Top 7 Best Champions Against Squishies in League of Legends

As you all know, League of Legends is a very complex game, which involves the knowledge of many different champions in order to succeed in ranked play. Although every champion in League of Legends is different, there are still some broad guidelines that can be applied when it comes to what exactly makes a champion strong or weak against another. There are also dozens of different statistics that help determine this, but one thing that’s usually very important is range – how far away a character can attack from. 

Some champions have long-range abilities which make them deadly to use against short-ranged heroes, especially if the ability has high output or applies negative effects like slowing or silencing. With more than 140 champions in total (and new ones getting added pretty often), there are bound to be some that are better than others in certain situations. In this article, I will be talking about 7 champions that I think are particularly good at dismantling the high-priority targets during team fights.

As a small note, before we begin, I would like to mention that all of these champions have a form of hard crowd control (CC) in their kit. CC abilities can stun, root, or slow an enemy, making them much easier to kill. Champions with a lot of CC are very valuable in any situation, but especially when going up against high-damage enemies. 

For example, Ryze has snare and root; Jarvan IV has a knock-up and slow; Anivia has stun and slow. The reason I feel the need to put this in is because it’s going to be very difficult for squishy champions with no escape abilities to get away from any one of these champions once they’re within range. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at who made my list:

1. Renekton

Renekton has become one of my favorite top lane picks recently due to his immense strength against other melee champs. Renekton is a melee champion that can deal some serious damage if left unchecked. His abilities are mostly focused on close-range combat, so make sure you keep your distance if you don’t want to get hit. His Cull the Meek ability strikes twice on a target, meaning if he whittles down them down low enough with this spell and his Ruthless Predator combo, it’s an easy kill for your team. The fact that Renekton has such high defensive stats also means he can survive against two or three champions who try to tower dive him. Be careful about diving Renekton yourself, though; his Slice and Dice is a great escape tool.

2. Skarner

This time around we’re looking at an aggressive jungler: Skarner! Despite not having any gap-closers (like Lee Sin’s Resonating Strike), your team will be thankful for you shutting down enemy carries as quickly as possible with the help of Fracture (E) and Impale. Skarner’s attack range isn’t very long, so it’s likely that you’ll have to stick around after using those two abilities if you want to keep your target in range until they die.

Skarner’s Crystalline Exoskeleton (W) gets rid of this problem and acts as a damage buff, so Impale will deal even more damage. Finally, his ultimate, Dragon Strike (R), is great for initiating a fight or chasing down an enemy. The movement speed bonus it provides can be very helpful in getting close to your target.

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3. Trundle

Trundle is another great pick against teams with a lot of squishies as he can not only keep them from escaping with Subjugate (R) but also has plenty of tools to poke down enemies. Trundle’s main strengths are his durability and crowd control immunity. These allow him to survive in the middle of fights and disrupt enemies with his abilities. He can easily peel enemies off of his teammates, allowing them to deal damage without interruption. 

The movement speed from Chomp (Q) and the attack damage from Frozen Domain (W) will help you whittle down your target before going in for the kill, which is always a plus! Chomp will also give you a nice chunk of health back if it successfully stuns an enemy champion, so remember that even if you’re low health after using it. Overall, Trundle may not be the strongest champion in terms of damage, but his abilities make him a valuable asset in any team.

4. Vi

Vi – A versatile fighter with large amounts of crowd control and damage, she is one of those rare champions who can be built in multiple ways to fit different team compositions. Vi’s kit is built for destroying tanks and playmaking, meaning that if you’re able to get ahead as her she will do wonders keeping carries out of team fights. Vault Breaker (Q) does quite a bit of damage early on, but it also allows you to close the gap on ranged champions. 

Her Denting Blows (W) is great for shredding armor, making it easier to take down tanky opponents. It can also be used in combination with Vault Breaker to quickly dispatch targets. Complementing her last two abilities, her Relentless Force (E) ability adds even more damage on top of them. And to finish things off, we have her ultimate, Cease and Desist. Undoubtedly her best ability, it stuns her target for 1.5 seconds, allowing her to pick off low-health targets with little to no effort.

