7 Best Mobility Champions in League of Legends

Mobility is one of the fundamental building blocks of League combat, as both an exciting and necessary tool to keep other players at the range or close in as a melee. There are places where mobility has been crept up, including a few items that have gone beyond the limits of where they should be. 

While some champions like Hecarim, Rammus, Talon and Taliyah are some of the most mobiles in the game in terms of getting across the map, they don’t feature on this list as we are looking at mobility during fights on the rift.

Mobility has such potential for great game plays on the rift, while also being insanely fun to play. Combining mobility items with these abilities can cause you to wreck the rift harder than before!

1. Akshan

Is it any surprise that one of the newest champions is the most mobile in the game? Recently Riot has been laser-focused on making mobile champs that can create fun and dynamic plays on the rift.

Akshan’s kit is extremely mobile. If the build focuses on mobility, Akshan can be extremely difficult to deal with.

Why Akshan has great mobility:

Passive Dirty Fighting: When Akshan attacks an enemy, he fires an additional attack with reduced damage, however, if he cancels this attack, he gains movement speed.

W Going Rogue: When Akshan activates this ability, he gains movement speed as he enters camouflage when moving towards marked enemies known as Scoundrels. However, he needs to stay in the brush or near terrain to maintain his camouflage.

E Heroic Swing: Akshan fires his grappling hook into terrain. Then he swings around it in an arc while firing at the nearest enemy.

R Comeuppance: This ability is similar to a mobile version of Caitlyn’s ultimate. Akshan locks onto a target and charges up bullets. He then releases the bullets and deals damage to the first champion, minion or structure. This ultimate works well with his other mobile abilities.

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2. Rakan

One half of the Xayah-Rakan combo, Rakan is a highly mobile support champion. He can help his allies through his mobility. While active, Rakan damages all enemies he comes into contact with and charms and slows them by 75% for a duration. This cannot affect the same enemy more than once. 

This may only occur once per champion. Often his mobility is heightened by buying items such as Mobility Boots or Shurelya’s Battle song. Due to his mobility, he has been seen in different roles on the rift, however, never in the Meta of the game. When Rakan faces the first champion from enemy side, movement speed is increased by 75% and this speed decreases about 60% in 1.5 seconds after first collision.

Why Rakan has great mobility:

W Grand Entrance: Rakan can dash to an area and knock up any enemies in that area.

E Battle Dance: Using this ability to shield an ally, Rakan flies to that champion and gains the ability to recast it once more.

R The Quickness: Rakan gains huge movement speed as he charms and deals magic damage to any enemies hit.

3. Kassadin

A lot of champions on this list rely on specific “conditions” for their mobility.

Talon requires terrain, Yasuo needs minion waves or nearby opponents, and Lillia needs to slap the enemy with magical dream dust.

But Kassadin? (Or should I say, Kassawin?)

Nope. As soon as he hits level 6, he can blink to a new location multiple times in a row at just one click of a button. The only “condition” is his mana cost, which doesn’t matter once he gains a few mana-granting items (and his W ability also makes his basic attacks restore mana).

But what truly makes Kassawin deserving of the no.1 spot?

Most high mobility champions are incredibly hard to master. Kassadin is – surprisingly – a relatively beginner-friendly champion. So yep, you can play Kassadin and have fun without needing to spend all your nights practising combos in the practice tool. Sure, Kassadin might not be the flashiest champion out there. But no other champion can rival his mobility (and damage) once he hits his power spike.

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4. Akali

Akali is a pain to play against especially if you are playing a champion with a lot of skill shots. She’s fast, hard to hit and a damage dealer. A real pain.

Items such as Lich Bane help increase Akali’s movement speed. Are you a sadist that finds great pleasure in one-shotting your opponent every time they get back to lane?

Then you’ll love Akali.

She’s a highly mobile assassin that can dive right into a fight, take out the squishiest enemy in an instant, and then escape without a single scratch. Besides her mobility and high burst damage, Akali’s kit also has tons of slows, which will prevent even other mobile champions from escaping her lethal grasp.

Plus she can abuse virtually any melee champion early, allowing her to gain lane priority and kill pressure from the get-go. While an all-around mobile assassin, Akali has a high skill cap and is pretty vulnerable to hard CC. Engaging at the wrong time will leave you staring at a grey screen.

Why Akali has great mobility:

W Twilight Shroud: Akali throws down some smoke, gains invisibility when in the cloud and gains some movement speed. E Shuriken Flip: Akali does a backflip and throws a shuriken forward. If she strikes the enemy with this power, she can recast it to marked enemy. R Perfect Execution: Akali performs a leap, damaging any enemies she hits. When she recasts the ability, she jumps in that direction and executes all enemies she collides.

5. Pyke

It is the most supported champion in online games. He can use his mobility in a multitude of ways that allow him to close the gap, stun and assist with team fights and kills.

If you’ve played against a Pyke as a squishy champion, you’ll know the fear his mobility causes, especially if his build maximizes the mobility aspects of his kit (such as Youmuu’s Ghost blade).

Why Pyke has great mobility:

W Ghost water Dive: Pyke camouflages himself, greatly increasing his movement speed and activating his passive allowing him to regenerate health. E Phantom Undertow: Pyke dashes leaving behind a shadow of himself that eventually catches up with him. When it does, it stuns any enemies it passes through. R Death from Below: While his ultimate isn’t the most mobile, Pyke blinks to a location to execute his enemies.

6. Rengar

Rengar is a vicious hunter of the vastayan trophy which spends his life please himself by tracking and terminating the creatures which are dangerous. He moves all around the globe and faces very dangerous enemies present in the society, especially to any signal of Kha’Zix, who is the empty creature that has taken its own eye. Rengar hunts down his enemies not in search of food or fame, but for the perfect beauty of the pursuit. 

There is a reason why some players refer to Rengar as a “Scary Kitty”. His ability to jump out of the bush and attack is enough to give you a jumpscare, while also killing your squishy champs. 

If Rengar builds mobile items such as Youmuu’s Ghost blade, especially for its active ability, you’ll know fear on the rift. He is doing these marvels for the betterment of the world. He finds those characters which are dangerous for the society and uses his fearsome to kill them. In this way he is serving the society and trying to free the society from these characters

Why Rengar has great mobility:

Passive Unseen Predator: Rengar when hidden in the bush gains the ability to leap on a target. This ability is very useful when playing Rengar Jungle.

Thrilling hunt: With increased camouflage and speed of movement, Rengar has the ability of quickly catch up on a target and secure the kill.

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 7. Kayn

If you are familiar with Kayn, you know that he can choose between two paths: Shadow Assassin Kayn and Rhaast. The former is best used when the enemy team is squishy and you need to channel the assassin, while the latter is anti-tank. 

An incomparable magician of deadly shadows, Kayn, strives to find his real destiny so that he can lead the order into new era to solve all the issues. He boldly uses the black-and-white instrument known as Rhaast, which can be stopped by its repulsive damage to his mind and body. There can be only possible consequences: either Kayn throws down his weapon at his own desire or the evil scissors devour him completely, and finally destructing the entire Runeterra. It is Shadow Assassin Kayn we are talking about when we say Kayn can go.

Why Kayn has great mobility:

Q Reaping Slash: Dash

 Kayn can cross the walls, allowing him to move across the map at much quicker speeds. R Umbral Trespass: While the ability is not mobility-based, it works well with Kayn’s mobility abilities as he can hide in the enemy’s body and when he secures the kill, he can use his E to getaway.

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