Best Hybrid Mid Laners in League of Legends

If you like the AP Rengar, I welcome you to this article open-handed. That being said, this article is created for you guys out there who are looking for mid-laners who will deal proper damage both in AD and AP stats.

Champions that specialize in both AD and AP damage are uncommon in League. Most Champions are built to be either magical or AD dependent. 

Riot, on the other hand, has crossed this threshold several times, giving rise to what is known as Hybrid Champions.

These are some of the most powerful Champions to ever emerge in the game. They may easily breach defenses by combining the best of both worlds. It’s difficult to keep them from hurting you because you’ll need to build both Armor and MR.

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The Mid Lane

So, you opted to take the middle lane. Maybe you’ve been a long-time mid-player or you’re new and don’t know who to play. Don’t worry, this article will assist you. 

Here you will learn which champions are best for you in the latest patch, and if you disagree, well, that’s too bad. Mid is the most popular lane to play in League of Legends, so prepare to be auto-filled and assigned to a role you’ve never played before. 

Another crucial aspect of mid-lane play is roaming. So, every now and again, you should try to do effective visits and gank on other lanes. Do this, and I assure you, your teammates will commend you. 

With all of that said and out of the agenda, let us now move on to the main topic. The 7 Best Hybrid Mid Laners in LoL.

Best Hybrid Mid Laners

Aside from Kog’Maw, Ezreal, Corki, etc, we have listed other 7 Champions that would fall into this category. 

Now, this list is not officially ranked and is not written according to any ranks. So, here is it, and I hope that you find the most suitable champion for you on this list.

7. Yasuo and Yone

This sibling will dominate you in either the top lane or the mid lane. The unforgiven and the unforgotten, you will just have to hit surrender once this two reach their maximum potential in the game.

Yasuo is widely known as a cancer pick in this game. He also was released rather earlier in the game compared to his brother. If you have this person on your team, he will either carry or scream like a baby because he didn’t get enough ganks. 

Yasuo is a lot of fun to mess around with. You must stack it. He slashes in a target direction for the first two stacks, then unleashes a tornado for the third.

His W is a wind wall that prevents all ranged auto attacks and missile abilities while allowing laser type abilities to get through. He just sprints around with his E, not worrying about anything. 

He can run past minions, champions, dragons, barons, and anything else that is alive and an opposing unit. This is the exciting part. 

When a person is in the air, you can activate his ultimate power. Yasuo sprints at them, knocking them out for a brief time and causing damage.

On the other hand, Yone’s Q functions similarly to Yasuo, only he runs forward and knocks people down. He slashes his sword in front of him with his W, doing damage and acquiring a shield. 

He leaves his bodily body and enters his spiritual form with his E. He receives increased mobility speed while in spirit form. The damage he deals with while in spirit form accumulates on the victim and is dealt with when he returns to physical form. 

With his ultimate power, Yone sprints in the target direction, knocking down everyone in his path. You can also restore a lot of Yone’s health for some reason.

6. Akali

Akali is a very famous mid laner. She is an AP Fighter/Assassin who is just interested in increasing his power. She scales incredibly well and is equally at home on the Top and Mid Lanes. 

Her combat abilities are nothing short of incredible. Akali can battle for what feels like a lifetime, because of her mobility, strong base stats, and amazing sustain.

She tends toward AP rather than AD. Akali would have been a real Hybrid in the days of the Hextech Gunblade. 

At the very least, she’d be more of a hybrid than she is today. Despite the lack of certain gear, Akali still deals a good balance of damage. There is a lot of focus on her employing basic attacks in conjunction with the passive.

Her incredible endurance makes her nearly unkillable. It becomes so severe at times that it has gained a reputation in the neighborhood. 

Nonetheless, despite being rather broken, Akali remains an excellent Champion. There will be times when you will yell bullsh*t, but not as frequently as others on the list.

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5. Kai’Sa

Kai’Sa, the first true hybrid on the list, is one of the most overloaded and broken ADCs ever released. 

Though I like her and she is quite popular, Kai’Sa is undeniably overpowering in more ways than one. Her being a hybrid is merely one of several factors.

She makes great use of both AD and AP, enhancing her spells with some stat. Her Q is based on damage, her W is for AP, and her E is boosted by attack speed. 

Her scaling is outstanding, and by the 20-minute point, Kai’Sa will be insane. Kai’Sa is a truly fantastic hybrid Champion, as stunning as she is lethal.

