The 7 Best Melee Champions in League of Legends

There are many champions that fall into the category of Melee champions. But, today we’re going to talk about the seven best Melee champion in League of Legends – that can seriously impact how the game is played.

Now, not all Melee champions are recognizable as close-up basic attackers, some can even become ranged after a while. Champions like Kayle and Jayce can also deal ranged attacks on their opponents. 

All of them have a similar attacking range, excluding the range of Rengar’s “Unseen Predator” where his attacking range can go up to 725! But other than that, they are normal champions that are really fun to play. And, I feel terrible for only norrowing it down to seven champions because all of them have their own uniqueness and effectiveness in the game.

For instance, some are very fast and some champion abilities can really come in handy once the game starts. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the list of the best Melee champions in League of Legends.

Best Melee Champions in LoL

7. Akali

Akali is a Melee champ that can be played on both Top lane and Mid lane. She’s an amazing assassin that’s using a lot of energy to kill her enemies. And, the way she does it is by marking a ring around her enemies for four seconds that grants her 30-60% bonus movement speed (based on level) for two seconds. Plus, Akali’s next attack’s range is doubled and then deals a lot of damage to the enemy.

Akali can also unleash kunais in a cone to the direction of her targets – that deals magic damage – and slows them by 50%. Which can make her really deadly if she manages to hit them with her Q. And, when she’s in trouble or wants to control the situation, she activates her W ability to cast a shadow around her (making her invisible) to increase her maximum energy by 80.

Her Ultimate move is what makes her really dangerous in the lane. It allows Akali to dash 750 units in the location of the enemy and deal magic damage as she passes through them. She can also recast her ultimate that does even more magic damage and dashes 800 units this time.

6. Qiyana

Qiyana is a great assassin that prefers to play on the Mid lane. She uses her Mana to cast her deadly abilities to defeat her opponents. Her passive is what makes her unique in battles where it allows her to deal 15-83 additional physical damage to enemies – that scales with +55% AD and +35% AP.

Qiyana uses her Q ability to slash forward to the enemy and deal massive physical damage in a line. She can even hit more enemies at once, but the damage is reduced by 75% against enemies beyond the first. So, it’s important to keep this in mind when engaging with her.

The W ability is what makes her an interesting champion. She can cast the ability to deal physical damage and use the three effects of the ability “Brush, River, and Terrain.” Brush offers her invisibility plus 20% movement speed bonus until she attacks. The River roots the enemis for 0.5 seconds and then slows them by 20% for one seconds – which allows her to have bigger control over the lane. And, the Terrain deals bonus damage of +60% to enemies bellow 50% Health.

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5. Rengar

Rengar is a Melee champion that likes to position himself in the Jungle or Top lane. His passive allows him to jump to an enemy if he enters a bush. And, that’s why he’s most suitable in the Jungle and Top lane given the fact that there’re three bushes.

Rengar is a combo champion where players enjoy using his Ferocity in their advantage. For instance, Rengar get 1 Ferocity for each ability hit, and if you calculate it correctly you can use his Q ability three times in a row. Now, if this isn’t deadly as heck I don’t know what is.

When he activates his Q ability he gains 40% attack speed and does a lot of physical damage to the enemies. And, when he activates this ability three times he drains the Health of the enemy like it’s no big deal. 

Rengar’s W ability allows him to heal 50% of the damage he’s taken and also damages the enemy while using this ability. But, the most fun ability that Rengar has in his possession is his Ultimate move, where he can jump to the enemy ADC and delete them entierely. 

4. Ekko

Ekko is a great Melee champion that offers a lot of mobility in the Jungle and on Mid lane. His passive ability allows him to gain three stacks of Resonance to deal more damage to enemies and also gain movement speed against them.

He is one of the most played champions in League of Legends and offers a very interesting set of abilities. For example, his Q ability is a temporal grenade that when throwed deals a lot of magic damage and hits every enemy along its path.

Ekko’s W ability allows him to control the crowd by throwing an afterimage circle area where he slows down enemies and also stuns them if he enters the area. He also gains a shield for two seconds to protect him from incoming attacks. And, he uses his E ability to dash to the target as the best way to damage and fear the enemy.

His Ulitmate ability allows Ekko to engage dangerous circumstances where he can dash back to his afterimage to escape death itself. 

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3. Fizz

Fizz is a melee assassin that looks like a fish and likes to kill his opponents on the Mid lane. He is tough opponent where his passive allows him to permanently ghost around the map and can take up to 50% damage reduction – which is insane.

Fizz dash in the direction of the enemy dealing magic and 100% AD physical damage. The power of his W ability is very strong that it has a passive and an active phase, where the passive just deals on hit magic damage. And, the active phase allows Fizz to deal uncancelable windup magic damage on the next basic attack. The best thing about this ability is that it can be reduced to 1 second cooldown if Fizz kills someone with it.

The E ability is his ticket to get away for risky situations or to engage an enemy. With this move he dashes to the target and becomes untargetable to enemies. And, as soon as he falls down, he deals magic damage to each nearby enemy and also slows them for two seconds.

His Ultimate ability is the best against any laner or ADC champion. He throws a shark at the location of the enemy that knocks them up and deals a lot of magic damage. The ability slows the target and all enemies that are in the area of the shark – making it very easy for Fizz to swoop in and secure the kills.

2. Shen

Shen is an energy based Melee champion that plays the role of a tank on the Mid and Support lane. He’s baisically a complete tank that can take any damage and still make everyone pay. His passive gives him a 50-101 shield that uses against his enemies.

His Twilight Assault (Q) is one of the most efficient ability that allows him to recal his Spirit Blade to his location. This will slow each champion on the way to Shen. Once it arrives, he empowers his next three attacks to get bonus 75 range and also deal bonus magic damage. And, the most interesting part is when the Spirit Blade collides with an enemy, the empwerement of his stats are enhanced – making Shen one of the best champions to have around.

Once he activates his W ability, he creates a circled area where he and his allies are protected from incoming attacks for 1.75 seconds. He can also dash to the location of the enemy and deal physical damage to everyone nearby.

Shen’s Ultimate ability is probably the most efficient of them all. He channels for 3 seconds to teleport to an ally (that is in danger) to shield them from incoming attacks and also help them defeat the enemy.

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1. Master Yi

Master Yi is a very powerful assassin that likes to roam the Jungle to become stronger. His passive allows him to “Double Strike” the enemy after dealing 3 basic attacks. The doubled strike deals more damage and can even critically strike structures.

His Alpha Strike (Q) ability allows him to attack four different enemies at the same time. He becomes untargetable and deals a lot of physical damage – that can be scaled with critical strike chance. And, for each basic attack he reduces his Q ability cooldown by 1 second.

Master Yi’s W ability heals him for 4 seconds based on his missing health. While using this ability he obtains damage reduction and gains a stack of “Double Strike” – that can save him from potential death.

His E ability empowers his sword that allows him to deal true damage to enemies. And, Master Yi’s ultimate move cleanses him from cripples and slows, gains ghosting, bonus movement speed, bonus attack speed for 7 seconds.

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