Best Crowd Control Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends has a mechanic called crowd control when a champion casts a spell to immobilize or shut the mobility of a champion down. 

The game has a long list of crowd control spells that you can use during team fights, almost all champions have one or two crowd control abilities, but there are other champions with more CC abilities than others. 

These champions range from supports to tanky top laners that can respond during sudden fights with teleports. This article lists seven champions that you can use in your next game.

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7. Leona

Leona is named the champion with the most CC abilities; she is hyper-aggressive support that can root and stun you for extended durations.

She is also a tanky champion with damage get reduction ability, making her highly annoying to play against. She can stay face to face with your champion and wait for her cooldowns to stun you again. She has an excellent range for a CC ultimate and a significant gap closer.

What Makes Leona An Excellent Crowd Control Champion?

  • She is a durable champion with a gap closer that can be used to play aggressively in the early game. 
  • Her ultimate has a very long casting range that she can use to initiate team fights or even use on one carry champion. This makes her great when champions are trying to disengage. 
  • Her Q is an instant stun that can be immediately inflicted on her enemy.
  • Her basic combos make her easy to learn, even for beginners.
  • Leona’s ultimate is an AOE effect, meaning she can stun multiple enemies during team fights.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

During the early game, Leona can be pretty annoying when she reaches level 3; by this time, she can immediately play aggressively by opening up trade with her E and following it up with a Q to stun an enemy. 

To disengage, she can use her W to gain damage reduction and mitigate the retaliation damage coming from their enemies.

Mid Game Playstyle

During mid-game, Leona’s value stays the same; she can peel or engage for her ADC or build mobility boots and roam the map. 

With her long-range, she can surprise swindle the top or even the mid-lane. She can also accompany her jungler as her combo can easily lock the enemy jungler down for her allied jungler to finish off.

Late Game Playstyle

Leona is a very tanky champion during the late game because of her build and base defensive stats. Her W is also great when receiving long-ranged pokes. 

Leona is the best initiator during the late game because of her long-range ultimate, but if enemies have champions with backline access, she needs to stay beside her ADC.

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6. Nautilus

Nautilus is on par with Leona regarding Crowd controls; he also has a lot of CC abilities and is, if not more durable than Leona. Nautilus is a significant gap-closing CC champion that can easily follow it up with a hard CC by rooting the next target he attacks. 

He is also a tremendous late-game champion because of his durability and long-range ultimate. Nautilus can deal tons of damage during the early game and doesn’t need offensive items to help his ADC kill enemies.

What Makes Nautilus An Incredible Crowd Control Champion?

  • A root can immediately follow up his gap closerot.
  • His Root from his passive can be cast on every enemy, and it doesn’t have a limit on how many units Nautilus can root.
  • His W has a low cooldown that he can use as a defensive and offensive mechanic simultaneously. 
  • Nautilus deals AoE damage with his E and can slow multiple enemies within the proximity of his E’s range.
  • His ultimate can be used on the back line of the enemy team, and it can knock all enemies up as it tries to reach for the champion Nautilus cast it on.
  • His build path leans towards a tanky engage champion making him a great peeler and initiator at the same time.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Nautilus is a support champion most of the time, and he can be pretty annoying if he gains control over the bot lane bushes. 

Play aggressively as you have a significant gap closer, and your W can mitigate the damage you will receive when enemies retaliate.

If your ADC is a late-game champion, you can focus on peeling for them instead and if they are great at the early game, play aggressively until your opposing laners fall in level.

Mid Game Playstyle

During the mid-game is the perfect time for Nautilus to roam the other lanes. 

He can easily swindle lanes because his ultimate and his Q has long casting range, and his CC chain can lock enemies down long enough for his allies to finish them off.

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Late Game Playstyle

If your ADC is a backline champion long-range, try to protect them by staying beside them and only using your ultimate as your initiating ability for a team fight. 

Still, if they can protect themselves, stay at the frontline; your Q works great when picking carries off.

5. Gnar

Gnar can look a cute small champion with little to no damage, but when he is played in the toplane and gains the ranged advantage over many top laners, he can be pretty annoying. 

Not only is he great at poking, but he can also transform to his Mega Gnar form and become a considerable melee champion with lots of CC abilities. 

What Makes Gnar A Great Crowd Control Champion?

  • He can be a very unpredictable CC monster because of his rage mechanic.
  • Gnar’s Q deals tons of damage and can slow enemies down for a considerable amount.
  • His W may be a short-ranged CC, but it can stun multiple enemies as it has a wide width.
  • Gnar’s ultimate can stun all of the opposing team’s champions as long as there is a wall to slam them into. 
  • He can use his E to use his rage meter and transform to Mega Gnar; he can also use his ultimate mid-jump to surprise stun all of their enemies.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Gnar is usually played in the top lane and is often matched with a melee top laner. This is great because Gnar has a ranged advantage over melee champions as long as they don’t have gap closers. 

Gnar can bully enemies out of minion range with his basic attacks and Q; if enemies manage to get close to him, use your E to get away.

Mid Game Playstyle

During the mid-game, you can best stay in your lane and scale with farming as fast as possible and pushing your lane. 

Leave your lane only if you will teleport to the bot lane or help your jungler invade. Otherwise, stay in your lane and push the enemy turret as fast as possible.

Late Game Playstyle

During the late game, regroup with your team and always try to deward. Stack your passive as often as possible so you will always be ready for your transformation. 

When team fights erupt, do not be the initiator. Instead, use your ultimate when the fight is ongoing. This way, enemies won’t be able to think about countering your ultimate.

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4. Rell

Rell is one of the less popular champions in the game because of her boring playstyle, but if you get to master her, she is a great all-rounder CC champion. 

