7 Best AP Bruisers in League of Legends

There are many things to take into account when choosing a champion in League of Legends. You need to consider your team’s composition, what role you want to play, and the lane matchup. But sometimes you just don’t have time for all that deliberation and you need a good champion right now. In those cases, it can be helpful to know which champions are the best at the AP bruiser role.

An AP bruiser is a champion who can deal a lot of damage while also being able to survive in melee combat. They often have abilities that let them absorb large amounts of damage, making them ideal for taking down tanks. Here are seven of the best AP bruisers in League of Legends:

1) Rumble

A lot of the time, you’re going to be able to tell a good AP bruiser by their kit. Rumble is a great example of this. His Q deals significant damage over time and gives him Heat, which charges up his other abilities as he uses them. His W slows enemies as it deals damage and allows him to shield himself with E. He also has an ult with tons of utility that can trap opponents or speed allies up.

2) Swain

Swain is a pretty versatile champion who can work in both solo queue and competitive play because his kit is very adaptable. The main thing that makes him a good AP bruiser is his ultimate, which damages all minions within its area for extra magic damage every few seconds. 

He also has a snare that makes it difficult for opponents to escape, and his E allows him to regenerate mana quickly. This makes him particularly deadly in team fights, as he can quickly whittle down enemies while regenerating his own health.

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3) Kennen

Kennen is another versatile AP bruiser who can fit into almost any team composition. His Q allows him to gap close on an enemy champion, his W shields himself and enhances his basic attacks, and his ultimate deals damage in multiple waves of lightning over time. 

This deals tons of damage against enemies with low Magic Resistance or those who are staying near their minions.  Kennen is also a good choice because he can easily be built as either an AD or AP bruiser.

4) Malphite

Malphite’s passive gives him armor every time he receives damage from one of his abilities, making it very difficult for mages to kill him in the lane. His Q decreases the attack speed of all opponents it hits, which helps him to deal with other melee champions. 

His W deals damage in an area and makes him immune to other enemy spells. Finally, his E scales very well into the late game because it deals magic damage while giving armor reduction.

5) Gragas

Gragas is a champion who got a buff in patch 4.20 to help him deal with the influx of bruisers in competitive play. The main thing that makes him a good AP bruiser is his passive, which gives him increased speed and health regeneration when he drinks from his cask. He also has solid gank potential because he can flip opponents into towers, set them up for an ally’s ultimate, or jump over walls to initiate.

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6) Morderkaiser

The main reason why Mordekaiser is a good AP bruiser is his shield, which absorbs incoming damage and lets him survive for longer in fights. He also has two abilities that deal magic damage to enemies around him and give him more ability power the more enemies they hit. The W passive gives him a lot of health that he can use to absorb more magical damage with his shield. Finally, if you kill an enemy with your ultimate, it won’t go on cooldown for 60 seconds.

7) Shyvana

A lot of Shyvana’s damage early on comes from her Q, which allows her to quickly close the distance with an enemy champion and deal bonus magic damage. At level six, she becomes a threat because she can use all four abilities together to deal lots of AoE damage. 

Her W also gives her the ability to sustain herself in lane and avoid ganks if she has to by leaving dragon form and moving through the jungle. Finally, you should max her E first because it deals more damage than any other ability when activated after two basic attacks.

Conclusion For 7 Best AP Bruisers in League of Legends

This concludes our guide for the 7 best AP bruisers in League of Legends. If you are looking for more information on League of Legends be sure to check back soon! Also, leave any comments or questions you have below!

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