7 Best Invading Junglers in League of Legends in 2022

Welcome to a guide packed up with the best junglers to invade with and dominate the enemy throughout the entire game.

If your playstyle is slow and oriented mainly around farming monsters and gathering precious objectives for your team, then that’s all right. But if you want to spice things up and expand your playstyle by being more aggressive early on to achieve many kills from the start and leave the enemy jungler struggling to keep up with you, then you shall find out how it’s done.

Invading is an excellent way not only to put yourself ahead but at the same time put the enemy jungler behind. A great tactic to apply pressure onto the enemy jungler to indirectly help your laners out in situations where directly helping them with ganking might not be so optimal.

In-play are multiple factors that you need to consider when picking an invading jungler. Firstly, the time you need to clear the enemy jungle camps. Secondly, we consider how much you can bully the enemy champions using your abilities. And at last, measure your safety while doing the things listed above.

Of course, this guide will provide you with the required knowledge of the champions, but keep in mind that all of it can be later changed due to buffs, nerfs, and remakes.

7. Nocturne

Nocturne is a powerful jungle champion that can carry the team. His abilities grant him a semi-global pressure, enormous damage output, and early game threat of instant killing.

Nocturne’s abilities allow him to skilfully clear enemy jungle camps very fast, so he can focus more on ganks and getting fed early in the game, making him one of the most terrifying champions to deal with. Besides his remarkable skills in dueling and dealing immense damage, Nocturne is falling behind when it comes to sustainability in team fights and duels with tankier opponents.

He has very unreliable crowd control due to his ability to fear the enemy having a time delay before going off. Additionally, he cannot escape when times get tough. We would recommend picking him only when playing against squishy enemy champions so that you won’t be needing an escape route.

6. Lee Sin

Lee Sin is nothing special when it comes to clearing the jungle as he won’t be able to take camps with much speed at all, which is essential for making sure you can plunder before being roost.      

However, when fighting the enemy jungler, Lee Sin performs very well depending on his matchups in the current meta. When he is the aggressor that can exploit the element of surprise, Lee Sin is quite the competent predator. That is equipped whit a high damage output, a reliable slow, and two gap closers, allowing Lee to make easy pickings on the vulnerable enemy junglers.

His escaping ability is also pretty decent. It almost entirely comes down to his safeguard, his W, which serves as one of the better escape mechanisms in the game. But it has two significant drawbacks: it has a very high cooldown and relies on a ward.

Overall, Lee Sin is a very convenient invader when trying to sniff out weaker enemy junglers.

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5. Shaco

Shaco may not be the best jungler overall, but he still has what it takes to be a real pain when you play against him in a solo queue.

Killing the jungle itself, it’s not his strong side. His boxes are the only thing that can help him on that front. Even so, it’s not very reliable as it can often focus on the wrong things. He has no other abilities to aid him in the process of clearing, so until he gets some AD to make his auto-attack more powerful, there’s not much to it. If Shaco knows the respawn timer of a jungle camp, he can perform very well by simply stacking boxes on the camp, allowing him more excellent clearing times.                

Since jungle monsters aren’t Shaco’s cup of tea, enemy players certainly are. The fact of him being invisible also helps his cause, but his element of surprise gets the job done. He can appear from anywhere at any time, and you won’t have the chance to run.                

Shaco holds the perfect score in escaping, granting him a good closer gap combined with stealth, allowing for some cheeky jukes.

4. Evelynn

Another invisible menace, Evelyn, gets the job of invading enemy camps done very quickly. Her abilities are making her one easy champion to play without knowing some crazy mechanics.

Even though she is a weakling in the game’s early minutes, Evelyn can compensate for everything she has lost before hitting level 6. Getting the ultimate grants you invisibility out of combat, which comes very handy when enemy junglers sit on a camp waiting to spawn. You can take advantage of that by bursting damage onto the enemy, and after the kill, you have secured the camp all for yourself. 

Evelyn’s playstyle is unpredictable, cooking easy prey for her and destroying any advantages the enemy had against her. She has none except her ult, which can be used either offensively or defensively, but it has a very long cooldown when it comes to escaping abilities.

Nevertheless, Evelyn is a champion that can help one-shot squishies and even tanks which will be left clueless when their screen goes to black and white.

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3. Shyvana

Shyvana hits the middle spots as she produces solid results in camp clearing and sustainability in teamfights and killing the enemy overall. Despite her advantages in fighting, she cannot be safe and escape.

Her jungle clearing is top-notch. The percentage health damage on her E, the auto-attack reset on her Q, and constant burns from her W make her pretty decent clearer. Having no CC or gap closers makes it hard for Shyvana to kill the enemy jungler, that is, if they don’t run away.    

Escaping, though, isn’t her vital feature. She Is swift and can become tanky enough not to worry too much about getting caught, but that doesn’t show too much early on.

One big issue with her is for her to clear and fight. She needs to use the only tool keeping her safe – her burnout speed. This can make it tricky if you get caught in a particularly tight spot.

2. Kindred

Being one of the strongest junglers around right now despite numerous nerfs, Kindred is a tremendous all-around champion.

It depends a little on how many passive stacks she has. However, Kindred can still pump out significant DPS to monsters that are too dumb to move from her W. Kindred only buys damage also means the more the game progresses and the more items she gets, the better she becomes in this element.

Her entire kit’s devoted to obliterating anything and anyone in her path. Even before she can get her hands on the ultimate, she’s got a good burst, good sustain damage, and has the benefit of being a range champion which unlocks the abilities to kite people who would otherwise take her down.

As far as safety goes, Kindred is nothing special, though, her hop is decent for getting over small walls, but it does nothing for thicker walls.

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1. Nidalee

Nidalee is by far one of the strongest junglers around. Her clearing speed is exceptional as soon as she gets her Lich Bane. Even before that, Nidalee’s double form talents allow her to spam abilities and take things out with ease.

Her incredible bullying comes not just from her crazy high damage output but also from a relentless thirst for chasing opponents down. Whether that’s bonus movement speed toward marked targets or the increased pounce range, it’s tough to survive Nidalee’s bursts and even harder to survive her follow-up.

Lastly, for her safety, Nidalee can jump around in a very low cooldown, unlike other champions on this list who have only one solid escape on a high cooldown. She cant take advantage of the increased bush speed and go over thin walls. Moreover, she doesn’t need to worry much about the risk of using her gap closers offensively, as their low cooldown makes them available for defensive maneuvers as well.

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