10 Best Teamfight Champions in League of Legends

One of the most extreme events in the game, teamfights often happen to secure an objective like killing a dragon, herald, or baron, granting your team many advantages over the enemy. Teamfights are moments where you need to give everything you’ve got to get everything you want, moments where you try to outsmart the enemy to get a step closer to ending the game in victory. 

To achieve all that, you will need some strong champions on your team, equipped with lots of health, armor, crowd control, and other abilities that deal fair amounts of damage. But what are the greatest and most reliable champions when it comes to situations like these? In this article, we’ll talk about some of them, bringing out their strengths and flaws, giving you a wide specter of champions that you can use to be victorious in your next ranked game.

10. Azir

Mainly played as a mage in the midlane, Azir and his soldiers wreak havoc when poking the enemy and turning tables in teamfights.

His kit consists of powerful sand soldiers that shove their spears inside other players’ guts alongside Azir’s attacks, dealing lots of damage and slowing the enemy in the process of doing so. He is very dependent on his soldiers because they can be used either aggressively or as an escape plan. But to play Azir in ranked games and wipe out the whole team, you will need a lot of practice in the range and also in normal games for the sake of learning his mechanics.

Prime reasons to pick Azir and dominate in teamfights are: Can be used as teamfight initiator thanks to his combos; His ability to separate enemy tanks from their carries with his ultimate, allowing him and his team to safely devour the prey; Exceptional at poking and dealing lots of damage to enemies who dare to get close to him; Having simple escape plan when things go wrong;

9. Fiddlesticks

The scarecrow and all its glory undeniably are among the best champions to have on your team when it comes to teamfights. As good as he is during teamfights, Fiddlesticks dominates the jungle as his primary role.

Notoriously known for his ultimate fearing ability, Fiddlesticks represents one of the more extraordinary champions capable of engaging and providing decent crowd control to entire teams who are clueless of his presence. Having a powerful area of effect damage kit and providing reasonable crowd control for his team with his fear, Fiddlestick can fit very well with any team composition. The only drawback when playing Fiddlesticks is that he doesn’t have any escape ability, which can be very useful after exhausting his whole kit with very long cooldowns.

So here are the reasons why Fiddlesticks is a must pick champion for the late game experience filled with lots of teamfights that need to be won: Without vision wards placed around the jungle, enemies are vulnerable because Fiddle’s ultimate is unavoidable; He can deal fair amounts of damage to multiple targets in the same time; His abilities crowd-control oriented and rationally using them gives his team the advantage in teamfights;

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8. Malphite

The precious rock in League, Malphite, stands still for one of the best toplaners in the game. Easy to play, filling the gaps in your team in terms of tankiness, utility, and outstanding teamfight bruiser.

He is a decent front line that synergizes well with any team comp you throw at him. When it comes to teamfights, his job is simple – holding off enemy tanks from getting too close to his carry. Additionally, he is a great teamfight initiator as he slams onto enemy squishies and one-shooting them with his ultimate. His build is versatile, can be played as a beefy tank with lots of health and armor, making him a tough time for the enemy, or full AP build to have some fun one-shooting anything in his sight.

If it’s hard for you to get out of your low-elo hell, then Malphite is the champion to call because he is very effective. It represents one hell of a top laner that is strong enough against a fair amount of champions. And another good reason why Malphite is good at teamfights is the tankiness that allows him to distract enemies from the fundamental objectives until his teammates catch up with the action.

7. Gnar

Gnar is another monster bruiser from the top lane, which slams enemies in the ground who dare fight him. But For him to be effective in teamfights, he must have his passive up and ready to make him a beast that deals enormous blows to the enemy.

Fortunately, Gnar is not as useless as you might think so. While in his standard form, he has a significant advantage over any other toplaner because his basic attacks are ranged and very annoying to deal with. That’s not it, he also has increased mobility, and many ranged abilities to help him score some easy kills. The best part when playing Gnar is the satisfaction you get when you see the red bar is filled, indicating that you are ready to destroy whole teams with his ultimate by slamming and stunning them onto nearby walls, allowing your team to finish the job.

To sum up Gnar’s enormous teamfight potential, here are three reasons why you should try him out: 1. With his ultimate, he can quickly push off enemies out of specific objectives that can be valuable for your team; 2. Gnar can hunt and kill enemies endlessly; 3. He has reliable jump ability with great range that can be used either for offense or defense.

6. Brand

The fireboy Brand is a mighty champion for late-game and teamfights. He can be played in the middle lane or as mage support, dealing with lots of damage and stunning the enemy.

