7 Best CC Abilities in League of Legends

In the world of League of Legends, crowd control (CC) is the main tool to lock people down and get ahead. It can be a reduction of vision, a slow, a stun, or more. However frustrating it can be to play against, CC-heavy champions have become a necessary part of the play. From Thresh to Rakan, CC abilities rule the highlights and flip team fights, making the best CC abilities the key to victory. Here, we look at the Top 7 CC abilities in the game.

Honorable Mention

Affectionately called the “spirit bomb” by the community, Aurelion Sol’s Starsurge gets an honorable mention on this list for its’ incredible range, a huge area of effect, and pure fear that it instills in the enemy team. Although it has since fallen out of meta in Season 12, it once was a force to be reckoned with, and spawned many memes due to the sheer size that it could build, easily stunning the entire enemy team.

7. Morgana Dark Binding

Morgana’s Dark Binding is an amateur support player’s dream. A low cooldown, straight shot does exactly what the name suggests: roots the opponent. With a duration that goes up to 3 seconds at max level, one of the longest in the whole game, this skill shot can be deeply frustrating when facing against it, leaving you helpless for a mind-numbing length of time. Combined with her ultimate, Morgana will always hold a spot as one of the most fearsome CC champions, despite her slightly outdated kit. 

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6. Yone’s Fate Sealed

As the first ultimate on this list, this ability can clean up an entire team if done correctly. As one of the newer champions, Yone flipped the game on its head with his combination of massive mobility, a great CC ultimate, and extremely high damage output. While his brother Yasuo has a similar ultimate, Yone has the option to use it without a good knockup, and with 1000 range, has an excellent chance of catching even the backline. Additionally, it can clump up the enemy team, leaving them vulnerable to even more follow-up, making this ultimate a true show of force. 

5. Malzahar’s Nether Grasp

As one of the oldest champions in the game, Malzahar has seen his fair share of changes. However, the one thing that has not changed is his excellent point-and-click ultimate, Nether Grasp. With a simple click, Malzahar suppresses a single target for a crushing 2.5 seconds, plenty of time for any of Malzahar’s teammates to clean up. While not the most versatile of moves on this list, its’ simple delivery and powerful duration make it an excellent tool, especially for the more inexperienced player.

4. Nocturne’s Paranoia

We have all had that moment of panic playing against a Nocturne as darkness falls over the map and we patiently wait for nocturne to come rushing. Nocturne’s ultimate ability, Paranoia, covers the whole map in a haze, heavily limiting the vision of all enemy champions, then allowing him to dash to a target. Although it is not your typical crowd control, nearsighting is an extremely valuable tool, and puts the whole enemy team on edge. With a long duration of 6 seconds, this ultimate gives you what it promises: paranoia. 

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3. Yuumi’s Final Chapter

Yuumi has rather quickly become a villainous character in the community. During the 2021 World Championship, Yuumi saw the highest ban rate at 81%, marking her as one of the most powerful, and least likeable, champions to play against. Her kit allows almost any other champion to be powered up, granting heals, attack speed, movement speed, and access to a powerful ultimate.

Sent in 7 waves, Yuumi’s ultimate allows for a wide area to be snared, perfectly setting up a team fight. Although it is not instantaneous, for pure versatility, Final Chapter can’t be beat, as it can create a trap out of nearly any engage, effectively granting a huge CC ultimate to anyone who can hard engage. While Yuumi may require teammates to be truly effective, her strength and CC ability is unmistakable and inarguable. 

2. Rakan’s The Quickness

As professional players have shown time and time again, Rakan is one of the strongest picks for a CC heavy support. With amazing mobility, heals, and shields, Rakan is a slippery support that can set up a team fight near better than any others in the whole game. With Rakan’s ultimate, The Quickness, he can quickly sprint around and CC everyone he collides with.

When paired with his W, Grand Entrance, which allows him to jump to an area and knockup up anyone around him, it is one of the most fearsome ultimates, and can spell death for any team slow enough to get caught in it. Although he struggles from not being extremely tanky, Rakan is a clear pick for anyone experience enough to use him to his full potential. 

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1. Zoe’s Sleepy Trouble Bubble

A list of CC abilities would not be complete without Zoe’s Sleepy Trouble Bubble. An underrated ability, it made a splash on the Worlds stage as DAMWON Gaming’s Showmaker showed its’ true potential. Unlike other CC abilities, Sleepy Trouble Bubble gains any terrain it travels through as extra range, allowing for a potentially massive skillshot that can make anyone fall asleep for 2.25 seconds.

With a relatively short cooldown compared to other long range CC abilities, proper use of this ability can completely change the way that a matchup is played and keeps the enemy team on edge. Over any terrain a bubble might show up and let Zoe drain your entire health bar with a single Paddle Star. While it is not the easiest ability to use properly, and is better reserved for more experienced players, the potential of this ability to control any opponent is unrivaled by any other CC ability.

Although CC abilities come in all shapes and sizes, proper use of them is what really sets apart the competition. In a meta that rewards quick kills and hard engage, getting hit by, or hitting, a CC ability can change the tide of war, and make you come out victorious.

Disagree with our picks? Write it in the comments and tell us: what are your favorite CC abilities?

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