Top 7 Best Christmas Skins in League of Legends

Tis’ the season to be jolly, and to spend our hard earned Christmas cash on some Holiday themed League of Legends skins. In this article I’m going to be going over, what I think are, the best Christmas skins in the game. Keep in mind, everything in this article is my opinion and your opinion might be different. And that’s okay! If you promise to keep your spirits high and stay merry while you read this, then I promise to keep the Christmas lingo to a minimum. 

7. Nutcracko

Yes, I chose the old splash art on purpose. Other than Shaco being my favorite champ in the game (sue me), this is one of my favorite splash arts in the game. It’s such a simple image, yet conveys an ominous story and completely contrasts the jolly spirit of Christmas. Shaco as a nutcracker makes complete sense, for whatever twisted reason, and his Jack in the Box fits right into place as well. 

The only reason this skin is right at the top of this list is that I think its in-game animations are a bit underwhelming. None of them really scream “Christmas” and they aren’t very different from his default skin. The only saving grace for the model and animations is the fact that Nutcracko’s dagger looks like it hits like a ton of bricks. 

6. Re-Gifted Amumu

This is probably my favorite LoL Christmas skin that has ever been, or will ever be released. I strategically put it at number 6 so that you know this list isn’t biased. I love this skin because it fits our favorite mummy so well. It’s hilariously depressing how this little guy just can’t catch a break, not even on Christmas. 

The best part about this skin, for me, is how I wouldn’t have thought of it in a million years, yet it makes complete sense. The splash art looks clean and colorful and is just all-around pleasant to look at. Unfortunately, like Nutcracko, this skin falls a bit flat once you get in game. The model looks fine, but there is nothing special about the animations or abilities. In my opinion, Riot missed some good opportunities to throw in some spirited animations. 

Perhaps Amumu’s Q could’ve been made of his ribbon, his tears could’ve been made of gumdrops, or his ult could’ve left behind some Christmasy runes and marks. All of that aside, though, I still love this skin strictly due to its concept being so funny and it fitting Amumu so perfectly.

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5. Snow Day Syndra

Gonna be completely transparent here. Syndra is on here because of the snowballs. I love when things are simple and make sense, and Syndra chucking around a bunch of snowballs just makes sense. I think it’s a really fun skin idea, and kinda obvious if I’m being honest so it’s a good thing Riot gave it to us. Granted, if you just wanted to nail people with snowballs, you could play Nunu and Willump for free. 

This skin is a bit of a sleeper because the splash art for it is a little bit underwhelming, but once you take her in game, Syndra looks amazing. First of all, her outfit is clean. The baby blue sweater and fur coat combo are something you’d see out of an old James Bond movie. Couple this with her smooth animations and sick sickle effects and you have a recipe for one cool skin.

4. Workshop Nunu 

I had to pay homage to the old guard, and this is by far my favorite skin in the first set of Christmas skins. I won’t lie, most reworks don’t sit well with me and I’ll find myself pretty nostalgic for the old art and mechanics of certain champs. However, the new Nunu (& Willump) has grown on me and I’ve come to love his new playstyle and art. Just look at how adorable and fluffy Willump looks with those bushy brows and that big red nose. 

This skin also translates incredibly well in game. The animators really outdid themselves. There’s a funny snowman animation, and Nunu’s classic snowball has a magical aura surrounding it. If you have a sensitive heart, though, I’d recommend never ever watching the death animation. With all that being said, I think I’d trade every single one of my presents for the chance to give Willump some fat head pats. 

3. Snowmerdinger

Okay, I hate putting this hideous Yordle disgrace ahead of Workshop Nunu, and quite frankly, I hate looking at his ugly face in general. But from a completely objective standpoint, even I have to admit, it’s a pretty sick skin. This doesn’t mean I want to see it on the rift. Quite the opposite, actually. 

I hope and pray that no one reads this article, discovers this skin, and proceeds to tilt me off the face of the Earth with it. Unfortunately, I have to abide by an honor system and include Snowmerdinger. Snowmerdinger comes out in the top 3 League of Legends Christmas skins because it kills every aspect of being a skin. Its splash art looks epic, yet it is still goofy and fun because of how ridiculous the whole situation is. The model is amazing; the candy cane canes, the dumb little carrot nose, and that top hat all meld together so well and create the perfect little Holiday Hellion. 

On top of a fantastic model, Snowmerdinger also sports some pretty jolly ability animations. All of his stupid little toxic turrets are now in the shape of stupid little toxic sleighs, and his ult shows them off amazingly. My personal favorite part of this skin is the death animation. Just kidding, of course, it’s the gingerbread rocket he blasts off with when he recalls.

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2. Ice King Twitch

First off, we have to talk about how awesome this splash art looks. Twitch looks like a whole dragon looming over the golden lights of the city. Speaking of golden, I love the colors used in this artwork. The white and blue combination looks so clean and crisp. It’s like night and day compared to Twitch’s dirty, grimy default skin. 

Combine these colors with the intricate details of Twitch’s Christmas attire, and you have one stunning Rat. While the splash art is great, this skin really shines on the Rift. Ice King Twitch probably has the best in-game animations of this entire list. All of his abilities are now an icy blue color, and they incorporate a mix of snowflakes and icicles. 

The animations are smooth as butter, and the model is beautifully detailed. To top all of these wonderful things off, this skin has chromas! Most of them are soft pastel colors, but for more dangerous players, there is an obsidian one available. Words really can’t do this skin justice, which is why it landed at number 2 on this list but there is one skin I like just a little bit more. 

1. Santa Braum

This may ruffle some Poro fur. I didn’t want to populate this list with a bunch of Santa skins, and some players may prefer Gragas’s big ol’ belly to Braum’s bulging abs… But come on, just look at that splash art. Braum in all of his jolly glory surrounded by presents and reindeer-antlered Poros. 

It doesn’t get more wholesome than that. Just thinking about this skin makes me feel all warm inside and forces me into the Holiday spirit. Beyond the wholesome presentation, I just love the number of little details the artist put into this image. Braum checking his naughty list, Rudolph on his shoulder, the stack of presents next to him, it all just comes together so lovingly. 

You can just tell they had so much fun creating this splash art, and it radiates through the screen. As I type this, I’m slowly convincing myself to make this my desktop background for the rest of December. 

So there you have it! Our list of the top Christmas skins in League of Legends. If I helped you find new skins to try out this winter, then I’ve already done my job. I hope you enjoyed the read, and that you have a fantastic Holiday Season! 

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