Best Hybrid Junglers in League of Legends

I bet that Vi was the first one to come to your mind when you read the title. If not, well, she was the first that comes to mine. 

Yes, she’s good and deals with proper AD and AP plus she has the tankiness. However, she has a high ban rate so you won’t probably be able to play her during ranked games.

Why did I bring her up in the first place? Because as you may have concluded from the title, we’ll be listing some of the best hybrid junglers. 

If you are looking for a hybrid jungler to learn. A champ who can do some damage but can also take damage. Basically, a damage dealer, a good team fighter. Well, you’re in the right place.

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Hybrid Junglers

Most of the time AD champs are ADCs, bruisers, and the like. While AP champs are mages and supports. But when you cross these two types of damage dealers, you get a hybrid champ. Well, in this article, a hybrid jungle.

Basically, they are champions that are able to deal with both AD and AP. Or maybe, you can develop them to deal with AP and AD through your builds. 

And I’m telling you, these kinds of champs are dominating in the League. Simply because you’ll have to build against AP and AD. And that usually takes up all your item slots.

With all of that being said, let us move on to the main topic.

7. Cho’Gath

First on the list. Cho’gath. Now Cho is usually a top player but he can also be found in the jungle. 

Yes, he jungle, he is tanky, deals AD and some AP. However, some still do not believe him to be a hybrid champ. Nonetheless, I will still put him on this list.

Cho’Gath is a tough League of Legends champion. With powerful skills and tremendous Cho’Gat damaging abilities that are considerably amplified by riot. 

Cho’Gath is renowned to be a genuine monster with his controls, having the power to raise his health and size. Cho’Gath can endure all allied enemy damage. Now that is what I call troublesome.

Cho’Gath’s early game is usually focused on alternating between farming and trading with your lane opponent. When you kill a unit, your passive restores both health, and mana. 

This makes last hitting highly vital, as well as engaging in deals, even if you wind up losing in either aspect because you have an easy method to recoup.

Cho’Gath’s combo is simple to execute if you keep your opponent in range, and it is quite oppressive if executed flawlessly. Your E is an effective engagement tool if you are within the melee range of your target.

Auto-attack first, thus your second increased blow will be stronger. The spikes not only deal extra damage but also delay your opponent, allowing you to execute your next ability attack more easily.

6. Jax

Unlike Cho, I don’t think there will be a discussion on whether Jax deserves on this list. He is just simply an OP champ who can deal with both AD and AP. In other words, OP Hybrid.

Despite not being a typical option, Jax is our first hybrid inclusion on the list. He may generally be seen on Top Lane, which is his native habitat. Jax can play any Champion, even if he isn’t normally in the Jungle.

He has a high damage output, which allows him to clear camps rapidly. Despite a lack of AOE to sweep up bigger camps like the Raptors, Jax’s assault speed more than compensates. Jax can rapidly enter a Lane with his Q and offer a terrific gank that assures at least a burnt Flash.

His whole kit is based on Magic damage, allowing him to go AP. Everything hinges on attack speed, and you can create whatever you want as long as you have enough. 

Jax isn’t doing well as a hybrid or AP Champion right now. Back when the Hextech Gunblade was in the game, he could easily pass for a hybrid.

Jax does not have the choice because there are no true hybrid products. Sure, you can go with a 50/50 construction, but that’s not the case. You can, though, if you really want to. That is, in essence, a hybrid.

Bonus tip when playing Jax. He is highly capable of ganking. I suggest you focus less on farming jungle but focus more on ganking. If you have mastered the timing of the spawns in the summoners rift, that is better.

5. Shaco

Another one of my most favorite champs. I just love this dude’s gameplay, very sneaky. He will dominate you with his AD build and will do just the same with his AP build. But he will destroy you and your team with his hybrid build.

Shaco is one of League of Legends’ most talented genuine hybrid junglers. As I’ve mentioned, Shaco has so much attack and ability damage that he can get away with a 50/50 build. Going all AD or all AP is the best option, but combining them is also an option.

Shaco’s Jungling is excellent since he can kill camps with no help or leash. Those jack-in-the-boxes help him scare neutral creeps, withstand their assaults, and wreak havoc with ability damage. 

They’ll also come in handy when Shaco leaves the Jungle and starts actively ganking enemies.

Unlike any other Champion in League, his invisibility is not compromised by proximity. Instead, he can hit as near to his target as feasible. Killing his opponent is a piece of cake with a decent blend of attack and ability damage. 

Shaco is infamous for annihilating people in a matter of seconds, and that’s all you need to know about his damage scaling.

And that is what I love about this champ. I’m sure you would too if you get to try him.

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4. Diana 

Diana is mostly found in the mid-lane, battling with Zed for all her might. But there are also times when you see her in the jungle just beating the hell out of the neutrals and destroying the enemy jungler.

