How To Climb Out Of Silver? – The Ultimate Climbing Guide

Climbing in League of Legends is no easy thing. Starting from the bottom and reaching for the top represents a considerable endeavor and an even more remarkable achievement. 

The Silver Division is when stuff starts getting a bit more complicated than previously. The closer you are to Gold, the more challenging it will be to climb. However, there are different factors influencing the climb in each Division.

We’re here to see what goes on in Silver, how to overcome and climb out of it. We’ll also look at the best Champions to use to escape Silver and finally start grinding through Gold. 

This will be a long one, as we want to be as thorough and helpful as possible. Prepare yourselves and make sure you analyze everything we say to the fullest. 

Remember that we do not intend for you to take our words as gospel. Simply learn from what we write about, and adapt that to yourself. 

So, with everything out of the way, let’s begin! 

1. Focus on Teamplay

Now that you’re in Silver, individualism will be much less emphasized. Instead, you will have to integrate yourself within the team and act together with your allies. Cooperating and having good team cohesion are mandatory to be successful in Silver and all following Divisions. 

Though the occasional solo-carry will emerge, you will not often have games where everything is up to you. Players are exponentially better in Silver than in Bronze and Iron. This means that they will put up a much heavier resistance than previously. It’s not nearly as easy to win the Lane or dominate the game in Silver as it is in the lowest ranks. 

The better you learn to play with your team, the smoother your sailing will be. In Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and even above – teamplay is everything. It’s pivotal to winning games, and going rogue and solo is severely punished. Be sure to focus on improving your teamplay capacity as much as possible, and you will succeed. 

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2. Enhance Communication

Communication, like team play, is an integral part of success in higher ranks. Though Silver isn’t considered a high rank by any means, communication plays an equally important role. Hell, I’d even go as far as to say that it has a more significant role overall. People in these ranks often forget about communication altogether, severely damaging their team cohesion. 

Without team cohesion and communication, the enemies will have no idea what you’re doing or are about to do. This opens up a hole in their defenses that you can easily exploit. Ganks, objectives, split pushes, etc. – everything becomes a non-issue against a team with no communication or cohesion. 

Communication keeps your team intact, and its absence separates you beyond repair. Since this is a lower rank, there are bound to be toxic players. Meeting multiple in a row may be disheartening and prompt you to abandon communication altogether. Please do not do so, as things aren’t that bad in general. 

Silver isn’t nearly as much of an infested cesspool of toxicity as its predecessors. There are some bad apples here and there, but it’s much better overall. Keep up a healthy relationship and communication with your team, and you will turn even the worst of players into a teammate. Trust me, fighting fire with fire only makes it worse. 

A positive attitude healthily impacts your teammates, so never give up on communicating. 

3. Map Awareness 

As players get better, they become more unpredictable. Good map awareness mitigates this, allowing you to know exactly what the enemy is doing and where. This ties into a section that we will discuss later on, so keep reading to see what that’s about. 

Knowledge is everything in League of Legends. Having a better understanding of just about anything gives you an advantage, if only slightly. Map awareness is perhaps your best source of information and knowledge in the game. Knowing where the enemy is and what they might be preparing to do will have you predicting and outsmarting them. 

You’ll also be able to know what your allies are doing and/or want to do. Paying no attention to the map might make you miss a significant grouping, an objective, or fight. You can use the map to track allied movements and adapt your positioning accordingly. Not everything has to be explicitly explained or signaled – you can easily discern it yourself from the map. 

The later divisions require an exceptionally developed map awareness. It will not be an issue if you manage to train your map senses well enough while climbing through Silver once you reach the higher ranks. 

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4. Avoid and Punish Overextension 

Overextension is something that we often speak of here at LeagueFeed. We have a full-length article on our website going over everything you need to know about Overextension. We will thus only quickly remark on what you should be doing in a Silver division context. 

As I’ve mentioned above, players will progressively be better in Silver and above. Therefore, Overextension is something you’ll have to pay special attention to. You’ll have to both avoid it and punish it as hard as possible. 

Get used to suffering the consequences of your mistakes. Being one of the biggest mistakes players in general make, Overextension will have you being damaged or worse. Not a single mistake will be left unpunished, and you should also adopt this mentality. 

Watch the enemy closely and punish everything they do wrong. Do not fear retaliation as they are putting themselves in a vulnerable position. They will not be able to return the favor if you play your cards right. Exploiting the enemy’s mistakes while making little to none of your own will almost guarantee a victory. At least in the Lane. 

I highly recommend you check out our overextension article as it will undoubtedly help you better understand this severe mistake. 

5. Always be a Step Ahead

Map awareness is a massive component of this section. You should always think two moves ahead, ensuring that the enemy can’t do anything unpredictable. Also, you will become unpredictable yourself as they won’t be able to counteract your advanced strategy. Everything you do, even the most minor thing, can impact how the Lane and the game function and end up. 

