How To Disable Language Filter In League Of Legends?

Hello, loyal fans of the League of Legends game. How are you progressing in the rankings this season? We hope you win the matches and that you are satisfied with the success so far. Oh, and what are your teammates like? Today we will talk about the chat option in League of Legends. Chat is an extremely important category that can improve team collaboration and lead it to victory. 

In chat, players can negotiate and suggest advice to each other. However, there are players who use chat to verbally insult other teammates and thereby shake the confidence of players. This is called harassment and Riot viciously punishes players who insult other players in any way.

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Chat Behavior

Chat is a really important component for the League of Legends. In the game, players need to communicate with each other to develop tactics, motivate each other or simply ask for help from teammates. 

However, for some players, the chat serves to express their own frustrations and anger, which is then reflected on the rest of the team. Such players are usually unaware that their swearing and insults can really impair the quality of teamwork needed for players to win.

Riot Games has therefore come up with additional settings for the chat option in League of Legends. Players can mute individual players in a team, those who verbally abuse them, for example. Also, there is a chat filter but also an option for players to completely turn off chat within the League of Legends client.

Let’s say something about putting chat options on mute. Some players like to enter the League of Legends client and relax after a hard day by playing the game. The least they need at that moment is to find a player in the team who did not come for the team game and victory, but to transfer his negative energy to other players. 

As a precaution, conscientious players will turn off the chat option to have fun and relax in peace. That’s it, when the game starts press Tab key, when the players and their icons appear, you need to press the mute on the players whose messages you do not want to see in the chat. Here you can mute only some players or all players who are currently with you in the game.

However, we do not recommend mute all players because chat is sometimes crucial for team players to agree on how they want to win. If you mute the whole team you will not know what tactics it is, whether they set out to conquer the Baron or they will start a joint team fight. 

If you want to mute the opposing team, you can do so by pressing the Esc key during the game, then clicking on the Interface option and then the Show All Chat option will be displayed, there you can enable or disable the option.

If you are not in the game, but spectate the game, you will only be able to see messages exchanged between two teams, you will not be able to see individual messages between members of one team.

When we talk about a chat filter in the League of Legends, we are talking about a filter that changes words, that is, it will not show bad words but will show stars instead. So, if you see a few stars in the chat, it doesn’t mean that the player wrote the stars as a message, it means that he wrote something that is considered an offensive word according to the League of Legends protocol.

In the League of Legends filter there are many words that will be censored, all for the purpose of protecting players from harassment. However, some players may not mind bad language so they can turn off the chat filter if they wish. If you want to turn the language filter on or off, follow the next steps.

In League of Legends client select the Settings option. It is located in the upper right corner. After that, you will see the Chat option and click on it. The Enable or Disable Filter option will be offered here. You can use it to turn the language filter on or off as you wish. 

Also, here you can add some of your words that you think are bad and should be censored. Every time someone writes them in a chat you will see stars. This way you can change the options that suit you best, because you can easily throw out all the words that can upset you in any way.

Yet, if you still happen to not put the chat option on mute or do not enable chat filter you can see which players harass the team and report them after the game is over. Riot Games will make sure that players who harass other players are properly punished.

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Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of this article which talks about how to disable chat filter in League of Legends. Or enable, whatever option you want. The chat (or language) filter is used to prevent swearing and ugly and offensive words from being censored or marked with stars. That way, players won’t have to read offensive expressions that could affect their gameplay in any way.

Sometimes it happens that there is a player (or more) in the team whose goal is not to play a fair team game but that from the beginning of the game they insult someone’s choice of champion, someone’s gaming skill or just deliberately raise tensions with other team members. they annoy them. 

The chat option in League of Legends comes as an ideal base for verbal harassment. Because of that, Riot Games has introduced players to choose to enable or disable the chat filter in Settings. To do that, just follow the steps we listed in this article and get rid of annoying verbal abusers that spoil your game once and for all. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

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