Assassins aren’t the most powerful choice in the jungle right now, but Diana is one of the rare exceptions. She isn’t a complete assassin like Kha’Zix, therefore she doesn’t have all of the disadvantages that assassins possess.

She can sustain her damage throughout a long team battle, pull off big engagements with her ultimate, and still come out alive. Diana is also an AP champion, which is beneficial for filling holes in your squad.

The most typical Diana combination is to hit an enemy with Crescent Strike, rush to them with Lunar Rush, quickly cast Pale Cascade, auto-attack a few times, then conclude with another Lunar Rush to cover the gap as they run.

Also, bear in mind that Diana’s Moonsilver Blade passive increases attack speed by three times for three seconds after she casts an ability. Use this to your advantage by performing rapid combinations and exploding adversaries inside that duration.

With a champ win rate of 51.32%, you’ll want to play with her. And I’m telling you, you are missing a lot of fun if you haven’t tried her yet.

3. Nidalee

Nidalee jungle is another one of the OGs. She is a jungle and deals with both AD and AP. So she definitely deserves a spot on this list.

Nidalee is a highly high-skill champion since her first jungle clear is sluggish and leaves her open to invaders. Furthermore, she does not do a lot of damage in the early game. This implies that unless you’re in a favorable matchup, it’s not a good idea to combat the opponent jungler.

While moving through bushes, Nidalee’s passive talent Prowl offers her extra movement speed. Use this to your advantage to go through the jungle much faster. 

Also, her Javelin Toss will live in infamy. This thing can deal a lot of damage at long range, so always poke the opposing team with it before commencing team fights.

In conclusion, Nidalee is one of the League of Legends’ quickest clearing junglers. She also possesses incredible mobility and terrain traversing abilities. 

That is, like Lee Sin, she can pull off ganks from unexpected angles. as well as recovery for herself and her teammates, Oh, and don’t forget about her incredible spear damage.

2. Volibear

I still remember my golden days of playing League and there was not a day when I play Voli. His glory days were so glorious, especially with his old passive skills. Nonetheless, he is still a powerful champ and still deserves a spot on this list.

Volibear, like Jax, is a typical Top Laner who seldom appears in the Jungle. He’s also not one to go AP all that frequently. 

However, a recent revamp granted him a significant amount of AP on several of his abilities. His E, in particular, has evolved into a devastating AP bomb that Volibear can deploy for outstanding harassing in the Lane.

In fact, Volibear players will almost always begin with a Doran’s Ring above anything else. It provides him with enough damage to utilize against his opponents. 

However, we’re talking about the Jungle, and AP has no use on Volibear there. However, I believe that including some AP into his build may be advantageous.

Volibear’s powerful spell arsenal makes him one of the most popular junglers right now. He possesses excellent single target and area of effect clear, excellent ganks, and the capacity to absorb a lot of damage. 

When playing Volibear, early game ganks are critical since he can quickly burn the enemy’s Flash. Always attempt to battle the opposing jungler on the first Scuttler, since Volibear usually wins these early in the game.

Every Volibear’s engagement begins with Thundering Smash while attempting to anticipate the enemy’s movement and casting Sky Splitter on that place. This will do damage and slow the adversary, as well as stun them and provide you with a large shield. 

Frenzied Maul should be cast as soon as you stun the adversary because it is the major damage-dealing talent that also gives a lot of sustain from the lifestyle on its second cast. Volibear can solo the Dragon with Frenzied Maul and Sky Splitter—use this to your advantage.

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1. Udyr

This champ reminds me of an animated movie I used to love when I was a kid, “Brother Bear”. Anyways, here is why I think he belongs on this list.

Udyr is a Champion who can construct anything and make it function. He’s adaptable and one-of-a-kind, with a kit, made just for him. No other Champion can compare to Udyr, who stands out from the crowd. 

He has four forms to choose from, each of which provides him with a boost or effect. Some scale from AP, some from AD, allowing Udyr plenty of room to develop anything he wants.

He’s an excellent Jungler who can enter and exit ganks rapidly. He efficiently clears jungle camps with his Phoenix form, which burns anything in his path. 

Every time Udyr changes forms, he gains increased movement speed, allowing him to traverse quicker between the camps and Lanes. Udyr is an incredible Jungler to have on the squad. He is a genuine prowler across the map.

Even if he is a hybrid by definition, not many individuals choose that road. As I previously stated, Riot has decided to entirely destroy that build path for no apparent reason. 

They have no idea what people enjoy playing and have no idea about the community. Riot immediately shuts down everything the community considers entertaining.

When playing this champ, I suggest that you fully understand each stance he has. That will help you have an EZ win.


Here we are again, at the end of another article. With all of that being said, I would like to clarify that this list is not ranked by any means. Also, this was all just our opinion. 

You are free to try them out in your game and we’d love to hear what you think of them. Let’s have a discussion in the comment section and see what else we can improve in our play styles.

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