7 Best CC Champions in League of Legends

Hello, League of Legends fans and players! Are you happy with your rank this season? And are you ready to improve it? That’s why you’re here, because here we regularly share tips and tricks on how to improve your League of Legends skill, which champions are ideal for which roles, and more. 

You know for yourself how complex League of Legends is and how many things need to overlap for one team to win. Since this is a team game, it is important that all 5 members of one team work together to win teamfights, conquer each object in the jungle and eventually reach the enemy Nexus. 

In today’s article, we will talk about crowd control, better known as CC. Scroll down and read what crowd control is and which are the 7 best crowd control champions in the League of Legends.

We will not explain to you the rules of the League of Legends, you should have already adopted it, and if you do not have enough time to learn, of course. Today we will explain to you what crowd control is and why crowd control is an important item in the League of Legends.

As you already know, in League of Legends champions have many features, some are long-ranged, some have high mobility while some have no mobility at all, some have an ult that can heal your team, and someone’s ult can wipe an entire enemy team off the map.

League of Legends champions differ in these characteristics and this makes them more capable or incapable of the match, which depends on the choice of enemy champions and champions from their own team.

For crowd control you must have heard, or for CC, which is an acronym that can be seen much more often in everyday use. Champions who have crowd control can disable enemy champions, slow them down and prevent them from fighting, making them an ideal target for your team. 

These same champions will not be able to escape, and you or your team will earn an easy kill. Enemy champions will be disarmed, which is great for champions who can put together a combo of their abilities and thus use all the trump cards in combat. Support champions with CC are the ideal choice as they thus ensure their ADC protection and security. 

ADC champions can be extremely vulnerable at the beginning of the game until they collect enough gold for items and enough kills to be fed. That is why it is important to have a strong CC champion with them who can save them and by disabling enemy ADC serve them a kill on a platter.

And here is our list of the 7 best CC champions in the League of Legends.

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7. Thresh

Thresh is one of the champions who can easily create trauma for us, lurking around the map with his lantern waiting to capture the souls of unfortunate enemy champions. He has as many as three abilities in his kit that allow him crowd control. 

The first is Q, using Q he throws a hook (thankfully, it’s not as awful as the hook from Blitzcrank) and has to watch out for precision because it’s really hard to hit an enemy champion with it. There is also a “Flay” by which Thresh can knock the enemies up and slow them down. 

And his greatest ability is his box, as well as his ult, which catches enemy champions inside walls, damages them, slows them down, and literally prepares them for death. Our tip is to first cast the “Flay” ability and only then hook because the chances are much higher that you actually hit the target this way.

6. Janna

Many of you will agree with us that Janna is one of the best crowd control champions in the League of Legends. Janna has her own dangerous tornado that can knock down enemies that come near her, and her ADC can always count on Janna to be able to save them both with her abilities. 

Janna also relies heavily on her ult to drive the enemy champions out of the danger zone and thus allow her teammates to escape in time. Is this reason enough to pick Janna in the next match?

5. Ivern

Is there a sweeter and sweeter champion than Ivern? We don’t think so. Ivern, also known as “The Green Father”, has the role of support and jungle champion. He is very capable to clear the jungle in a very short time, which is almost his best quality.

With just one right-click on the enemy champion he can pull him closer and thus inflict damage on him or let his teammates have fun with him. 

Also, his Daisy always shows up when he needs it most. Daisy is his ult and she emerges from the stone. Very kinky Ivern, very kinky. She can crowd control enemies by hitting them three times and then smashing them off the ground. When Daisy disappears, Ivern easily calls a new one.

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4. Galio

Galio deserved fourth place on this list, and his crowd control abilities must be taken seriously. He is a tank champion, which allows him to fight quality against AP and AD champions.

He also has as many as three abilities that allow him crowd control, and the most famous is his ult by which he can jump far enough to save his teammates during a teamfight or gank. 

When he jumps among the enemies he knocks them up and thus prevents them from continuing the attack. Those few seconds are enough for Galio and his team to take control of the fight.

3. Morgana

We come to the very end of this list, and Morgana is in third place. Morgana and her chains are something we don’t want to see in the lane. Her crowd control lasts surprisingly long, which is more than enough time for her enemies to be dead. 

Morgana has two crowd control abilities, namely Q by which she disables enemies, and the next is her ult which also has the ability to disable all enemy champions who find themselves in her ult zone to become helpless statues.

And her secret is that she has the ability to block crowd control on herself, a win-win situation for Morgana.

2. Blitzcrank

As if the hook from Thresh isn’t getting on our nerves enough, we also have the most famous hook in the League of Legends. Ladies and gentlemen, one and only, Blitzcrank! Blitzcrank is one of the most hated champions precisely because of its crowd control hook. 

Don’t be surprised by the fact that Blitzcrank is one of the most commonly banned champions in ranked games. His only task is to hit his enemies with his hook and then give them electroshock therapy. Pikachu, is that your brother?

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1. Leona

Leona is our No. 1 on this list, her crowd control is so effective that this list cannot pass without her. With its Q ability, she can crowd control her enemies using her next auto-attack. And only her sword!

You should avoid this if you find yourself across from Leona because if Leona catches you with her sword she will automatically cling to you and give you a kiss of death. 

Oh, sweet Leona! Admittedly, she will summon the sun to burn his enemies. How romantic. We think these are enough reasons for Leona to remain the queen of crowd control in the League of Legends. Worship the queen, peasants.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has clarified enough for you why crowd control is important in the League of Legends and why champions who have quality crowd control can turn the game in their team’s favor. 

When choosing a champion do not neglect crowd control, the more crowd control the greater the chance that your team will win the match. Good luck and have fun!

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