10 Best League of Legends YouTubers

League of Legends is a huge game developed by riot games, it is so huge that there are tons of notable championships out there, MSI and Worlds are some of them. The competition is really high and being good at it puts you in the spotlight even if you are an aspiring pro player or not. 

Some players take League of Legends seriously and apply for pro teams that pay them to play games, some good players however just want to enjoy the game without having to think about practicing 16 hours a day to get into the pro scene, some of these players just want to be recognized for their skill at League of Legends, hence LoL YouTubers. 

Popular League of Legends YouTubers range from people who OTP’s (One Tricks) a champion so well that mentioning that certain champion incorporates that YouTuber’s name. Some of them have great personalities and some of them are simply very fun to watch. Regardless of how they make you want to watch them, they are all famous and we are here to give you a top 10 list of the most popular League of Legends content creators out there. 

You can take note of this article and go ahead and watch some of these players, few of them give certain points whenever they play a game so you might just be able to pick something up from them.

1. Tyler 1

Definitely deserves the number one list in this article, Tyler 1 has a great history with League of Legends. He was once banned from playing or streaming League of Legends because he was so toxic players really hated playing against him. But after spending some time being banned by riot games, Tyler 1 came back saying that he is “Reformed.” 

He went on to prove this by playing the game and not being toxic and actually helpful for his team. In terms of skills, he just recently proved himself by achieving challenger rank on all roles of League of Legends. But before he achieved that, he was once an ADC main widely known for his Draven outplays.

Famous For

Tyler 1 is famous for being that loud player that screams at the top of his lungs every time he performs an outplay. He is also known for being a gamer with very huge muscles to back up his alpha male title. 

After reaching the spotlight, Tyler 1 got featured in some of the most popular League of Legends events out there like the Twitch Rivals, he also has been featured to shoutcast some of the show matches of League of Legends where he proved that he is not only talented as a League of Legends player but also a great shout caster and a host. 

Main Champion

Before taking on the challenger on all roles challenge, Tyler 1 was widely known for his Draven, he even cosplayed as this character once and played only Draven to prove to everybody that he is the best Draven player out there. 

Nowadays, Tyler1 plays the best champions the META has to offer and diverged from the one-trick pony playstyle. He plays whatever counters his opposing laner or their opponent’s team composition. 

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2. Yassuo

Yassuo is a young player who rose to stardom because of his Yasuo outplays, he started out as a small YouTuber that posted some of his stream highlights on YouTube as montages. He eventually made a name for himself when people edited his YouTube videos and made montages for him. When viewers went up, so does his confidence to show himself on stream and in YouTube videos. 

Famous For

Yassuo is famous for the different dramas he’s had with different YouTubers in the past, but the most popular issue he ever faced was when he picked another champion instead of his friend Trick2G as a teammate in a twitch rivals event. 

He is also well known for having scripted rivalry with Tyler 1 and being a comedic duo in most of the Twitch Rivals events. 

Main Champion

His name itself states who is his main champion. Yasuo is his main and he is a really good player at it back in his peak, little to no player out there can match his Yasuo in the mid lane, he is an aggressive player but knows what he is doing and has ranked really high in the challenger division multiple times. 

3. Trick2G

Trick2G has been playing League of Legends and streaming it since season 1, he mostly plays champions that don’t require that much thinking or as he calls them “boomer” champions. He always says that he is already a boomer or basically saying he’s old so he only wants to play champions that can win games by simply pressing one button.

Famous For

He made a name as the trash-talking player that made some famous catchphrases like “Latab*tch”, he also made headlines when he did his signature move with the Zz’Rot item in a twitch Rivals game where he ended the game with a final proc of Zz’Rot. 

Main Champions

He mains champions like Udyr and Volibear where he grants the monikers of Godyr and The bear, he also has a very popular catchphrase for another of his main champion Nasus which is “D’cane” which he repeatedly yells when he kills a champion with Nasus’ Q. 

