7 Best Champions For Night Harvester in Season 12

In the following article, we will rank the top 7 champions who use Night Harvester. Let’s start with a brief introduction to the item. We all know that the Night Harvester is a mythic item used by mage characters. Many people use it as the foundation for their build. Before we start the ranking, we will put some of the item details below:

The Night Harvester is built from the following items: Blasting Wand, Amplifying Tome, and Hextech Alternator (Ruby Crystal + Amplifying Tome). The cost of building it is 3200 gold, and it sells for 2240. 

The core stats of this Mythical item are as follows: +90 Ability Power, +15AH (Ability Haste), and +300 HP. Its unique passive is Soulrend, and it presents an interesting ability. Damaging an enemy champion deals 125 – 200 (based on level) (+ 15% AP) bonus magic damage and grants you 25% bonus movement speed for 1.5 seconds, with the duration extending upon damaging new champions (40-second cooldown per champion). As a mythic item, Night Harvester has passively added 5AH (ability haste) for every legendary item in the build. 

With these stats in mind, we will note that NH seems more suitable for some mages who need cooldown reduction. Of course, this is not always the case, and you will see it in the rankings.

For our ranking, we picked these champions: Ivern, Vel’Koz, Diana, Elise, Shyvana, Evelyn, and Nidalee.  Many people have different opinions, and it is hard to determine who is right or wrong. We want to add that the different opinions are based on different playstyles as many people enjoy the game.

7. Ivern

Ivern Bramblefoot is a champion mainly used in the jungle. Although, he is often used in the jungle. We can see him on other lanes like Top or Mid. The Green Father, as they know him, can be a very good tank, dealing magic damage or just being built according to the new meta. Full ap damage dealer with enough HP to stay alive in fights.

Ivern has amazing abilities that are specially made for the jungle. An example of that is his passive Friend of the Forest. To put it simply, he cannot attack or be attacked by non-epic monsters. Instead, Ivern can create magical groves in jungle camps that grow over time. When the grove is fully grown, Ivern can free the monsters to receive gold and experience. After you level him up past 5, he can share the jungle buffs with allies.

Another example is his “W” skill. In our opinion, the brushmaker is a very useful ability. With it, he can create a path of brush where allies can hide. In addition, this skill of his allows him to deal additional magic damage. This is especially good if you plan to play his AP Assasin.

Now, after we discussed some details about him, we will point out why we believe he is a good example of a champion using Night Harvester. Given the stats of the Mythical Item and Ivern as a champion, we believe he is one of the best fitting characters to use it. With the new Meta mainly building him to deal magic damage, this item is just perfect for Mr. Bramblefoot. Although he is mainly played in the jungle, we advise you to go mid or top if you plan to go by the Meta builds. 

As previously stated, Night Harvester is an item we would like to see on champions like him. Given the style of play and his basic stats, some extra AP, AH, and HP is never a bad thing. Now add some items like Rabadon’s Deathcap, Void Staff, and, of course, Sorcerer’s Shoes, and you will get great magic damage output. If you pick the best runes for him, you will get even better results, but this depends on which lane you choose and what build you have in mind.

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6. Shyvana

She is one of the champions who work the best with this item. Night Harvester is core to her build and is the best option for her as a non-mana magic damage dealer. The half-dragon is a classic jungle champion who can strike fear in the enemy team with her effective ganks and high damage input. Although she is doing great in the jungle nowadays, we see her more often on top. The reason is that she’s great on AP to build. Because her playing difficulty is low, many people prefer her to other characters.

To be effective as a magic damage dealer, aside from building her Night Harvester, you need to carefully choose the other core items. Such items are Nashor’s Tooth, Cosmic Drive, and something most mages need, Sorcerer’s Shoes. We recommend these three items if you plan to play her on ability power, as they are one of the best options for Shyvana. Of course, depending on the situation, you can choose to add Rabadon’s Deathcap or Morellonom.

We want to point out that deciding how to build your character is important, and you should take into consideration many details. For example, Shyvana on AP is great against squishy enemies as she can obliterate them with her damage input. Imagine her with her final build shooting one flame breath (E skill) towards an enemy ADC. While we are on that, it’s easy to say that Night Harvester has great effects and works perfectly with her E ability, empowering it to deal even more damage.

5. Elise

She is another jungle mage damage dealer, having great synergy with Night Harvester. This character is great in the jungle, and we recommend you play her mainly there. Elise can deal a great amount of magical damage. This is why we recommend you build her focus on that. The Spider Queen’s champion has good crowd control abilities and can greatly aid her teammates with precise ganks. 

