7 Best Aggressive Supports in League of Legends Season 12

Are you support main? Want to spice up your gameplay? Are you getting bored of healing, shielding, and carrying your ADC? Worry no more. We got you covered with a list of The Best aggressive supports to help you rank up and hit your goals in LoL.

To start things off, let’s determine the different support playstyles. Firstly, there are champions whose abilities can heal, shield, and give movement speed to your teammates. For example, there is Soraka, and her ability allows her to heal teammates at the cost of her Health. Then there is Janna, who can give shields to other allies and allied structures; and there is Sona, who can do both of those things and give movement speed on top of all that; Mainly, these champions are easy to play and often played by people who are just starting to play LoL. 

Next, we have champions who are more oriented to dealing damage and trapping the enemies. Good examples are Morgana – she can emotionally destroy opponents by landing her Q ability and rooting the enemy for eternity. Zyra – another example of a  good crowd control champion to abuse enemies; These are played by people who want to have fun gameplay and make their enemies suffer. 

And lastly, we have the tank supports that are very fun to play and keep close to the main objective of supporting. Champions to take the beating instead of your ADC are: Braum gives exceptional utility to your teammates and punishes the enemy if they get close; furthermore, Leona and Thresh are the best to call for the job.

Top 7 Aggressive Supports in League of Legends

7. Zyra

The lane bully Zyra is best known for her ability to stop the enemies who are playing aggressively and turn around the table. She can be played either defensive or aggressive.

 Her passive is planting tiny plants around the character, which gives additional damage when using other abilities like her Q or E. 

The primary abuse ability is her E (Grasping roots) that can be used to trap and snare enemies, keeping them away while your ADC is beating them up and securing the kill. 

Her Q ability releases thick vines on the ground, which form a ranged plant that applies magic damage to any enemy in sight. By combining her abilities and passive, you will be dealing enormous damage and force the enemies to back of – in case you don’t kill them. 

Saving your ultimate to finish off your enemies’ suffering is the best way to make them tilt as you’re leaving them with no escape. It can be used as a defense mechanism when there is a threat of an enemy gank or more aggressively when chasing low HP targets.

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6. Brand

Popular mage mid-laner throughout the years, Brand is even more efficient on the aggressive support role.

Playing Brand as support is precarious because he is squishy and quickly punished for his mistakes. On the other hand, there is a high reward if played the right way.

There is a need for the right timing and sequence when using his abilities to stun your enemy and deal a lot of damage. To do that, you will need to practice using his E and Q ability at great speed.

In addition to his kit, the ultimate is a powerful ability that can be used in teamfights. If you have blazed multiple low HP targets, use it to finish things off.

5. Karma

Karma takes advantage of her ultimate early in the game and tries to keep the gap as long as possible. Having the empowered abilities granted by the ultimate, she can be played very aggressively from the very start of the game. 

Maxing her Q first is the right way to go. You can initiate fights, drain out the enemy or zone them in a combo with the ultimate.

Her E ability grants you or your allies a burst of movement speed to keep up with the prey, and her W allows you to root them if you dare to stay close to them for the duration.

Using her kit, you can easily burst, chase and root enemies. Nevertheless, all of them can be used as an escape plan when things get feisty, and you need to keep all of your allies alive.

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4. Nautilus

Nautilus checks out all boxes when it comes to the supporting role. Mainly he is played as tank support, but his abilities offer more options in different scenarios. 

His hook (Q ability) is one of the best tools in his kit, allowing him to engage in fights by hooking a clueless ADC who, upon impact, can be stunned by his basic melee attack, setting up an easy kill for the team.

Besides his Q, Nautilus is equipped with a personal shield activated on W that comes in handy when taking damage from enemies, overall making him more sustainable. His E is also an excellent ability to slow down the pace of the enemy.

When playing against champions with many dashes, teleport, and similar abilities, Nautilus ultimate can catch up with anything within range, knocking up everyone who dares to run away from him and his team.

3. Leona

Leona is one hell of a champion to play against in Lane. She is packed up with many CC abilities to torture the enemy.

You will make sure that you have used your W to start a fight, which gives you more armor and magic resistance to sustain the enemy’s damage output. Then, dash onto them using her E ability, which allows you to stick to the desired enemy champion and briefly stun them.

Then her Q is making all of the work as its stunning the enemy in place for a bit, making them only conscious to understand that they will die in a bit.

Her ultimate is another way of starting a fight with enemies that are a little further of the range on your E ability. Successfully land the ultimate, and you have an easy kill on them as they won’t be able to run away when you exhausted all of Leona’s abilities.

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2. Thresh

Thresh is considered the best support from a long time ago because he is versatile and can be played defensively or aggressively, depending on your playstyle and matchups.

To play Thresh aggressively, you will need to max out his Flay E ability, which is passive and outputs very powerful auto-attacks once fully charged. Besides that, it can knock back enemies that are chasing you or running away from you.

Rescuing your allies that get in challenging situations has never been easier. Just throw the lantern next to them, and they will get home safely. This ability can also be used aggressively in situations ahead of your teammates chasing the enemy. Throwing it behind you will make an opening for allies that are ready to get some kills.

Again, the ultimate can be used either defensively when running away or aggressively when you catch someone and you need them in place until the team comes.

1. Pyke

Pyke is an extraordinary mix of roles consistent of assassin and support, making him the best aggressive support champion to play and destroy opponents. 

Very similar and yet so different from other champions that have hook ability, Pyke can quickly close the gap between him and everyone else. In combo with his E, he can pull and stun one enemy and continue to chase others while his team is getting rid of the first one.

His W is a great and fast way to chase down some easy kills, making him invisible to the enemy. It can be used as a last resort to escape challenging situations.

One of the most exciting and fun abilities to use is his ultimate. As soon as you see low health champion and his bar is glowing red, rush onto them and press R, granting you easy kills and rewarding the team with additional gold.

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