her an outstanding peel champion!

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6. Alistar

The minotaur is mainly known as an engage champion, and even though his W Q combo followed by his stun makes him an incredible champion for that, I believe that he brings a lot more to the table when it comes to peeling. He has so many tools that can make enemies look miserable trying to get to his carries. 

First of all, his W that knocks back every threat immediately followed by his Q that would knock up everybody that successfully came in range for hurting his teammates, and just as you think there is nothing he can do anymore, he removes all of that crowd control and gets in your face with his E stun, and ulti tankines and body blocks every skillshot you throw. So the combination of him being amazing at keeping us alive and also being a treat for the opposing team is what makes him an incredible peeling champion!

5. Lulu

For God’s sake, she can turn you into a freaking squirrel! Seriously now, Lulu is one of the champions that would probably come to mind to most of the people playing this game when it comes to peeling champs. Every ability in her kit is made to help you survive. 

Her Q slows, E shields that can become massive in later stages of the game, and movement and attack speed she can give you in combination with her R is really something that makes you feel safe playing those high DPS squishies as aggressive as possible. And like all of that is not enough, she has one of the best and most underrated abilities in the game – polymorph which makes enemies worthless for a few seconds. So what can I say? With the Fae Sorceress, you just feel safe!

4. Zilean 

Zilean is like a “Get out of jail free” card. His massive movement speed boosts, stuns if you hit both of your Qs, and one of the most potent R abilities in the game is what makes him incredible at saving your allies from certain death in some situations. Even though he is not very mechanically demanding, he requires a lot of game knowledge in order to be considered a top pick for those kinds of champions. 

You have to pay attention to every part of the map and babysit for your carries, trying not to waste your R because it is game-changing ability and has a pretty high cooldown at low levels. So the Chronokeeper is one of the easiest champions to pick up but can be very hard to utilize on a high level!

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3. Braum

Having Braum as your support is like having your personal bodyguard. He is so muscular and strong, and so is his kit. He is an all-round champion, and all of his abilities are designed to help your team survive and win teamfights. He has a passive stun which is incredibly easy to stack up during teamfights whether he is applying it with his AA or with his Q slow, which sometimes helps you even without stacking it up. 

Even when he is not exactly close to an ally, he can use his W as a gap closer and make you tankier. There, our favorite bodyguard can choose to E in the right moment and completely stop some of the projectiles directed at his carries or R and try to make some plays and buy some time for his teammates. Braum is all-round a great champion and is incredibly easy to pick up and play it on a decent level!

2. Nami

This list wouldn’t be complete without Nami. She has everything your carries can wish for. Her passive is one of the most underrated in League of legends. Getting a movement speed from every ability, she hits an ally with can get you in and out of the fight easily. Even though her Q can sometimes be hard to hit offensively, her ability to hit almost every one of those when enemies are trying to get to you is underestimated. 

Healing you and damaging close enemies with her W and empowering your attacks with E while giving you movement speed can make a big difference in most fights. On top of all that, she has an amazing ultimate, which is one of the best Rs in the game when we talk about peeling champions. It can be used both as an engage or disengage, but later one is what makes it such an awesome ability. Therefore the Tidecaller gets to be one of the most liked supports in this game.

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1. Thresh

To conclude this list, we have an amazingly hard to master but rewarding support. Thresh is up there with Lee Sin, Riven, Azir, and so on when it comes to little mechanical things you have to learn in order to maximize his potential! Sure, it may seem straightforward at first, but only in the right hands does the Chain Warden becomes arguably the best peeling support in the game.

He is ranged support with decent tankines and pretty good damage for this kind of a champion. His Q alone is a treat for enemy carries and useful defensive ability at the same time. His W can get you in and out of fights with ease and also shield you. His E flay keeps enemies away from your backline and is also a huge treat for theirs. His ultimate can be a deciding factor in many fights and could save your whole team a lot of the time.

There are so many layers to this champion. When we talk about peeling champions, he can be either one of the best or a pretty bad choice, but that is what makes him so special and rewarding to play and master!

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