Looking at her skills, we can say that it’s obvious that her main damage is magical and that she needs well-prepared runes and properly picked items. When we talk about the build, we can’t miss mentioning NH. It is a core item for her as well as for the other champions in the ranking. Night Harvester provides great basic states and even better passives.

The Elise build will center around the Night Harvester and a few other key items such as Zhonya’s Hourglass, Banshee’s Veil, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, Sorcerer’s Shoes, and Rabadon’s Deathcap. The last one depends on the game flow and if the enemies are squishy. In general, she is a great magic damage dealer with great crowd control abilities and can gank lanes effectively.

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4. Evelyn

Evelyn is another hard to master character. With her main role being a jungle champion, she focuses on assisting laners and accomplishing objectives. Her main damage comes from her abilities. The amount of damage done by her can be pretty high sometimes, and thus the new meta focuses on this entirely. With her great skills and proper runes, Elise can be built in a way that she can solo carry your game.

A Night Harvester is her main item. Although many will hesitate between it and the Hextech Rocketbelt, we strongly recommend you pick the Night Harvester. The item is well suited for her because with it she can easily one-shot squishes. Picking this as your core item means you have to focus on the burst damage and arrange the build towards it. In this case, we recommend you pick items like Lich Bane and Sorcerer’s Shoes.

 If you are sure of your capabilities and you are ahead, we recommend you get Mejai’s Soulstealer. As for her runes, we recommend you use Electrocute and Absolute Focus as the main ones and adjust the rest based on the teams.

3. Nidalee

She is a great example of a champion who can make great use of Night Harvester. Given that she plays in the jungle and her main source of damage comes from AP, she makes a great candidate when it comes to our ranking.

The Bestial Huntress is a champion which we suggest you play on CR reductions build. That’s why she works great if the core of her build is Night Harvester. The stats of the item plus its passive make a great contribution when it comes to reducing Nida’s skill cooldowns. If you decide to follow our suggestion, then you will have to compliment this build by adding items like Banshee’s Veil and Cosmic Drive. When it comes to the boots, we advise you to pick the Ionian Boots of Lucidity for the additional, AH they offer.

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2. Diana

Diana is a great champion. She can be used well both in the jungle and in mid-lane. Diana is an amazing magic damage dealer who is considered easy to play by many players. With her skills and great crowd control abilities, she is versatile and can be, as we said, used equally well as a great jungle who can harass the enemy laners or a fearsome opponent for most mages in mid-lane.

When talking about her build, we favor Night Harvester as Diana’s core item. If you decide to play her on mid, we strongly advise you to build her to maximize her burst damage. NH is the perfect core item for it and, in addition, greatly helps with the cooldown reductions, plus it has great synergy with Electrocute. In addition, when you choose this mythic as your core item, you will need to build according to it.

 Thus, we offer you to get Lich Bane Rabadon’s Deathcap and Zhonya’s Hourglass. You may want to add a Morellonomicon, but this depends on the game flow and your enemies.

1. Vel’Koz

The Eye of the Void is a champion often used as a support in bot lane, but he can be built to be an incredible mage, dealing incredible damage at times. In our case, we will look at him as a magic damage dealer rather than a support.

Night Harvester is the best choice for him if you decide to play him in mid-lane. The reason behind that is simple: it is extra damage. It’s a great opportunity when we focus mainly on using his skills in combos. He can effectively poke the enemy and then cast his abilities accordingly to create a great combination between them and deal a great amount of damage to enemies. 

If you decide to use this build, you will have to play more aggressively against your opponent and constantly hit and pressure them. NH will increase the damage from your Q and W, but you still have to pick the right items to expect it to work.

Here are a few items you need if you decide to go with this style of play. At first, the Mything must be Night Harvester. In addition, you have to get core items like Seraph’s Embrace for the extra mana and Rabadon’s Deathcap for AP. You can also build Cosmic Drive and Zhonya’s Hourglass for troublesome situations.


In conclusion, we can state that the Night Harvester is an amazing item for many AP characters focused on doing extra upfront damage, which can also affect multiple targets if they are in the attack range. Its great status is a big plus, especially when you need extra cooldown reduction. 

Most of the champions from the list rely on burst damage during the game, and NH provides the core you need to make the perfect build in that direction. We want to say that the ranking is based on players’ information and that it may differ from the expectations of some people.

 In the article, we expressed our thoughts on some of the Night Harvester users, and although we didn’t cover all of them, we hope you find it helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read our article, and until next time!

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