7 Best Items for ADCs in League of Legends

Using this helpful reference guide, as the season begins, double-check your understanding of when to build items as an ADC.

Everyone believes they understand itemization until they reach that difficult point in a game where their brain doesn’t seem to know what to do with the information. 

This frequently occurs when we are placed in an unknown scenario where we have no prior understanding of what to do in order to survive. 

So why not brush up on your knowledge and pick up a few new tips and tricks from our ADC itemization guide to become a master of all situational awareness?

Items to Get You Started with an ADC

The majority of ADCs tend to stick to one or two starter items and seldom include anything else. Due to the fact that these two items, in particular, have exceptional ability to either survive or win the lane, they are being used in this manner.

However, some champions may benefit from a different set of beginning equipment than others; however, some items are champion specialized and not advised for many champions, such as Kai’Sa when equipped with Doran’s Ring.

Because not every champion can use Doran’s Ring as their starting item, we will not cover that option in this tutorial. However, it is important to remember that certain champions can use different starting items.

1. Doran’s Blade

Doran’s Blade is the first item you’ll encounter in the game. Because it grants additional damage in the lane to ADCs and other AD champions alike, this item is particularly useful on them because it allows them to do more damage while last striking minions and poking the opponent. 

Doran’s Sword (also known as Doran’s Sword) As an added bonus, it provides 80 health, which provides a minor improvement in survivability and helps you avoid being slain at level 1.

If you do happen to be poked down, though, you are fortunate since Doran’s Blade also provides a 3 percent lifesteal, which will let you stay in the fight longer and regain some of your lost health.

In most matches, an ADC will choose this beginning item unless they are in a difficult matchup, they have little kill potential, or they expect to get poked frequently by the enemy.

ADCs who aren’t concerned about dying early or who prefer to play aggressively are examples of champions who will gain from this change.

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2. Doran’s Shield

If you find yourself in a bad matchup, as mentioned above, Doran’s Shield is a viable alternative beginning choice. 

As a result of its increased health and various passives, Doran’s Shield gives the user a little amount of extra protection in the lane. Doran’s Shield is a protective shield for Doran.

The first passive recovers 6 health every 5 seconds, allowing you to stay in the lane for longer periods of time. 

When you auto-attack minions, the second passive grants you some additional on-hit damage, which is quite useful. The last one-of-a-kind passive allows you to regain health after receiving damage from the adversary.

Clearly, Doran’s Shield provides a significant amount of sustain, making it a must-have item when you’re up against a really challenging opponent. 

Due to the fact that it boosts your survivability by providing you with a large amount of regeneration in the lane, it might assist you in making it through the laning phase.

ADCs that are under early kill pressure and merely want to survive/farm are examples of champions who will benefit.

Items in the Advanced Category

Advanced items, sometimes referred to as tier 2 or enhanced items, are things that have only been improved once in their lifetime. They are made up of one or more components that you will be putting together to create your ultimate product.

Because there are so many versions of each advanced item accessible to an ADC, it is impossible to discuss them all. 

Your first step will be to look at the next item you plan to acquire, and then you can determine which advanced items will be the most beneficial to your champion from that point on.

Take note of the stats provided by the item in question and select the more advanced item from among the options available to you.

Here’s an illustration of Draven vs Kalista:

For Draven, sheer damage is the most important factor in getting himself ahead and winning the game. Because of his Passive and Q, he has the potential to become one of the richest champions on the Rift.

Because he receives a large amount of extra attack damage from his Q, he is one of the most irritating champions to lane against in the early game. 

Consequently, he may swiftly establish an advantage and “cash out” his stacks of chips given by his Q to obtain his things in a lightning-fast manner. 

In most cases, Draven’s initial item will be Infinity Edge (IE), and he will need to pick one of the three possibilities that best fit his abilities.

The Infinity Edge is made up of three different items components. The first is the BF Sword, which is excellent first-back equipment for Draven because of its high durability. 

On your initial return, you should aim to have at least 1300 gold in your possession so that you can purchase this equipment. This is the most effective of the three things to use in IE since it deals the greatest damage. 

Components of the Infinity Edge A Pickaxe is the second available choice. This does not provide as much AD as the previous method, but it is substantially less expensive. 

If you are forced to return without 1300 money, you will need to obtain this item so that you may at the very least trade back with your adversary. 

Cloak of Agility is the third and worst choice (at least for Draven), as it only provides crit – something Draven, in particular, does not require on his initial return to the battlefield.

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Complete Items

An object that has been completed is one that can no longer be improved upon. When performing as an ADC, you have several options to choose from, therefore it’s critical that you make the best selection possible every time.

While the name ‘ADC’ has been thrown about a lot lately, with AP and melee champions being employed in the ADC or Marksman position, we will only be talking about conventional ADC itemization in this section of the article. 

Blade of the Ruined King (BORK)

The Blade of the Ruined King, popularly known as BORK, is a legendary item that grants a number of stats that are particularly beneficial to ADCs, who is known for playing aggressively and taking the initiative in team battles. 

This is due to the items’ passive, active, and damage output characteristics. The Ruined King’s Blade (also known as the Blade of the Ruined King)

BORK has a passive ability that does extra physical damage equal to 8 percent of the target’s current health to the target. In layman’s terms, if you auto-attack an adversary, the amount of damage you deliver will rise. This implies that it is particularly effective against tanks or foes with a high HP pool.

In addition to this, Blade of the Ruined King has an activity that does damage to the adversary while also slowing them down. Making a good impression whether pursuing or retreating.

Ashe, Vayne, and Ezreal are just some of the champions that have benefited.

The Bloodthirster

Bloodthirster do a significant amount of damage while also providing a significant amount of life steal. Bloodthirster have the additional ability to overhealing you. 

Exceedingly large amounts of life (acquired through auto-attacking) are stored as a shield that can absorb and block attacks. The Bloodthirster is a person who seeks blood. 

If you haven’t inflicted or received any damage, your shield will gradually degrade over time. Keep this in mind when fighting in a group. 

Don’t be hesitant to start auto-attacking in order to recover part of your health, since 20 percent life steal is quite useful when you need it the most.

Draven is an example of a champion who has prospered.

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Essence Reaver

Because of the overall stats that it gives, the new Essence Reaver is a useful item for numerous ADCs to have in their arsenal. It provides 60 A.D., a 20% cooldown reduction, and a 25% chance of landing a critical hit if used correctly. 

Essence ReaverAs one of the few AD items that provide CDR, if you rely on your champion’s abilities to deliver the majority of his or her damage, this item will be an excellent choice for your champion. It is also beneficial for champions that require crit.

Champions such as Sivir and Xayah are good examples of those who benefit.

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Guardian Angel

In the later phases of the game, the Guardian Angel is an extremely powerful item. It gives both attack damage and armor, making it a valuable defensive item to have on hand. Guardian Angels are angels who protect people. 

Guardian Angel, on the other hand, is popular among gamers due to its docile nature. You will enter a state of stasis if you receive deadly harm. 

Following your exit from stasis, you will regain 50 percent of your basic health and 30 percent of your maximum mana, bringing you back to life.

The fact that they have the GA to fall back on is a huge comfort for many ADCs, as it helps them to play more aggressively knowing that they have the GA to fall back on. 

Important to note is that many champions will struggle to kill you even once in a team fight, let alone twice in a single battle.

It is especially useful for ADCs who worry about being assassinated or burst upon by their teammates.

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