How to Prevent Tilt in League of Legends

Tilt is one of the worst things a gamer can experience. It makes players play worse than they usually do. I’ll give a rundown for those who do not know what tilt is, and I bet it’ll sound familiar. 

To tilt or be tilted means being so angry at a game that it affects your gameplay and overall mood. Everyone gets mad occasionally, especially in a game like League of Legends. But tilt is beyond anger. When a player is tilted, they see no hope for winning, and every little thing that happens feels like a ton of bricks dropped on their head. 

I hope I’ve done a good job describing tilt for you, and it’s likely that you’ve experienced the feeling, even if you didn’t know there was a name for it. Combating tilt is a crucial skill for players that wish to improve or have fun when they play. That’s why I’ve put together this list of tilt tips that I’ve collected during my 10+ years of playing League of Legends. I’ve gathered these tips from my experience, other players, and high-elo content creators. 

1. Take a Short Break

This one may seem obvious, but many players never take breaks when they’re tilted and will just keep chugging after a losing streak. I know I do, at least. When I’m angry after losing a game or two, all I want to do is play again and try to squeeze out one win. The truth is that if I manage to grab that one win while tilted (unlikely), I’m just going to push my luck and play again.

When on a losing streak, be honest with yourself and assess if you’re tilted. If you are, play something else for a little bit. Even taking an hour-long break to play a fun, casual game will improve your mentality immensely and leave you feeling fresh and ready to hop back on the Rift.

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2. Take a Long Break

Tilt can last much longer than a few games or even an entire day. Tilt can last weeks. I’ve gone weeks feeling like picking up a win was nearly impossible, and it probably was with that attitude. I questioned my own skills, Riot’s matchmaking, and League in general. 

I discovered that when the game stops being fun, the best thing to do is stop playing it. Take a few days off, or even a few weeks off. Your mechanics may be rusty when you come back, but your mental health will thank you. 

My favorite part about long breaks is that they help me think about the game in new ways, making me a better player. If someone is constantly playing a game, there’s not much time to think about mistakes, strategy, etc. From anecdotal experience, taking a week off allows me to improve my decision-making and game sense and break bad habits because I give my brain time to digest all of the little things that happen during a game of League of Legends. 

3. Play Casually with Friends

League of Legends is a fun game, and it’s very easy to forget that when you play competitively. Sometimes the best thing to do is queue up with a group of good friends and run some fun team compositions. Play Teemo ADC, bring five Teleports, just have fun with the game. 

Playing League casually is a great way to rejuvenate your love for the game and remind you of why you downloaded it in the first place. If you do not have any friends that play League, then solo queue up for ARAM or some norms. If you want to play something fun and off-meta, then clear it with your team, and maybe they’ll even join you. 

This is similar to the advice of taking breaks, but instead of taking a full break, you can take a break from trying hard. This will prevent your mechanics from getting rusty while also allowing your brain to relax and return to a positive place. 

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4. Focus on Improving Over Winning

Bad teammates are one of the most prominent causes of tilt. I won’t lie, it sucks when a game feels completely unwinnable due to teammates. When you’re a Jungler and every lane loses, or when you’re Bot lane and get hard camped by every other lane (and no one pings MIA). Not every game is winnable, but that doesn’t need to deter you. 

Instead of basing your League of Legends success on whether or not you win, base it on how well you played. Set goals for each game, and try to meet those goals. If your notice you usually farm poorly, set a CS goal. If you play Jungle and always get out-ganked, focus on ganks and counter ganks. This way, even if you lose the game, you can look back and see if you have reached your goals. Turn your short-term losses into long-term victories. Professionals across all fields of life have used this mindset and method. 

5. All the Time in the World

This topic is a bit of a philosophical one. It’s some advice I saw in a Youtube video almost a decade ago, but it completely shifted my mindset. A lot of people tilt when they lose or make a bad play because they feel like their time has been wasted when they lose. Winning one game just to lose the next makes it feel like that first game didn’t even matter. This is a problem with our mindsets. 

There is no time limit. You’re free to lose as much as you want. League of Legends is not going to go anywhere. You could lose 100 games in a row over a month. Guess what? There’s still next month, the month after that, and the one after that. Take your time, focus on improving, and remember that you have all the time in the world to win. 

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In Summary

Yeah, tilt sucks, and there’s no getting around that. There’s no silver bullet for tilt since everyone tilts for different reasons. However, we can still lessen the effects of tilt on our mind and minimize its impact on our mood and, more importantly, our rank (joking). 

I hope some of my advice rings true with you. As I said, this is all advice that I’ve collected over a decade of playing League of Legends, so I consider myself a tilt veteran. I still haven’t mastered tilt, but utilizing this advice has helped me prevent huge loss streaks and made me enjoy the game much more. 

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