4. BoxBox

All you Riven main out there know who I am talking about, he once made a video where he was able to reverse the direction of Riven’s 3rd Q. Boxbox is a wholesome streamer who rarely gets drama with other streamers, he is a very calm player who is really composed and great at reading his enemy’s movements.

Famous For

He is famous for being such a smart streamer, recently he just made a card game that he coded himself, at times he also performs Programing during a stream and incorporates it so some of his YouTube videos.

Main Champion

When you see a good Riven player in any of your games, most players would dub you as Boxbox, he is one of the best Riven players to ever play the champion. He is known for riven plays that outplays 2 or more champions despite being very low on health. He has also posted tutorials on how to perform certain Riven combos.

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5. Midbeast

Midbeast is a 26-year-old Australian player who plays in the Oceania server, most of the time he makes reaction videos to some of the plays in the pro scene. He also is a really good mid laner hence the name MidBeast.

Famous For

Simply making reaction videos on great outplays of other people, he is also famous for playing a wide variety of champions and making outplays with them. 

Main champion


6. SivHD

Now we are going to go to one of the classic League of Legends YouTubers, sivHD made comedic videos and uploaded them back when LOL YouTube videos weren’t that popular yet. He has disappeared for a few years but has now since come back and started playing League of Legends again. He still edits his videos the same giving us all that nostalgic feeling.

Famous For

Siv became famous for popularizing some of the mechanics we know nowadays like the brushy brushy where he uses a LeBlanc and casts distortion twice to confuse players about where he truly went. 

He also made the flash bait famous, these were all done for comedic purposes which really made him a great player even though he doesn’t take the game seriously.

Main Champions

He really doesn’t have a main, sometimes he just picks champions who he wishses to play and makes something funny out of them.

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7. Videogamedunkey

He was once the source of all League of Legends memes back in the day, his play style and editing techniques are very fun to watch. He has quit League of Legends however because he was banned back then which made him furious. 

Famous For

Funny League of Legends memes that are still being used to this day. He also made the line “Not even close baby” famous and is still credited to him today. Players really hope that he comes back to playing League of Legends as his videos were really fun to watch. 

Main Champion

Like SivHD, he doesn’t main any champion, but he once spammed Wukong to climb out of platinum and gold.

8. Nightblue3

He was once a very shy YouTuber who never showed his face in his videos, most of his videos came from his stream highlights and people loved the way he played the game. He was involved with some drama which made him leave League of Legends for quite some time but he is back now and making videos again.

Famous For

Nightblue3 is widely known for playing champions and making them ridiculously powerful, he made videos like Nasus on 1000 stacks or Veigar with 2k ability power. All of these videos were made for champions that exceed their known limits and this is what made him famous.

Main Champion

He mostly plays champions that he finds fun but when he is seriously trying to climb the ranks of League of Legends, he is using Rengar and he is quite good at it.

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9. TFblade

Widely known as the player who rants and screams a lot in his games, he is a really good player in his prime but is now being dubbed as washed up along with the likes of Yassuo.

Famous For

He became relevant when he reached the top 1 in League of Legends North America and not with just one account, but two. Yeah, he really was a great player who basically had two of his accounts as the top 1 accounts in North America.

Main Champion

TFblade bounced from champion to champion as his main, he once played Jax then switched to Akali. When Akali was reworked, TFblade switched to Irelia which propelled him to stardom as he is really good at playing the champion.

10. Kaypea

Most girl gamers in the League of Legends community simply play for the donations, they play League while wearing revealing clothes and not being good at the game at all. Kaypea was not like one of them which made players love her, she is really quite a good player and is currently in a relationship with one pro player in North America. 

Famous For

She is famous for not being a typical girl gamer and being a good major buff stealer. Most of her highlight videos feature Baron and Dragon steals using lux or any skillshot champions like Ahri or Viktor.

Main Champion

This YouTuber plays Lux a lot and champions who have straight skillshots like Ahri. 

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