10 Hottest Female Skins in League of Legends

League of Legends has a number of beautiful female characters who are not homogenous in their physiques, fashion sense, or personalities. There are many excellent articles referring to which female League of Legends characters fans consider to be the most attractive. This article will aim to analyze the ten hottest female League of Legends skins. There’s nothing better than looking at a hot girl and playing League of Legends, so we’ve decided to put our two favorite hobbies together and find the 10 Hottest Female League of Legends Skins!

We searched far and wide for these beauties, and we think we’ve succeeded in finding ten worthy skins (in no particular order). These are some truly stunning women with equally stunning skins, so let’s see who made the cut:

10. Solar Eclipse Leona

If you have followed any League of Legends cosplay, Solar Eclipse Leona may have come up in conversation at least once. With her revealing armor and perfect physique, she is an obvious choice for one of the top ten hottest female LoL skins. Additionally, she looks very similar to other goddesses from Greek mythology, adding to her attractiveness. Her splash art also features her being kissed by a sliver of sunlight, which may be a symbol of her purity and divinity. Although Leona has very few skins, Solari Leona is the most popular skin for this character, and it is not difficult to see why.

9. Spellthief Lux

Spellthief Lux is a champion that few people have heard of, but her skins are often some of the best in League of Legends. The Spellthief line consists of several beautiful women with long hair and unique dress. Many fans call this skin one of the most attractive female League of Legends skins, ranking up there with Solari Leona as one of the top ten hottest female LoL skins. Some even say she looks like a Disney Princess, which is very high praise indeed.

While not as revealing as other characters such as Star Guardian Lux, it presents an alluring look for any outfit choice. Of course, no Spellthief Lux cosplay would be complete without her Wand crafted from gold and topped with a blue gemstone.

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8. Blood Moon Diana

League of Legends has quite a few attractive female characters, but it also has several attractive male characters (looking at you Zed ). However, Blood Moon Diana is one LoL champion that really stands out. This skin is absolutely stunning; there are not many League of Legends skins that can compete with this in terms of attractiveness. Her bright purple eyes and dark-shaded purple hair make her stand out aesthetically, while her armor still shows off enough bare skin to be considered sexy.

Fans often mention how much they enjoy looking at Blood Moon Diana, which is always the sign of an excellent hot female LoL skin. Not to mention her blade Oni Sai which looks like something straight out of Japanese mythology. While not all League of Legends players is familiar with Oni Sai, even the uninitiated will admit she is hot.

7. Shadow Evelynn

Although many League of Legends characters have changed drastically in appearance since their inception, that does not stop certain skins from retaining their original beauty. One such example is Shadow Evelynn, one of the only female LoL champions who has never undergone any major changes in terms of appearance. This skin remains to this day one of the best-looking female League of Legends skins due to its seductive look and revealing armor.

Although it retains Evelynn’s signature demonic appearance, it manages to make her look like a dangerous predator rather than an evil minion. The colors in this skin also manage to not clash with each other, which is always a bonus in the game of attractiveness.

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6. Jade Fang Cassiopeia

Jade Fang Cassiopeia is easily one of the hottest League of Legends skins ever created: firstly, it manages to stay true to its roots as being a snake-like creature, while still looking sexy enough for players to really enjoy it. It has snakes… coming out of her skin! That right there is enough to make some players weak at the knees, but she also looks pretty hot as well – wearing almost nothing on her, leaving her beauty wide open for anyone to gaze at. Not only does Jade Fang Cassiopeia have a great look, but it is complemented by new particles for her abilities that are intense and less vicious.

Even in death, this skin gives you something new, as her death animation is also changed. Jade Fang Cassiopeia checks all the boxes of a sexy LoL skin. And oddly enough, she’s the only case where you’re better off looking at a woman’s body, rather than her eyes. DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH CASS.

5. Battle Bunny Riven

Riven is one of the many female LoL champions who like to wear very little clothing, but it suits her so well that it’s hard to care. Battle Bunny Riven is a common skin that was released in 2012. This skin is based on a community suggestion from the League of Legends forums which ended being the most upvoted forum thread ever. Her skin manages to stand out as being one of the best in League of Legends: firstly, her hair is now a shade of white/silver – which we’re totally cool with – and the outfit itself is pretty hot.

It doesn’t actually cover much at all, and there’s plenty of cleavage on a show for anyone who wants to take a peek. Although there are several model changes, new particles, and animations there are no new sounds included with this skin. So unfortunately you’ll have to make your own bunny noises while you play!

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4. Aether Wing Kayle

Possibly one of the few skins that are actually more attractive than the original, Aether Wing Kayle takes everything that is good about Kayle’s appearance and makes it even better. Her hair remains the same color but instead of being loose, it is tied up into two buns on either side of her head.

The rest of her outfit leaves little to be desired as far as attractiveness goes. While Sivir has often been hailed as one of the sexiest female League of Legends characters, Aether Wing Kayle proves to be much hotter – despite being less revealing. Not only does she have wings coming out of her back, but she also has the ability to fly, which impresses even the pickiest League of Legends players.

3. Sakura Karma

Sakura Karma is one of the best League of Legends female skins in part because it manages to look cute while still being attractive. While Riot has often made very revealing skins (due to them wanting players to show off their characters), this skin manages to avert that trope by giving her clothes that would not be out of place in an anime about schoolgirls. The cherry blossoms flying around her make it seem like she is almost ethereal (which goes well with her theme).

Combine all these things together and you get a very seductive League of Legends skin. This skin is also unique because, instead of focusing on her body, it focuses more on her face. She still has some sex appeal to her (as seen by the way she is holding onto the pink heart), but this League of Legends skin puts emphasis on how cute and attractive she can be.

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2. Foxfire Ahri

One of the newer League of Legends female skins, players have been asking for Foxfire Ahri ever since they first showed her off. While Riot released a legendary edition for Halloween that included Nightmare Zyra as well as various other champions, Foxfire Ahri was not among them. However, that did not stop many fans from praising Riot for making such an attractive female LoL champion.

The fact that those who played her in the gameplay reveal were overwhelmed with desire is proof of how sexy she truly is. Plus, her nine tails make for a very seductive touch. Combine these things together and you get an incredibly beautiful League of Legends skin.

1. Blood Moon Akali

While many people are calling Foxfire Ahri the sexiest female League of Legends skin, Blood Moon Akali does not agree. While she is certainly attractive, Blood Moon Akali manages to be even sexier by making her outfit much more revealing. Instead of having cloth covering most of her chest, there is now a hole that allows players to see all the way down to her waist.

She has numerous tattoos as well but they do little to take away from how sexy she looks (if anything, it enhances it). She also has two large blades coming out of each side which makes it appear like she can handle herself should anyone come too close. Combine all these features together, you get one very seductive assassin.

In conclusion, there are a LOT of hot League of Legends female champions and even more skins. Our 10 picks are purely subjective, and if you feel we missed a skin, well, that’s just because Riot decided to make everyone and everything damn gorgeous in their game. But anyway, let us know what skin gets you the most excited, and thank you for reading our article!

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