The 10 Best Tankiest Champions in League of Legends in Season 12

Tanks have a vital role in every match in League of Legends. They all have their responsibilities and ways to be helpful to the team. If tanks like Nasus, Darius, or Rammus get ahead at early game, then they become unstoppable to the rest of the match. Plenty of thanks plays various roles that can help you rank up quickly. And today, we’ve gathered a list of the best tankiest champions in League of Legends this season. 

Some of these tank champions don’t have 5000 Health like Cho’Gath and Mundo. But, they’re essential in some situations where they can shine the most. For example, Rammus doesn’t have that much Health. Instead, he has a lot of Armor and Magic Resistance that no one can defeat easily.

So, champions like this make the game more durable and offer an excellent winning chance for your team. If you and your five teammates forget to pick a tank champion – you’ll have a bigger chance to lose the game. Let’s start with the list of the best tankiest champions in League of Legends in Season 12.

10. Amumu

Amumu is an excellent tank champion that roams the Jungle and seeks good gank opportunities. He has an interesting set of abilities and can develop to sustain incoming damage and engage in team fights. The best thing about Amumu is that he can deal considerable damage to enemies and has a lot of CC potential on his hands.

His abilities allow him to capture any enemy and stun them in the process. This helps Amumu and his teammate defeat any opponent casually farming in the lane. And, his ultimate ability is best used against all five enemies – to stun all of them and gain a significant winning advantage.

9. Leona

Leona is the best tank support in the game. She has a robust set of abilities and is unstoppable once you buy good items. The whole purpose of Leona isn’t to deal damage but to sustain as much as she can to protect her ADC and win the lane quickly.

Leona doesn’t need much motivation to end the game in victory. Once she reaches level 3, she instantly engages and stuns the enemy, so her ADC can secure the kill. And she can use her Q ability to stun one enemy or her ultimate move to stun enemies in the center of the ULT and slow everyone in the area of her Ultimate.

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8. Nautilus

Nautilus is an entertaining tank support champion that’s similar to Leona. He does minor magic damage to enemies but roots and stuns every enemy that crosses his path. Nautilus pulls himself to the target, roots and slows them, and gains a shield to take incoming damage.

But unlike Leona, he can be built with AP and deal a massive amount of damage. Players enjoy building AP on ARAM and ARURF games, but not in ranked games. That’s because there’s a risk of losing the game if Nautilus isn’t built like a tank, as he should be. 

7. Rammus

Rammus is one of the best tank Jungle champions in League of Legends. It doesn’t matter which season is current; the champion always becomes a ball and defeats the enemy quickly. He is famous for his armor and magic resistance items and abilities that can block and deflect any incoming damage whatsoever. 

Rammus has a high crowd control score where he transforms into a spinning ball and engages the enemy. He can also engage while using his ultimate move to leap and slam the opponent. His ULT deals magic damage and even slows the enemy for 1.5 seconds.  

6. Rell

Rell is another support tank champion that protects the ADC at all costs. She is most famous for draining the opponent’s armor and magic resistance. This allows the ADC to kill the enemy Bot lane duo without risk.

The best thing about Rell is that she can jump into the target’s location, stun them, deal damage, reduce defenses, and even heal herself and her teammate for each target champion hit. Naturally, she’s not that easy to master because she has passive and active abilities that have a lot of details to remember. But, with enough practice, there wouldn’t be anyone that can leave the danger they are in.

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5. Sion

Sion is one of the most lethal tank champions in the game. Players play him on the Top lane, but gamers with courage play him as a Support champion. Sion has a fantastic set of abilities that he uses to knock up enemies and drain their Health like it’s nothing.

He can hide in a bush and cast his Q ability to smash his hammer on the enemy and knock them up. This ability scales over time and deals even more damage to squishy champions. His ultimate is one of the best; he becomes immune to CC and charges forward with 950 movement speed. With this speed, Sion crashes into several enemies, knocks them up, and deals an insane amount of damage.

4. Cho’Gath

Cho’Gath is an outstanding tank champion that deals magic damage and likes to position himself in the Top or Mid lane. He’s most famous for being able to become so big that he can outgrow Rift Herald. His abilities allow him to deal with magic damage, knock enemies up, silence them, and slow them for some time. 

And, apart from that, his ultimate ability is similar to Pyke’s but without the skillshot. Cho’Gath goes up to the enemy, drains their health bar, and eats them once their Health reaches the point that he can eat them.

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3. Shen

Shen is also a champion that can be playable in two roles. He likes to play on the Top lane and as a Support for the ADC. Shen offers a lot of protection from the enemy’s incoming attacks. He obtains a shield and blocks incoming damage using his W ability around him and his teammate.

He’s the type of champion that pays attention to the whole map and what is going on. If an ally is in trouble, he uses his ultimate move to teleport to their location, grant them a shield for some time, and assist them with their problem.

2. Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo is not a real doctor, but he likes to think he is one. He’s unstoppable at every phase with his passive spell shield that protects him from CC and some ability attacks. His best ability is his Q, where he throws an infected bone saw on the enemy that deals magic damage and slows them for 2 seconds.

Dr. Mundo likes to play as a Top laner and a Jungler, excelling at both. He focuses more on the enemy laner tower and roams to mid on the top lane. But, in the Jungle, Mundo ruthlessly roams the whole map and kills everyone who stands in his way. His ultimate ability is the most annoying ability where he gains bonus movement speed and insanely heals his base health.

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1. Nasus

Nasus is one of the most enjoyed top lane champions that can tremendously change the match’s outcome. All he does is stack his Q ability to deal even more damage later in the game. With each minion, monster, or champion, he increases his stack amount and deals bonus physical damage depending on his stacks.

He can slow down enemies to kill them when the Jungler comes for a gank. But, he can also unleash a circular area of flame that damages the enemy and reduces their armor. Nasus’s ultimate ability allows him to gain bonus health, get bigger, deal more damage, and even obtain more armor and magic resistance. These abilities make him very deadly in the late phase of the match.

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