Knowing when and what the enemy wants to do is pivotal to success. You can play around their preconceptions, call in a gank, make an outplay, and so on. Think of League of Legends as a chessboard, where you always have to answer what the opponent does. Be prepared; hone your senses. 

Plan ahead, and plan against the enemy’s move. Whatever they do, retort adequately. Never allow the enemy to be ahead of you, as that is only a formula for failure. 

Best Champions to Use in Silver

As with any Division, especially the lower ones, some Champions will perform better than others. Whether it be their overall impact or the players’ inability to play against/around them, whatever the reason, the following trio has a tremendous influence in the Silver division. 

Playing and mastering them is recommended, as they can solo-carry while also being great for team play. Balancing between these two is the best thing to maximize your climb potential in the lower ranks, such as Silver. 

Let’s see what they’re up to, shall we? 

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1. Jax

Jax is my favorite Champion in League of Legends. Well, apart from Gangplank. So, there might be some bias here, but I don’t really care. There are reasons why I believe Jax to be such a great Champion and consider him my favorite. 

Jax can singlehandedly win games in Silver. His fighting potential makes him one of the best duelists out there, and he’s also a great split pusher and team fighter. With attacks that hit like a truck and a blazingly fast attack speed, Jax can pummel the enemies and their structures into oblivion. 

He’s so good at fighting that 1v5s aren’t an unusual sight with him. That E and Ultimate can mitigate thousands of damage at once, allowing Jax to fight unto eternity. He can dish out insane damage in mere seconds, even going as far as to one-shot squishy targets. Though a Bruiser in nature, he sometimes can hurt so much that you’d think he’s an Assassin. 

Jax also makes for a pretty formidable Tank. Jax becomes nigh immortal with the right build and can soak up damage like a sponge. It’s pretty incredible with how easy, and simple Jax is. There’s so much potential and depth to a relatively straightforward kit. 

His simplicity also makes him a non-issue to play and even master. That only serves to add to the reasons why you should be playing him during your Silver climb. Jax maintains a good level of popularity in all ranks, even the highest ones. The Tank Jax build came from a Korean Challenger player, which tells you all there is to know about his influence across the ranks. 

2. Yasuo

We’ve included Yasuo in our Bronze climb article as well. Though very mechanically demanding and not nearly as easy as the previous entry, Yasuo is one of the best Champions in League of Legends. His potential to solo-carry while also being a tremendous team fighter is unparalleled. Despite my hatred for him, Yasuo is a fantastic Champion with tons of potential. 

Yasuo takes a while to get used to and learn properly. But, in the end, all of your efforts will be paid off. As soon as you master Yasuo’s meticulous combat mechanics, you’ll notice a net positive increase in your wins. As a Mid Laner, he will have a consistent presence across the map, leading to some insane impact on the game. 

If he gets fed early enough, he can almost act as a Jungler. He’ll be going around the Lanes, roaming and helping out others. While seeking to increase his power, Yasuo also feeds his allies. This is where his incredible balance between solo-carrying and team play really shines through. I love how Yasuo can singlehandedly make his team stronger, himself included. 

If you start getting into his most profound intricacies, those mechanical skills will carry over to your other Champions, too. This will help you develop yourself as a player, and it will even make your further climbs much easier. A good grasp of the game’s most complicated mechanics exponentially increases your overall skills. 

That can only be a good thing. 

3. Kha’Zix

Perhaps the most influential of the three, despite the former’s praise. Kha’Zix, an Assassin Jungler, can remove the entire enemy team from the map one by one. He goes in, picks off an opponent, and goes out. Rinse and repeat until everyone is dead. 

Not as mechanically deep as Yasuo, but not Jax levels of easy neither. Kha can maintain a constant map presence and bane of the enemy’s existence. They will cower in fear at the very thought of Kha being near their Lane. With Kha, one-shotting people is a breeze who can deal over 1000 damage in just a single Q. 

An item or two, and you’re already a beast with Kha. By creating a zone in every part of the map you’re in, the objectives in that zone are yours to keep. Scarcely will the enemy be intrigued enough to counter your attempt at a Dragon or Herald. But don’t go in hotheaded; make sure to plan things out before approaching. 

Kha can be as abrupt as he can be meticulous. Like a true predator, his performance is best when he creeps around the map. Picking off unsuspecting enemies is what you should be focusing on. Remember, you’re a single-target Champion – act like one. If you get fed early, it’s pretty much GG after that. 

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Though there are no Supports or ADCs in our recommended Champions list, we’ve thought about you guys too. Ardent Censer Supports like Karma, Lulu or Yuumi are excellent for any climb, Silver or above. ADCs like Ezreal and Kai’Sa are highly robust and severely impact the game’s outcome. 

They’re all also pretty mechanically deep, which only serves to improve you as an overall player. Whatever you choose for your climb, make sure to follow the advice we gave you above. Adapt to it, and you’ll have no issues on your Silver climb. 

I hope you’ve found this article informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift!

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