Her abilities are extraordinary from start to finish; no matter what phase you are in, she can be a great initiator. She also has one of the most decisive early games, but only if she is supporting.

What Makes Rell A Great Crowd Control Champion?

  • Rell has a way of staying close to enemies the entire time of the fight, and this is great as she can use this to her advantage and wait for her cooldowns to CC her enemies again.
  • Having armor as your central theme as a champion means you are very durable. Rell is very tanky even in the early game, which she can abuse and help her ADC achieve early game kills.
  • Her engage has a massive AoE, and she can follow it up with her ultimate to manipulate the movements of the enemies she caught.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

During the early game, Rell is a force to be reckoned with, thanks to her engagement potential. 

She can deal great damage with her abilities in the early game and take little to no punishment, thanks to her incredibly high defensive stats. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Rell’s mid-game depends on her engagement and her ultimate. She can roam other lanes or assist her ADC in achieving more kills. 

Rell can go all-in with her combos even if there are only two targets in the bot lane. Try to go All-in every time the dragon timer is getting closer.

Late Game Playstyle

Rell should stay in the front line during team fights. She can stay beside her ADC if there is enemy backline access; if not, she is a highly durable champion that can shield her allies from poke damage and initiate a multi-kill with her combo.

3. Zac

Zac is one of the best CC champions out there, and because of his OP crowd control and engagement, he once got reworked to keep his abilities in check. He was a tank that could burst enemies down even with no offensive items.

Regardless of the reworks, Zac is still a great CC champion with his long-range engage and ultimate that can knock everybody up.

What Makes Zac A Great Crowd Control Champion?

  • He can easily engage enemies even if he is far away in the jungle thanks to his E, which has a long casting range and AoE knock-up. 
  • Once he successfully lands a knock-up with his E, he can follow it up with a burst from his W and other CC with his Q. 
  • He can follow his engagement up with his ultimate that will displace all enemies, zoning everyone out during team fights.
  • His passive allows him to CC enemies always without the fear of being burnt down as his passive can save him. He can even perform tower dives if he has his passive up.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

As a jungler, focus on clearing your jungle camps as fast as possible and max your E first. Make sure only to engage enemies from the fog of war to get the best results from early game swindles. 

IF you need to trick early, you need to reach level 2 first, as Zac’s Q and E are the only ones you need when swindling lanes.

Mid Game Playstyle

During the mid-game, Ganking should be your main focus if your buffs and primary objectives are down. Zac’s primary purpose is to give his laners an early lead as he isn’t that great in the late game.

Late Game Playstyle

Zac’s value falls off during the late game, but his primary purpose stays the same. Engage enemies from far away and keep using his CC abilities to mess with the positioning of the opposing team. 

2. Zyra

Zyra used to be a mid-lane champion and is rarely used as a support, but now her kit is a better fit for a support role, according to the META. 

Zyra has great early game pokes thanks to her plants, and once she goes all in, she can CC the entire team and deal tons of damage even if all she has are utility items.

What Makes Zyra A Great Crowd Control Champion?

  • Zyra can root multiple enemies with her ability and spawn plants that can damage enemies at the same time. She is a package of poking and CC.
  • She can knock all of the enemies up with her ultimate, and building Crystal Scepter will follow it up with a slow. The Glacial Augment will also allow her to CC enemies for an extended duration.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

During the early game, spawn as many plants as possible, as this is your primary source of damage, and stack your support item. 

CC enemies only if your ADC is prepared to go on an all-in for an early game kill. Otherwise, reserve your CC if enemies close the gap, or the enemy jungler decides to visit your lane.

Mid Game Playstyle

During the mid-game, you might want to focus on pushing your lane further; it is pretty easy to freeze the lane with her plants, so stay in your lane and harass your enemies under their turret.

Late Game Playstyle

During the late game, you can quickly go all-in if somebody initiates a teamfight. Zyra can use her E to lock enemies down in place, spawn her plants, and use her ultimate to knock them all up and deal tons of damage with her amped-up plants inside her ultimate.

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1. Morgana

Being the champion with the longest CC chain makes Morgana one of the best CC champions, which depends on the runes and items she buys. Morgana can be a pretty annoying CC champion, early or late.

What Makes Morgana A Grand Cc Champion?

  • Morgana’s Q has a long casting range and a vast hitbox that different skins can hide.
  • Morgana can build the everfrost to extend the root duration of her Q.
  • Her ultimate can be chained with her Q and everfrost to extend the CC even further, which can last more than 5 seconds. This can be a death sentence for any champion she hits.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

During the early game, Morgana can poke her opposing champions in the bot lane with her Q and W combo; if enemies decide to poke her ADC with abilities, she can quickly put a black shield on her ADC or herself.

Mid Game Playstyle

During mid-game, Morgana can continue poking her enemies for her ADC; she can go all-in with her engages for easier kills. 

She can also zone enemies out when her team takes the dragon or the rift herald. 

Late Game Playstyle

During team fight buildups, focus your Q on the squishiest champion in the opposing team. Morgana alone can kill an enemy champion if they get hit with her Q. 

She can build mage items and still be a great support. She can also be a significant turning point in a team fight if she manages to stun multiple enemies with her ultimate.

Final Thoughts

Crowd Control champions are the backbone of every team composition; they are the ones who initiate and protect their team. 

Without Crowd Control champions, your team will be very vulnerable, and there will be nobody to initiate kills or team fights. Remember that Crowd Control is also a great counter to some of the most overpowered champions in the game, like Master Yi. 

So the next time you play a game, always pick at least one crowd control champion. And if it so happens that the enemy fails to pick CC champions, then feel free to pick champions like Master Yi, Vayne, or even Viego. 

Good luck on your next game’s summoner, GLHF.

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