Brand does an excellent job at harassing enemy players by simply dealing a ton of damage and stunning them in doing so. Brand is so OP in teamfights because his ultimate ability can bounce up to 5 times off enemies isis dealing enormous sums of damage. His ultimate also is applying burn damage to those affected, which is scaled by their max health. The only drawback in Brand’s kit is the lack of mobility and escaping abilities, making him an easy target after he unleashes all of his abilities.

Nevertheless, Brand’s kit is oriented toward dealing with significant damage and providing the team with fair amounts of CC. He is a substantial source of magic damage when your team consists of many attack damage champions. Furthermore, his passive Is very powerful, dealing max health percentage damage when using Brand’s abilities. We can add that he can win fights against multiple enemies alone if grouped.

5. Amumu

The sad mummy always cries, flooding entire teams with his despair. Tanky jungler with some exciting abilities best suited for winning teamfights and overall late-game experience.

Equipped with lots of AoE abilities, Amumu serves as an excellent, engaging tool allowing him access to hiding carries in the backlines. The most efficient ability in his kit is the ultimate that casts out a vast circle that can stun enemies caught within its range. Then, his Q ability is used to chase down running squishies that are vulnerable, also used as escape ability.

Amumu is very dependent on the late game, but he is a great engage tool to initiate fights. His ultimate is so powerful that he can stun the entire enemy team, making him one of the strongest junglers capable of outputting pretty decent amounts of damage in teamfights.

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4. Hecarim

Death rising from the gutters of the jungle, Hecarim is one agile horse that can run down anything in his path.

The faster he runs, the more damage he deals, increasing his chances of successful gank or roaming anywhere on the map. Let’s not forget about his deadly ultimate. If you are playing against him and suddenly feel that it’s too quiet – run cause he will be hunting for you and your teammates. Going for a tanky bruiser build makes Hecarim ideal for teamfights, ganks, tower dives, and much more.

Hecarim is a decent champion to have in teamfight for the reasons that if he has his ultimate up and ready, and it is impossible to run away from him; very good at engaging and clearing the path for his team; his ability to scale self heal as he fights with more enemies;

3. Galio

It’s a bird – no, it’s a plane – no, it is Galio making an entrance from the skies crushing anything he lands on.

This mid-lane mage is all about protecting allies who wander off in scary places and find themselves in challenging situations. Galio is also a good crowd control provider for teamfights and similar things. Even if his main role is midlaner, he can be played as tanky support that deals fair amounts of magic damage and CC while stomping enemies. Additionally, in Galio’s kit, there is a decent movement ability that can be used as an escape or to initiate and disengage enemies, further helping him gain advantages over the enemy in teamfights. 

Galio can bring out terrifying high damage in the right hands when he uses his full combo. In teamfights, he is pretty good at taunting one or multiple opponents, making easy kills; using his ultimate at the right time when teamfights happen can tremendously help steer the momentum to his team.

2. Diana

Picking Diana for a midlaner is never a bad idea. This master assassin specializes in getting in, killing, and getting out safely.

Packed with dashes that can be refreshed once hit on the right enemy, Diana can quickly initiate teamfights or safely evade them using this ability. She has a very high damage output, especially on her third auto-attack, which is also her passive. Playing against Diana’s mains is unpredictable as they can do many things in a flash of a second, taking you down. Her ultimate ability is not something you forget; as you feel gravitational forces pulling you towards her, she deals massive damage to you and your teammates caught up in her rampage.

Diana represents an awesome engage tool that makes your gameplay more enjoyable and can shield herself and deal damage. She can get the upper hand with her stunning ultimate and punish every player that is grouped up, thinking they stand a chance against her.

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1. Yone

Brother to the most hated champion in the league’s history – Yasuo, Yone is not as agile as his brother, but he is equipped with lots of abilities to catch up and exceed his brother.

Making quite the noise in the middle lane, Yone is the compelling pick that scales as time goes on. He has a shield increasing as he’s fighting off enemy champions, pointing to his ability to be sustainable in teamfights and dueling. Further, having execution ultimately adds to the many advantages of having Yone on your side in a team fight. The more enemies he gets caught in his ultimate radius, the more powerful it gets, knocking them up and dealing massive blows. It can even be used to escape from any threat.

Fighting alongside his brother makes a pretty darn good combination. Even without him, Yone is an excellent pick for the late game, and teamfights due to his abilities keep him alive and sustainable with the spice of lifesteal. Also, using his ultimate is a great way to start a fight in which you will be victorious.

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