How to Get an S as a Mid Laner?

Do you want to be the one to take your team to victory on your own? Every role in League of Legends has the ability to make or break a game in its own manner. 

However, none of them can handle the weight as well as the Mid Lane. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting an S as a mid laner, from the basics to advanced techniques.

Because of its middle location on the map, the middle lane is essentially one of the most difficult places to master. Midlane is a difficult position to play since it is vulnerable to ganks and roams from both the top and bottom lanes. 

At the same time, the middle lane is the most important, as the winning lane offers your team vital map control, which is quite useful. 

Being a midlaner is not for the faint of heart, as your ability to single kill, trade, and juke opponent champions will determine whether or not you survive or die in the game.

The Champion pool

There are a plethora of potential options for the mid lane, and the pool is always expanding. 

Assassins and mages, on the other hand, are the two major and most popular champion archetypes in the game. While there are a variety of champions that may be used in the solo lane, these should form the foundation of any good midlaner’s pool.

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Assassin champions include characters such as Akali, Talon, Qiyana, Fizz, and a variety of others. 

League of Legends players like Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, who is considered to be near-legendary, constructed whole esports dynasties based on the assassination, and have served as an inspiration to numerous prodigies and aspiring professionals ever since. 

These champions might be extremely mechanically challenging or reasonably simple, depending on their design. 


Mages are a more typical choice because they can give enormous CC in team fights while also providing scaling choices. 

Historically, options such as Orianna, Syndra, and Ryze have been the most popular, but every mage has its own distinct personality. Choosing a mage to learn from is dependent on what you want to get out of their kit; as previously said, every mage has a specialism.

Starting Items

As a mid laner, you will most likely start with one of Doran’s line of beginning items, such as a ring for AP and a blade for AD. However, there will be situations where you will start with a Corrupting potion. Of course, there are exceptions, such as creating a sapphire crystal for a beginning item like Ryze, which is an outlier. 

Also, while it is not a required item, to begin with, always be sure to purchase a control ward or two every time you return; this is not a choice but rather a need. The ability to see clearly saves lives!

Wave Management

Now, let’s talk about one of the most important aspects of playing as a mid laner: knowing how to control your waves. 

People often seem to find this phase of learning a role to be tedious, but it is essential and will increase your performance tenfold. 

First and foremost, let us discuss the general principles that apply to minion waves.

  • One tower hit and one auto-attack will be enough to bring down a melee minion, whereas one tower hit and two auto-attacks will bring down a caster minion.
  • At 1:27, the first minion wave will arrive in the center of the mid-lane, and each successive wave will come approximately 30 seconds after the previous wave.

Following the discussion of the fundamental rules, let’s discuss the many methods in which you might control the wave in order to penalize your opponent. Freezing, Shoving, and Slow Pushing are the three most fundamental wave manipulations that you may execute.

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It is possible to ‘freeze’ a wave just in front of your turret and hold it there permanently, which is a type of wave manipulation that you may use. This is most effective when you are ahead of your opponent and want to push them even deeper behind the eight ball. 

By allowing the opponent to push up to your tower and then absorbing minion aggro in order to keep them in place until your wave comes, you may set up a freeze.

When performing a freeze, the opponent wave should always have two or three more minions than your own, and you should only ever hurt the minions when they are the last to be struck, never before. 

By doing so, you are putting the opponent in a position where he is unable to CS without becoming overextended and vulnerable to gank attacks. 

Even if the opponent attempts to stroll up to you for CS, you are in a position where you can zone him out with no risk since if anything goes wrong, you can easily return beneath your turret and avoid being seen.


Using shoves, you may direct your wave all the way to the opponent turret, denying it money and experience points in the process. When the opponent has recalled or wandered, shoves are the most effective weapon. 

If you want to pull off a shove, all you have to do is keep destroying opposing waves, which is best accomplished with abilities that speed up the process until you reach the enemy turret. 

After that, you may either roam or recall for items while the opponent laner loses all of his potential CS since it is killed by the turret before it can return.

Pushing at a Slow Pace (Only use bot or top)

In wave manipulation, slow pushes are a method of amassing a vast army of minions that will ultimately smash into a turret and kill it if the turret is not destroyed immediately. 

Sluggish pushes are best employed as a diversion so that you can build up for objective plays such as Baron. Slow pushes may also be used to drive the enemy into an objective loss by combining them with a split push in the other lane.

A sluggish push may be set up by simply killing one or two caster minions in the opponent wave, two if you want a faster push, and one to build up a larger wave of minions. 

After a short period of time, your wave will automatically begin to advance towards the enemy turret, gradually increasing in size as time passes.

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Difficulties in CS

The fact that you are playing a ranged champion at mid (which is most likely the case) means that you will have significant difficulty last striking minions due to your low attack speed and/or travel time of basic attacks, which will make it tough to win the game. 

When it comes to the low AD, it is simply a matter of getting closer to the minion you are attacking, thus eliminating travel time. 

When it comes to the low damage, it is simply a matter of getting more practice and learning how much damage your champion does at all stages of the game, which will come with time. (Keep in mind that your ultimate objective is to be able to reach 10 CS every minute!)


It might be difficult for inexperienced players to figure out when or if they should wander about the map. This varies from match to match, and it will also vary based on the sort of champion you are facing off against. 

If you’re playing a mobile burst character like Leblanc or Talon, you should be seeking to roam every time you push the wave into the opposing turret. This is especially true if the enemy is using champions like Anivia, which don’t farm well at the beginning of the game.

Map Awareness

When playing as a mid laner, having excellent map awareness is essential. Because you are located in the center of the map, you are twice as vulnerable to ganks as any other lane, and you may be assaulted from any direction. 

As a result, it is critical to be aware of what is going on in the world around you at all times. One of the most effective things you can do is train yourself to look at the minimap after each CS. This guarantees that you are constantly up to date with the latest information available.

Another trick to learn is to use the F keys, for example, F2, to see the camera perspective of each of your teammates. When you are walking to a lane or towards an objective, cycle through the camera perspective of each of your teammates. 

However, be mindful to only spend a short amount of time doing this, as you are vulnerable while doing so. Finally, in order to keep yourself safe, once you have warded one side of the lane, attempt to play on that side as often as possible. This will keep you safe from gank attacks.

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Remember that League of Legends is a team-based game in which game objectives and map control are just as important as getting kills. Take everything into consideration, beginning with the notion that the game is a team-based game. 

In order to avoid losing your turret or, even worse, being out-farmed, you must be very careful when playing Vladimir. The conclusion would be that you should try to keep your death count as low as possible. 

Avoid unnecessary team conflicts, particularly one-on-one confrontations. Maintain the quality of your wards at all times! 

The ability to see further across the area and avoid being killed, as well as manage objectives, is enhanced by having your wards up.

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