Her Laning is fantastic, stressing aggression over everything else. Kai’Sa’s aggression allows her to get right up to the enemy’s face and begin blasting them with void-powered skills. 

Kai’Sa is a quick and powerful obliterator who can shift the course of a fight on her alone.

4. Katarina

I just love this champ. She was my fave from the early seasons of League and she still continues to dominate the game even after all her nerfs and adjustments. Let’s see why she belongs to this list and hopefully, you get to try and play and then enjoy her as well.

I may have hinted at it before, but Katarina was an OG in LEague and was one of the first to appear. Katarina is the sort of champion that will dominate you at any time and in any place. I strongly advise you to play this champion, especially during the current season.

She is quite powerful. Katarina is a very basic character to play and comprehend her powers. Katarina can also play AP or AD with ease. Her passive has two distinct powers. 

The first passive ability extends her champion takedown cooldowns by 15 seconds. When she walks on her dagger, she has the power to spin around. Her Q just tosses out a dagger that bounces three times.

Her W also drops a dagger on the ground, granting you a small movement speed boost. Her letter E is a dash.

 She has the ability to dash on anything living and on her daggers. She rotates around and does damage as she dashes on the dagger. Her ultimate power allows her to spin in place and decapitate anybody in range.

3. Diana

You won’t destroy this beast of a champion if she’s just a little bit ahead of you. She not only deals a lot of damage, but she also has a lot of health, so good luck killing her. Her passive stacking is impressive. 

She deals on-hit damage when her stacks are full. She curves her Q, which is useful for long-ranged poking and marking the opponent. 

Using her W, she acquires three balls that surround her, as well as a shield, and those balls cause damage when they come into contact with something.

Her E, in addition to her insane skill set, has a lengthy dash. She just dashes to the target and her E is reset if the opponent is marked. Her ultimate power is a channeling ability. She attracts people to herself and deals damage when the channel ends.

Basically, Diana is a great mid laner since she does a lot of damage while still having a lot of HP. Because of her E, she can easily catch up to others. 

She has a free shield as well as three balls from her W. Her ultimate ability excels in team fights. Finally, she is difficult to kill and can harass you from a long distance.

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2. Kayle

This is yet another genuine hybrid Champion, like Kai’Sa. Kayle relies on her auto attacks, which scale ridiculously well from AD and AP. 

The more she has of each, the better, and keeping a good balance is critical. Kayle will continue to batter you to death with her wild basic attacks, which also harm everyone around you.

Kayle begins slowly and gradually increases her speed as she progresses through the levels. 

I’ve described her scaling on our list of the greatest scaling Top Laners, which you should look at. Kayle’s power spikes occur at levels 6, 11, and 16 when she acquires extra passive abilities on her attacks.

Kayle’s build is mostly comprised of on-hit components. Many of the goods in the game are available in both AD and AP variants. 

Some even combine the two, giving AD passive Magic damage. She is more of a marksman than a mage, given her reliance on assaults over spells.

As a result, she is a true hybrid with several mage utilities like as healing and an additional nuke. Her Ultimate gives invincibility as well as a great AOE AP bomb that can annihilate many adversaries at the same time. 

Kayle is without a doubt one of the finest hybrid Champions ever released in League of Legends, with such a nice blend of Mage and Marksman shenanigans.

Check out our articles where you can find this champ. You may say that we love her so much because that is just true.

1. Lux

This cute chic will harass you so severely in the mid lane that you will abandon the game. When it comes to playing Lux, you must utilize both your intellect and your hands. 

Because of her passive ability, everyone she hurts with her Q or E is marked. Lux’s auto attacks and ultimate abilities devour the mark to do more damage. Her Q skill shot roots the first two opponents she strikes. 

Her W skill shot protects you and your teammates. Her skill shot is an E that she throws on the ground.

Opponents caught in this ability are slowed, and when Lux recasts the ability, it does damage. Her ultimate power is, youa guessed it, a skill shot. 

Lux unleashes a powerful laser that delivers huge damage. Lux’s ultimate can one-shot individuals once she has enough ability power.


It is sad to say that we yet reached another end of one of our lists. I hope you enjoyed the read and as I wish, for all of you out there, I hope you find your cup of tea champ in here. 

What do you think about this list? Gain, let us have a discussion in the comment section, and let us take a look at your experiences in playing them. Good luck and have fun!

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