The 10 Best Ganking Junglers in League of Legends

One of the most critical roles in League of Legends is the role of a Jungler. One of the many things a Jungler needs to do is successfully gank the lanes. Ganking is necessary for the best ganking Junglers because it’s the best way to complete their builds. 

Junglers can get a boost in farm, gold, XP and give a significant advantage to their teammates in the lane. However, there are plenty more things that a good Jungler does, such as clearing camps, controlling the vision of the map, and securing Drakes, Barons, and The Rift Herald. 

But ganking is just one of many aspects of what it means to be a great Jungler. Naturally, some Junglers can gank better than some that can clear camps or steal Drakes more efficiently. So, the following is a list of the best ganking Junglers that are the best at only that.

10. Hecarim

Hecarim was once a knight from the Blessed Isles but turned into a fusion of a man and beast once he entered the Shadow Isles. As a Jungler, Hecarim runs with tremendous speed to attack the enemy champions.

As his speed increases, his damage points also increase. To successfully gank a lane and deal as much damage as possible, Hecarim uses his E ability to grant him bonus speed. This ability allows him to charge into the lane and surprise the enemy even if the bushes are warded.

He also uses a lot of CC when roaming into enemy lanes. For instance, when his ultimate move is activated, he can fear the enemy, making them unable to fight back.

9. Kayn

Kayn is an excellent fighter from Ionia that plans to lead an organization to establish an Ionian supremacy in Runeterra. His weapon is called Rhaast, and it’s slowly corrupting his mind and body – allowing him to transform to Assassin Kayn or Darking Blade Kayn. 

Both versions of him allow players to control the match as needed. The blue (assassin) Kayn is mainly used against squishy champions to kill them instantly. And, the red (darkin) Kayn is used against tanky champions.

Kayn’s W ability is very efficient for both situations. The blue one deals damage and slows the enemy by 90%, and the red one knocks them up. But that’s not all that he can do. Kayn can spin with Rhaast, move through terrain to surprise attack enemies, and use his ultimate ability to dash and vanish into an enemy champion.

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8. Rammus

Rammus is the perfect combination of a tank and a great ganking Jungler. The champion can build up more armor than Iron Man and engage wherever he likes. Not only can he gank the lane, but he also can dive under the tower to secure the kill. 

The best way to surprise your enemies is by activating his Q ability to roll fast into the lane. And then taunt the enemy to target Rammus. He can then activate his W ability to deflect all damage taken back to whoever targeted him. 

If the enemy tries to run under their tower or they already are, Rammus can jump with his ultimate move to crush them down. He is one of the best Junglers in LoL and probably the easiest Junglers to master.

7. Nocturne

Nocturne is a dark demonic shadow that feeds on the living’s nightmares. As a Jungler, he’s one of the best to get close to the enemy and tackle them down instantly. Nocturne uses his darkness abilities to terrify everyone who stands in the way of his teammates. 

He dashes directly into the target’s location by using his ultimate ability. The Paranoia has a long-range that allows Nocturne to almost teleport to the lane. Another good thing about Paranoia is that it limits the sight of every enemy champion – making it very difficult for everyone to know where he plans to gank.

But, once he approaches his target, Nocturne uses his E ability to get a little bit of CC. And, he can use his W ability to gain a spell shield against champions like Lux.

6. Shaco

Shaco is an assassin that roams the map just like he roams Runeterra. He’s possessed by dark magic and uses his stealth abilities to fear and gank his target. His Q ability makes him invisible, and he can be standing next to his targets without being compromised. This ability allows him to position himself perfectly to backstab them using his Passive.

Shaco also likes to place Jack in the Box traps around the enemies he ganks – to fear them and gain a little bit of CC on the target. His combo of Q + W + E allows him to drain the enemy’s health bar without breaking a sweat. 

And on top of that, if he feels like he’s in trouble, he can activate his ultimate move to spawn a clone like him. Most of the time, the players won’t know which one is the real Shaco. However, if someone ignites him before using his R, he can reveal the enemy.

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5. Zac

Zac is a tank Jungler that is efficient in most cases. The best thing about him is that he can catapult himself everywhere he likes. This ability is used to gank lanes and steal Drakes out of nowhere. 

It’s truly a surprise when he comes out of nowhere in the lane and destroys the enemy champion. But, the enemy can see a green circle of where he is landing, so they can dodge it if they are fast enough.

If Zac throws himself in two enemies, he then can use his Q ability to slam them together. And use his ultimate move, “let’s Bounce,” to knock up enemies. His passive ability allows him to stay alive, where he splits into four bloblets that attempt to recombine.

4. Evelynn

Evelynn is a stealthy assassin that finds pleasure in torturing her enemies. She can charm enemy champions and burst them a lot with magic damage using her natural stealth. Her passive allows her to roam around the map while being stealthy to protect her from danger.

And, she can pop up near her enemy target without them realizing it as well. First, she uses her W ability to spell the enemy and charm them. Second, Evelynn uses her E to strike them with increased magic damage.

Evelynn’s Q ability deals magic damage and can be used up to three times. And, whenever she’s in danger, she can save herself by using her ultimate ability – to scratch the enemy with magic damage and blink to a safe location.

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3. Nunu & Willump

Nunu & Willump are the dream team when it comes to perfect ganking. They work together to defeat the enemy and achieve victory. They do that by ganking early using their W ability to roll a giant Snowball. While rolling the snowball, it gets bigger and gives them bonus movement speed – to get in lane and stun and knock up their enemy.

When Nunu & Willump take damage, Willump bites the enemy champion or minion to gain health back. And, Nunu helps Willump by throwing snowballs onto the enemy champions to snowbound and root them for a short time. 

If that isn’t enough CC to defeat the enemy, they activate their ultimate move summon a blizzard – that slows enemies and deals significant damage after channeling.

2. Fiddlesticks 

Fiddlesticks is the maximum CC Jungler that ever exists. Fiddlesticks stalks around the map, waiting for the perfect opportunity to fear and strike his enemies. Most of his abilities are with some kind of CC or silence where it’s inevitable to kill the enemy laner. 

He can hide behind terrain and use his ultimate move to blink to the target’s location while fearing them and dealing damage. After that, he uses his Q ability to fear them even more for some serious lockdown. 

Plus, he can use his E to damage and silence the enemy for some bonus CC. Fiddlestick’s W ability helps him not only suck out the health of the enemy champion but also heal himself in the process.

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1. Amumu

Amumu is the best Shurima’s tanker cursed long ago to be alone forever. As a Jungler, he can pull, stun, deal damage, and lockdown his enemies in an instant. 

Amumu uses his Q to pull himself to the enemy while stunning them in the process. If the enemy hasn’t warded, they’d be for a treat when Amumu shows up. His passive makes his auto attacks curse his enemies so that any AP damage dealt with them also deals actual damage. 

His ultimate move allows him to lock down every enemy champion near him. This ability helps the laner secure a kill and the whole team – when Amumu engages in a team fight.

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