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5. Zed

Next up is my all-time favorite champion in the game, Zed. Zed is a champion that requires a lot of skill to use properly, a bursty assassin that can easily take down enemies if played correctly. His Razon Shuriken (Q), apart from providing a lot of damage to his kit, also serves as a great tool for zoning enemies early on. His Living Shadow (W), arguably his most important ability, allows Zed to make a “shadow” clone of himself which can replicate Zed’s shurikens and his Shadow Slash (E), as well as giving him the option to swap places with his copy. 

Zed’s ultimate (Top 10 coolest abilities in LoL, btw) Death Mark (R) is his most powerful ability. When using it, Zed dashes toward his opponent, leaving behind a shadow clone of himself (that he can swap places with), and marks his opponent for 3 seconds. For the next 3 seconds, Zed stores a percentage of all pre-mitigation physical damage and magic damage he and his Zed’s shadows deal to the marked target, detonating at the end of the duration to deal physical damage.

Overall, Zed is a very dangerous champion if played correctly. He can easily take down enemies and deal a lot of damage. Make sure you use his abilities properly and you will be able to easily dominate your opponents.

6. Darius

Darius is powerful at all points of the game, meaning he can punish squishy carries who get too close during team as easily as he punishes tanky targets. Darius’ abilities allow him to deal heavy damage and healing if he can successfully pull off an engage. While using Decimate (Q), Darius swings his axe around himself, dealing damage scaling with enemies’ maximum health, and also heals himself based on how many opponents he hits. His Crippling Strike (W), simple as it is, is an effective basic-attack-empowering ability, that deals significant damage, slows his targets, and also resets his basic attack timer. Apprehend (E) allows Darius to pull in any and all targets hit his axe. This leaves targets airborne for 1 second.

Before getting to his ultimate, let’s briefly mention his passive, Hemorrhage. Darius’ damaging basic attacks and abilities apply a stack of Hemorrhage to affected enemies for 5 seconds, dealing them physical damage every 1.25 seconds over the duration, stacking up to 5 times, and refreshing the duration from subsequent damaging attacks and abilities.

His ultimate ability, Noxian Guillotine is his most brutal yet. When activated, Darius attempts to execute his target, leaping toward them to deal huge amounts of damage (increased by the number of Hemorrhage stacks), and granting true sight of the area around for 2.5 seconds. If the target dies i.e gets executed, Darius can re-cast his ability within 20 seconds at no cost, which then refreshes on further executions. At rank 3, his R has 0 mana cost and no recast timer.

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7. Rengar

Rengar is a melee, assassin champion with a playstyle that focuses on getting in and out of fights as fast as possible. His kit and abilities allow him to close the gap, deal a high amount of burst damage, and then get out. He is an assassin that can set up kills using his ultimate, which grants vision over the target area for a long duration. He’s also got his own unique kind of resource — Ferocity.

Unseen Predator (passive) enables Rengar to gain 1 ferocity whenever he performs certain actions or kills an enemy champion. This is what makes his Q, W, and E abilities scale with AD. Ferocity stacks up to 5 times, at which point it empowers Rengar’s next non-ultimate ability cast. The last stack goes away if Rengar loses sight of his target(s) or doesn’t have a new one for 15 seconds after capturing 5 ferocity/stacks. 

This passive, combined with his ultimate ability, Thrill of the Hunt (R), make Rengar one hella deadly kitty-cat. Overall, Rengar is a very strong assassin that can easily take down enemies. His abilities allow him to stay in fights for a long time and deal a lot of damage. Make sure to use his abilities to your advantage and you will be able to dominate easily.

These are my go-to champions when looking to absolutely dominate games. And yeah, sure, some of them might be high-risk picks, but hey, if all else fails you can just protect your team’s carries so they go unharmed while whittling down tanks and bruisers, though if you ask me, that isn’t nearly as fun as making sure no one wants to fight you. Good luck out there Summoners—you might want to try one of these champions out the next time you queue up for a game!

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