What Top Lane Champion Should You Main in Season 12?

When it comes to top laners in League of Legends, there are a number of professional players that are able to outperform one another. 

If you’re a professional League of Legends player, you know that the top lane is where the majority of 1v1 matchups take place, so having a tough-guy champion who can outlast the opposition is essential. 

The ranked champions on our League of Legends tier list are the ones you can be guaranteed to demolish your opponents within a single battle.

Types of Top Laners

In order to live the longest in the top lane, your champ must be the most effective at acquiring gold, dealing strong trade damage, avoiding ganks, and setting up ganks for other players. The following are the finest sorts of top laners you’ll come across in the game:


Hyper-carries are the perfect champions to utilize if you want to do insane amounts of damage to your opponents. 

They have a large area of effect and a high cleave, allowing them to take down a large number of opponent champions at once. These men are experts in 1v2 battles and double kills, and they deliver a tonne of damage.


Prepare yourself for some powerful tanks. Support-style champions are excellent at exchanging damage with their opponents in the lane. 

They thrive on being in their lane for as long as possible in order to amass a large collection of tanky items that they can use to protect their friendly champs in all-out team battles.


For the time being, these people have a weaker lane presence and exchange damage abilities, since they are still collecting things. When they are battling with opponents, their strength increases as they barrel straight across the lane. 

When it comes to seizing turrets, split pushers are unbeatable – unless they are halted by enemy troops.

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What Top Lane Champion Should You Main in Season 12?

When the meta evolves in an unpredictable manner, the top-tier champions’ ranking may vary along with it. As long as you have some heavy hitters and damage-soakers who can withstand a lot of punishment, you should be OK. 

Toplane is without a question one of the most oppressive lanes in all of League of Legends, and for good reason. It is one of the most difficult positions to achieve success in because of the heavy reliance on other lanes in the game.

In order to dominate that lane and maintain your position, understanding the best heroes and builds is vitally essential. The difficulty is that the toplane is heavily reliant on both the jungle and the mid lane to function well.

The following champions, on the other hand, can stand on their own even if the mid lane and jungle are underwhelming or fail to provide any kind of assistance.

Despite the fact that they are armed, these men are prepared to protect and rush through lanes like it is nobody’s business. The top champions that we are now witnessing are as follows:

6. Ornn

This warrior has a really high damage output for a tank, which is surprising. His kit has a large amount of CC, which he may use to stun opponents during ganks and team fights. 

His powers are difficult to learn, but he has unique passive and multiple flaming abilities that combine to make him a formidable champion.

Ornn is the man for the job when it comes to crowd control assistance, as he uses his bellow breath to render opponent champions brittle. 

Ornn has the ability to purchase stuff off base, which comes in helpful when the team’s resources are running short. Unfortunately, he is only able to purchase non-consumable products and not consumable items.

If an opponent is hit by his volcanic rupture, he will feel the ground shake. He will also send a fissure into the ground, which will slow enemy strikes and cause damage. 

When he manages to catch his opponents off guard, he can use this to set them up for a lethal combination known as Searing Charge.

5. Yorick

If you’ve played League previously, you’ll be aware that Yorick hasn’t always been the best choice. He has just been reclassified as a top lane pusher. He can clear even the most difficult waves in a matter of seconds, even super minion waves.

Yorick is fast to take off those strong turrets and deals a lot of damage while having a short cooldown. He has a low dash and team fight presence, which is unfortunate. Because he is not a highly tanky champion, it is difficult for him to soak up damage.

It will be tough for his opponents to stop him during one-on-one confrontations, so they will have to work together if they want a chance to win. His Last Rites ability grants him additional damage on his next assault while also healing him from the previous attack.

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4. Kled

Recent adjustments from Conquerer have allowed Kled to improve his sustain, which has allowed him to substantially improve his overall form. 

As one of the finest top League of Legends players, he is now able to do damage, kite, and confidently return to his raptor’s position.

If Kled gains enough strength, he would be able to hyper-carry games through roams in a jiffy. Trying to fight him against a squishy will be more effective than battling him against a tank.

Throw his bear trap on a rope in order to catch and injure his opponent. As Kled yanks your opponent forward, make him feel the fury of that physical injury on his person. 

In order to deliver physical harm to his opponent, he must use his jousting ability, which allows him to obtain brief and powerful bursts of speed.

3. Singed

This person is difficult to hunt down and defeat for the opponents’ champions. He’s an expert at clearing waves swiftly and doing massive amounts of damage. When you put this man up against bruisers, you’ll realize how much damage he can do.

His farming and gold replenishing abilities are nothing to scoff at. He’s also a tanky fighter who knows how to hold his own in team clashes. He’s a little shaky in the early game, especially when facing off against ranged opponents.

When you use the Noxious Slipstream, which draws away any adjacent champions, you’ll be able to move more quickly. 

His Clever Poison Trail ability spreads poison in his wake, which causes opposing champions to suffer damage. In order to slow and ground his pursuers, he can hurl his bottle of mega adhesive down to slow and ground them.

2. Sett

When this ultimate warrior does harm to his opponents, he strikes them square in the middle. He’s equipped with a shield for protection, and depending on how much grit he has, he deals a specific amount of additional damage.

Sett is a lightning-fast farmer, which comes in useful when you’re in dire need of that extra gold. 

He has excellent CC and engagement skills, which let him strike and stun opponents. He is severely lacking in flashing abilities, which would allow him to escape if he were captured by an opponent.

When fighting opponents, he employs more fundamental movements like as a left and right punch. Compared to the left, the right punch is a touch more powerful. If the enemy’s maximum health is high, his Knuckle Down hits deliver extra damage to him.

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1. Darius

When it comes to the League of Legends game, Darius is one of the most enraging champions to face up against.

Any seasoned League player will tell you that this champion is a good choice since he does a lot of raw damage to melee champions, especially in the early stages of the game. In addition, he is a tremendous asset in team fights.

Darius is an excellent duelist, particularly in one-on-one competitions. He is an expert at maintaining and can quickly punish champions who remain still. He doesn’t have much of a sprint and frequently slips off the lane later in the game, so simply stay with him at the beginning.

He possesses offensive and destructive powers that allow him to inflict insane physical harm on opponents while causing them to bleed profusely. He may attack adversaries with his blade with a quick wind-up and swing of his ax in a huge circle, depending on the situation.

Tips to Main Top Lane Champions

The top lane of Summoner’s Rift is the most remote and abandoned lane in the whole game. Having said that, this role is typically performed by a champion that is able to maintain his or her composure during the whole laning phase without the assistance of the rest of their team, as described above. This frequently results in players selecting Tanks and Fighters to fill this position.

Nonetheless, the primary goal of the top lane is not just to withstand high-intensity bursts of enemy damage in order to defend your team, but also to guarantee that they are the ones who deal with every danger from the opponent team rather than their Mid Laner or ADC.

That being said, here are a few general guidelines to assist top lane players in League of Legends performing better.

  • It is recommended that players employ the Teleport Summoner Spell in order to be able to join the rest of their team during ambushes and ganks.
  • Champions that play in the top lane are often meleeing Bruisers or Physical damage carriers who have a lot of crowd control or utility skills to complement their damage output.
  • Top Lane players should attempt to anticipate the onset of battles and position themselves properly in order to safeguard the safety of their teammates.

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