7 Best Assassins in League of Legends

There are a few champion classes in League of Legends. Some of us enjoy playing tanks and peeling for our team, making sure that they stay safe. There are also marksmen enjoyers who like to stay back and deal tons of damage in later stages of the game. Bruisers are also one of the most liked champion classes in the game because of their ability to go in and out of fights and do their thing on their own. But there is one class of champions that is at the same time most annoying to play against and most enjoyable to play as Assassins! 

What is an assassin in League of Legends? 

Assassin is a kind of a champion that has the ability to do quick bursts of damage in a short time and kill your carries whenever they see them isolated! They usually have dashes of some kind so they can smoothly go in, take a kill and go out. They are a nightmare of every marksman, enchanter, and mage! So here, we made a list of the 7 Best Assassins in League of Legends!

7. Vayne

This may come as a surprise for a lot of you because Vayne is mostly known as a marksman, but hear me out! Vayne starts the game as an ordinary marksman but in later stages of the game, when her damage is at its peak is the moment you can start using Vayne as an assassin! Her empowered auto-attacks with her Q combined with her W passive that just kills everyone after three shots at later stages of the game is enough to be scared of Vayne. 

But that is just a small part of Vayne’s kit that makes her a great assassin. She has the E ability that stuns enemies that collide with any terrain and can be used as an auto-attack reset. She also has one of the best ultimate abilities in the game that increases your damage and makes you invisible while dashing with your Q. So imagine playing Vayne in a mid to late game, and you see an enemy Master Yi that was dominating the whole game. 

You ult and Q out of the bush, E him into the wall, and kill him before he is able to cast a single ability. Scary, right? That is where it ends for most of the assassins, but not for Vayne. You can then just proceed to play a teamfight like an ordinary marksman would! All of these things are what makes Vayne the only marksman that is able to be called one of the best Assassins in the game!

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6. Talon

Talon, the Blade’s Shadow, has to be one of the purest assassins in the game, which makes him a logical choice for this list. We all know that feeling of playing a carry against a fed Talon, one of the worst things that can happen to you in a game of League of Legends. His absurd burst damage from his Q in melee range and passive stacks, in addition to his W slow and decent damage, is incredible for killing squishies. 

Combine that with his ability to jump over any terrain with almost no cooldown on his E and then dashing to you with his Q while he is invisible from his R and has a million daggers that will fall on you without you even noticing that he is near! There is almost nothing you can do to prevent it. You can’t fight him, and you can’t outrun him. Talon is always going to catch you, so dear ADC players, stay with your team!

5. Shaco

Shaco has to be one of the most hated champions in the game. This backstabber feels like he is made to be played by only a special kind of person. You have to think out of the box and find ways to cheese your opponents, and think of what they are going to do next. When you do all of that right, Shaco becomes one of the best Assassins in League of Legends. 

He has a Q ability where he can teleport to you while becoming invisible and then dealing crazy amounts of damage if he strikes from behind, and when that ends, you run into his W boxes that fear you and hurt your soul. On top of that, he has an E ability that is a ranged slow and does bonus damage on low health targets. 

His ultimate is just annoying to play against. He creates a clone that can deceive us a lot of times, who also does damage and creates three boxes that fear you after he explodes. So if you are playing a squishy carry and you happen to have the Demon Jester in the opposing team, you will not feel safe laning, roaming, or just casually walking out of the base because Shaco can always appear out of nowhere.

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4. Kha’Zix

Kha’Zix, the Voidreaver, is one of the most popular champions in this game. He was one of the most OP champions in the competitive scene on a few occasions. His dominance in Jungle was unreal, and he was even one of the best picks in Mid lane for quite some time. And all of that because of his amazing ability to kill every champion that is even a little bit isolated from his team and get out like he was never there. 

I am not going to talk much about his abilities, but he has everything an assassin should. He has a gap closer with his E that can be even better when he evolves it, huge damage and auto-attack reset on his Q, and long-range slow on his W. 

His ultimate, Void Assault, grants him invisibility and movement speed and interacts great with his other abilities. Whenever an enemy is isolated, or Kha’Zix is unseen by them, his abilities get much stronger. So if you are playing against Kha’Zix, you better stay with your team and hope for the best!

3. Ekko

Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time, is one of the most entertaining champions to play. He can be played as an assassin and as a fighter; with this guy, it’s all about creativity and timings. But if played correctly, he can be unstoppable as an assassin. The main reasons that he can be so good in this role are his passive and Phase Dive.

 His E, Phase Dive, is a dash and a gap closer that deals bonus damage, and his passive gives him massive bonus damage and movement speed on every three hits so he can get in and out of the fights quickly. Combine that with his Q that deals good amounts of damage and slows targets and his E, which can be a great multi-stun tool if timed correctly, and you get potential for some amazing plays. 

But what makes Ekko better than others in doing the job of killing carries is his ultimate ability. The Chronobreak is an ability that gets Ekko back to where he was a few seconds ago, which means that he can go further and try riskier plays and still be able to survive by pressing a single button.

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2. Fizz

If the Tidal Trickster gets ahead early, there is not much you can do. Fizz is an incredibly mobile champion, with a unique kit that makes him scary for his opponents. This slippery yordle has a kill potential in almost any match-up in a Mid lane, and if he gets those kills, he can just keep roaming and killing everything he sees on the map. 

His passive enables him to move through units and decreases damage that he takes, which helps him a lot in the early game. He also has his Q and E that are amazing abilities for getting in and out of fights while still dealing a lot of damage. His W, Seastone Trident, is one of his main killing tools. It deals massive amounts of damage and is also used as an auto-attack reset. 

So this slippery assassin will always find a way to get to you, and if he hits you with his ultimate, Chum The Waters, you are probably already dead. All of those things and the fact that Fizz is one of the funniest champions to play is what makes him one of the best assassins in the game.

1. Zed

When we think about an assassin, the first champion that comes to our mind is Zed. The Master of Shadows has the ability kit made for one purpose only, killing one target as fast as possible and getting away. If you are playing against level six Zed that has his ultimate up, you are probably dead as soon as he gets in range. And if Zed is good at something other than then dealing quick bursts of damage, it is getting in range. 

His W, in combination with his ultimate, is great at getting in range and shadows from both of those abilities are a great way to deal a lot of damage and make countless flashy plays. Zed’s Q and E, together with his auto-attacks and passive, are his main damage sources, but there are just too many combos and possibilities with this champion. 

His abilities are perfectly made to work together, which is incredibly hard to pull off at the highest level, but once you do it, Zed becomes the best assassin in League of Legends!


There are a lot of champions that can also be on this list depending on the scenarios you put them in and the opponents they are facing. But here you have our list of the top 7 best assassins in League of Legends.

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