What Does BM Mean in League of Legends?

Many catchphrases are thrown around the gaming community. I believe that, among them, League of Legends certainly has the most. It seems that with each day, some new niche term comes up. 

If I stop tracking League’s daily developments even for a short while, I can immediately fall out of the loop with the newest terminology. 

BM could be one of the ones you’ve heard recently. In this article, I will go in-depth on a lot of stuff. This is for the sole reason of making this an actual, exciting article. 

Bluntly, I’ll just say what it means now – Bad Manners. However, for the sake of readability and consistency, we will discuss bad manners in a more detailed sense. 

Are bad manners justifiable? How does Riot deal with bad manners? All of this and more will be answered in the following. Keep on reading to find out. 

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Justified or Not?

Bad Manners in League of Legends broadly represent a wide variety of behaviors. As the name implies, all of these are detrimental and, well, bad. These include but are not limited to toxicity, negativity, giving up, etc. 

Often players find themselves utterly frustrated with how the game is flowing. People tend even to get angry. Some go beyond even that and become furious with both the allies and the enemies. This usually results in insane and nasty stuff written in the team and /or all chats. 

It is perfectly fine to get frustrated in a challenging game such as League of Legends where competition means everything. No one in the world likes losing or when things don’t go their way. However, there are approaches to dealing with this frustration that simply aren’t acceptable. 

Frustration should be a source of your motivation. You should channel your destructive emotions into doing better, motivating your team, etc. Going into BM territory only helps to make things worse. You calling out your jungler with “JG diff” messages or cursing at the rest of the team will only make you seem like a fool. Which, in this case, you would be. 

Hell, sometimes people go and try to ruin the fun for the enemies, too. By typing all kinds of obscenities in the /all chat, people only look to insult and damage their opponent’s character and person. 

This is what BM is, and it is never justifiable. I understand everything you might be going through. It can be a bad day, and you aren’t on top of your game; we get that. But don’t take it out on others. Instead, try to do better and help your allies win the game. I am almost positive you will feel better about yourself immediately if you do. 

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Riot’s Way of Dealing With BM

Riot has not done well in this regard. Riot only seeks to punish instead of going for rehabilitation like they used to some years ago. This also comes as part of Riot’s increasing censorship attitude towards players and particular topics. Being owned by a Chinese company, you can clearly understand where this might be coming from. 

Riot’s recent and insane spike in permanent bans being given out to players because of chat stuff is just downright dumb. Punishing people only makes them worse, and they will just make another account and do even more damage. We should try to change these people for the better. I say try because if the attempts prove futile, then the ban is an option. 

Outright removing people from the game just because of what they said, without trying to make them better, is counterproductive. Recently people have lost their ability to speak sense and only resort to bans, de-platforming, and the like. We should give our best to change people into something new, better, and more productive. 

If we don’t understand those opposed to us, they definitely won’t magically become understanding of us. Thus, we must always look to rehabilitate people and set them on the right path before taking a more radical stance against them. 

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Bad manners in League of Legends are an issue. They remain and will remain an issue so long as Riot continues what it’s been doing for the past two to three years. As long as there is no proper reaction or solution to the problem, the problem will just grow. Our obligation as players is to fight against all kinds of bad manners. Fight it not with the same measure, but positivity and good morale. Show that you are immune to any demoralization and negativity, strive for winning, and spread the good word – I am sure that even the BMs will follow suit. 

I hope you’ve found this article informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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